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Alexey Akindinov donated “The World Museum” the picture.

The artist Alexey Akindinov donated a picture for "The World Museum". The text and video topic about the Internet - a portal of the World Alliance “Peacekeeper”. Date of placement of a material - on December 18, 2013.

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Shooting place – Russia, Moscow, the State showroom "On Kashirka", shooting date – on December 8, 2013 (at opening of the International art project "Ornamentalism. Terra incognita").

The quote from a site: "Within the international stock "I Love the WORLD", the World Alliance “Peacekeeper” presented a grandiose cultural and public event of the expiring year: International exhibition "The World through Art" and exposition Opening "World Museum". The painter Alexey Akindinov reported a picture to "the World Museum". "The birth of the Titan" transfers two main subjects which have something in common as well with activity and the “Peacekeeper” organization purposes. These are love and world subjects. It to what finally the organization and for the sake of what it carries out hard, but fascinating activity seeks to come. The artist noted that his picture reflects these subjects, showing the pacified man and the woman."

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mirotvorec-6Alexey Akindinov attracted attention the Alliance “Peacekeeper” in 2009; so, on December 29, 2009 for promotion of ideas of the world and an outstanding contribution to development of world art, the Silver medal "Talent and Calling" of the World Alliance “Peacekeeper” was handed over to Alexey Akindinov. The awards ceremony and exhibition “The Creators World”, representing winners of this award, took place in Moscow in Central House of Artists. Alexey presented two pictures “Recognition” and "Zero" at this exhibition. Alexey Akindinov donated the picture "Recognition" in Fund "World Museum", holding exhibitions of the collections on leading exposition platforms of all continents of the globe.

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        Rewarding is annual and unites the idea not only people of the fine arts, but also music, cinematography, policy. Among the winners awarded by this award earlier, it is possible to tell such names as: Mikhail Gorbachev, Iosif Kobzon, Yury Antonov, Dima Bilan and known foreign actors – Adrian Paul, Richard Tyson and Stephen Bolduen.