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"The independent newspaper", 25.11.1999, Moscow. Heading "Culture". The publication on the newspaper site about the "Cultural Heroes of the XXI Century" festival and about Alexey Akindinov's creativity. Andrey Hripin's article "Awakening Ryazan. In cities of Russia continues festival "Cultural Heroes of the XXI century."

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nezavisimaya gazeta site 25 11 1999 2This article is remarkable that is one of the first official, dated publications about an original ornamental picturesque manner of Alexey Akindinov, also is one of the first dated publications about style an ornamentalism, that is - the image of a plot with effect of raying of the real image through an ornament.

Earlier publication was published in February, 1999 and it also concerned Alexey Akindinov's creativity is article of Elena Bannikova in the "Ryazan Sheets" newspaper, wednesday, February 24, 1999, No. 41 (486), the heading "Creativity of the Young", the article "Boy's Dream …" about study and glory". It is possible to study this publication here (the text in Russian)>>> Son malhika pro uchebu i slavu
The quote from Elena Bannikova's article, the "Ryazan Sheets" newspaper (24.02.1999, the text is translated from Russian into English): "The daylight in a picture as if materializes in the patterns scattered on all canvas. The abundance of flowers and patterns, the ornament entered into images create, with words of one of spectators, impression that you look at works as if "through tulle", and are one of features of a creative manner of the young painter."

The quote from Andrey Hripin's article "The independent newspaper", 25.11.1999 (the text is translated from Russian into English): "In the Museum of the youth movement of an exposition of pictures were crossed with plastic performances and literary vigils. 22-year-old Alexey Akindinov's works are performed in at once the equipment clinging an eye - the image ("Aphrodite and the garbage", for example) appears through a whimsical spider line of a lacy ornament."


Completely the text of article from the site of "The independent newspaper" (the text is translated from Russian into English):
nezavisimaya gazeta site 25 11 1999 3"Awakening of Ryazan. Andrey Hripin.
In a slow creek of local cultural life (according to some etymological versions the name of the city comes from the word "duckweed" and it is urged to designate the fenny, boggy district) the capital wind flew in search of "cultural heroes of the XXI century" and "brought" the cultural and political project of Gallery of Marat Gelman and "The union of the right forces" of Sergey Kiriyenko (is more detailed about problems of a festival see "IN" of 11.11.99).


It is quite natural that the ancient city which considers itself primordially and deeply conservative, appeared not too fruitful site for search of alternative forms of new culture - culture of intellectual cellars and non-state galleries. The Moscow environment, despite geographical proximity, reaches with phenomenal delay here. Such is "Est telle la vie" and such is Ryazan.


In the released four days the city desperately tried to learn to distinguish official culture from informal, to separate professional art (both traditional, and informal) from any dilettantism and amateur performance. And the stone would shed a few tears from a touching picture of awakening of spring of alternative art in Ryazan. This first snowdrop was shy, naive, but annoyingly wished to break to the sun and light. The people Ryazan, like mister Zhurden, touchingly realized that rock groups, known in their city ("Zga", and also "Battleships" and the option of group of "Bravo" "weighted" by metal which are slightly larded by "Punk" - "Department") and not really still the known, but beautifully working a body art "Fata Morgana" studio, and even commercial novels of Galina Romanova from history of pagan Russia in fantasy style, it appears, it is possible at desire to refer to informal subculture.


The Ryazan program was created in something conjoint, but thus chaotic and spontaneous, hands of only one person or, on terminology of organizers from the Center, the nominator. Quite platonovsky character (and by last name, and on a way of life) - the journalist, the rock producer and the enthusiast disinterested person on calling Anatoly Obydenkin appeared them, "the last intellectual in the city" as playfully speak about it in a party, - probably, itself one of the Ryazan cultural heroes. He should be in time all and for all, and this person easily can forget to have dinner and a sleep. But, of course, it was most difficult to make to it the poster as alternative art in Ryazan is practically not found in the Moscow understanding.nezavisimaya gazeta site 25 11 1999 4


The latest theatrical news of Ryazan - opening of the Youth theater restored within 5 years on Cathedral (accurate outside, with the three-storied hall, he reminds of a landscape small, "tabakerochnykh" of opera theaters of Italy) and first experiment on revival of traditions of an enterprise. Highest professionalism in the Department of Melpomene just different performance Theatre Association "Prime-A" under the guidance of a father and son Gennady Kirillov and Constantine "mess, or pardon the expression" - a nice fantasy to the eternal theme of Chekhov's vaudeville. Fortunately or unfortunately, absolutely traditional, commercial, qualitative and entertaining performance in the spirit of the Russian theater of representation. Any relation to an underground and "-isms". But enchanting and, there is a wish to tell, proteevsky work of Jack of all trades actor Vladimir Konyakhin who managed to be rather unrecognizable in Nyukhin's roles ("About harm of tobacco"), Luka ("Bear"), Lomov ("Offer") and Hirin ("Anniversary"). Performances of association are always accompanied by spectator success.A little more to do with "informal aesthetics" had a one-man show "The History of the Scottish king" (of course, for Shakespeare's "Macbeth"). Intellectualism of director's handwriting of Roman Markin, stylish registration (networks, the stake topped with the chopped-off head, a throne, a crown, a make-up little table with a mirror), expressive light encountered resistance of actor's "material" - Pavel Sergeyev who on the organic chemistry though corresponds to ideas of the weak, reflexing person, nevertheless took away representation in a reading genre - relaying still of the "crude" text was followed by frequent halts.


nezavisimaya gazeta site 25 11 1999 5Hardball success in its genre has achieved well-known among the puppeteers Ryazan Puppet Theatre under the direction of Valery Shadsky. Performance "Master and Margarita" with people and puppets, very popular in the city, alas, could not be played - the main actor beat. Instead of it the performance in the spirit of obraztsovsky of "An unusual concert" - "Just as people" was shown. The etude "Spring" - whimsical textures of the hands narrating about growth of herbs and human souls in the spring is unforgettably beautiful. Number "Clochard" about the Parisian bum and the coin which is running away from pockets full of holes is shrill. Elegant "Dance of the Little Swans (women)" and witty obscenely self-parody - "Dance of swans (men)" with swan necks, growing you know where.


In the Museum of the youth movement of an exposition of pictures were crossed with plastic performances and literary vigils. 22-year-old Alexey Akindinov's works are performed in at once the equipment clinging an eye - the image ("Aphrodite and the garbage", for example) appears through a whimsical spider line of a lacy ornament. Local absurdist 26 years Alexey Chizhikov draws pencil "theater of the absurd", "Threads of sleep", "Ties" and "Bosch". Born in the late 60's Victor Akishin of Ryazan Society of Independent Artists "Fata Morgana" (this was given to them Fata!) Offers a "style without a name" and paintings too, without names, one of them a la Dali. Local "Mitek" Georgy Titov tries to shock, sometimes very warm and witty (picture "Suvorov Crossing the Alps for the Swiss beer"), in his fantasies come alive poster "Dude from Ryazan" with huge heads and jaws or "International Love - Patrice Lumumba, a favorite of Russian girls." In the mixed equipment and in the spirit of a classical modernist style Victor Grusho-Novitsky writes the elegant cloths, in his images as though sad romantic music is audible.

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