Since 1999 he is a participant of seven All-Russia Art Exhibitions: 

1999 – «Russia – 9» in Moscow in the Central Showroom «Manezh»; 
2000 – «The Rebirth» in Kostroma;
2000 – «The Boldin Autumn» in Moscow in the Central Painter’s House;
2000 – «To Your Name» in Moscow in the Central Painter’s House;
2003 – «To The Day Of Slavic Writing And To The Prelate Mitrophaniy» in Voronezh;
2004 - "Glorious sons of the Fatherland", Moscow - GRDNT;
2007 – «Young Artists Of Russia». The–All–Russia Youth Exhibition, devoted to the 250 anniversary of the Russian Academy of Arts, in Moscow in the Central Painter’s House;

2008 – «Youth Of Russia» in Saratov, The–All–Russia Youth Exhibition;
2010 – The All-Russia Youth exhibition, in Moscow in the Central Painter’s House. 
2013 - The All-Russian exhibition "About sports, you - the World! ", devoted to the World Summer University games in Kazan and to Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Kazan, Gallery of the Modern art of the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan.
2013-2014. - The All-Russian exhibition "Sport Art Sochi" devoted to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Venue - Sochi, the Sochi art Museum. Carrying out time: On December 7, 2013 - on March 15, 2014.
2016 - III All-Russian art exhibition "Science and space for peace. Tsiolkovsky - Korolev - Gagarin ". Russia, Smolensk "Cultural and Exhibition Center named Tenishevs", April 14 - May 10.

Other exhibitions: 
2007 – «The Art – Interior», a group exhibition from «The Assembly – «The Russian Gallery Of The ХХI Century» in the Central Painter’s House;
2007 – The Competitive Exhibition – «The 2-nd Moscow International Week Of Arts» – «RUSSIAN ART WEEK / ASSEMBLY of ARTS» in the Moscow Painter’s House; 
2007 – «The 5-th Competitive Exhibition After The Name Of Victor Popkov», «The International Art Fund, The Moscow Association Of Artists Of The International Art Fund» in «The House Of Cinema»;
2007 – Moscow Group Exhibition – «The Holiday Of Capital», devoted to the 850 anniversary of Moscow in a Showroom of «Gostiniy Dvor»; 
2008 – Collective exhibition of Winners of the Award «Russian gallery the XXI-st century», the Great Patriotic War Museum, in Moscow; 
2010 – A collective exhibition of meeting of magazine «Studio D’Anturage» – «Link of times», Central House Of Artist (a hall №17), Moscow.
2013 - International art project "Ornamentalism. Terra Incognita. " State showroom "On Kashirka", Moscow.
2016 — the exhibition devoted 30 — summer anniversary of the Chernobyl accident "Kyshtym and Chernobyl: tragedy, feat, prevention". Russia, Cheboksary, the Chuvash national museum (on April 26 — on May 15).

Since 1998 he has organized 20 personal exhibitions in Ryazan and in Moscow. Some of them are: 
1998 - Ryazan art school of a name of George K. Wagner.
2000 – "In total pattern"- in the Museum of History of Youth’ Movement in Ryazan;
2003 – «Memoirs Of The childhood» in the gallery «Union–Creation» in Moscow;
2003 – in the State S. A. Yesenin Museum in Konstantinovo, in Ribnoe;
2003 – in the State Local Lore Study Museum in Sasovo;
2004 – «Maria's Keys» in the gallery «Union–Creation» in Moscow;
2006 – «OrnaMentalnost'.» A group exhibition. The Ryazan Drama theater;
2009 – The gallery of Art-Salon «Palette» – «The Painting Of Alexey Akindinov», in Ryazan;
2010 – The gallery of Art-Salon «Palette» – «Ornametalism-2010» (A collective international exhibition), in Ryazan. 
2013 - "Museum of history of youth movement", Ryazan. "Under the flag of an ornamentalism".
2016 - Zakharovsky Local History Museum - "My Little Homeland", Zakharovo, Ryazan Region.
2016 - Exhibition Hall of the Historical and Art Museum - "Patterns", Lukhovitsy, Moscow Region.
The international exhibitions: 
2005 – (5 – 20 of April) – in Germany, in Muenster; 
2005 – (20 October – 19 November) – «Curtain’s Up. Russian Art Past & Present» in the USA, state of Oklahoma, in Tulsa. The place of exhibition – «Tulsa Performing Arts Center Gallery»;
2010 – (On September, 15th – on October, 5th) Germany, Berlin. A collective exhibition from meeting «Russian Gallery XXI century», the Russian House of a science and culture in Berlin;
2011 – (January,2 – on January, 16th) - New York, the USA. The international competitive exhibition "The International Wave of Fine Arts". The Venue – “ASA Art Gallery”, Herald Center Mall, 3rd Floor, 1293, Broadway, New York, NY 10001