*News from 02/17/2024 — Gennady Zyuganov was presented with a painting by Alexey Akindinov "Lenin in January. Lenin and children."
News from 10/23/2023. Alexey Akindinov completed work on the painting "Dali's Violin".
*News from 05/07/2023 — Alexey Akindinov's victory at the International Festival "World of Esotericism" in the center of Moscow, "Art-Commune" gallery.
*News from 02/27/2023 - opening of the personal exhibition of Alexey Akindinov "Ornamental Reality". Art Gallery "Prio-Vneshtorgbank".
*News 16.02.2023. Exhibition "Inspiration by ornament". The founder of ornamentalism, Alexey Akindinov, became an honored guest and participant in the vernissage at the Lyubertsy Art Gallery in Moscow.
*News from 01/28/2023: Alexey Akindinov was admitted to the Russian Union of Professional Writers, November 12, 2022.
*News from August 8, 2022 - the addresses of Alexey Akindinov’s pages on the social networks "VK" and "FaceBook", literary work of Alexey Akindinov on the site "Proza.ru"
* News from 25.10.2018 - from July 2016 to January 2018. A collection of paintings in the Beijing gallery, a personal exhibition "Patterns" in Lukhovitsy, paintings as a gift "Russian gallery XXI century", files for free download and distribution.
News on 07.07.2016 - from February to July 2016: All-Russian exhibition "Science and space for peace" - Smolensk, 30 years of the Chernobyl accident - Cheboksary, solo exhibition "My Little Homeland" – Zakharovo, General Pavel Akindinov, new pictures.
* News on 01.03.2016 - from May 2015 to February 2016. 10 years Alexey Akindinov site, Alexey Akindinov's picture "The Birth of the Titan" is to Miami Beach, the State of Florida, the USA now, a new section "Diaries", Anniversary Exhibition - 75 years of
* News 08.05.2015. From September, 2014 to May, 2015. Report on the Russian ornamentalism in Warsaw, Spring 2015 exhibition to 70th anniversary of Victory, competition Art-Brand St. Petersburg, exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, book Sergey Yesenin in art
* News - 09.11.2014. 1 - Complete picture of Alexey Akindinov "Chernobyl. Last Day of Pripyat. The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant April 26, 1986 ". 2 - Publications of the picture. 3 - The first show of paintings at the exhibition "Autumn"
* News of 07.10.2014 - from January to September, 2014. Akindinov – the Winner of the competition "The Best Work of 2013". New publications, new section "The Internet — Publications", pictures, exhibitions, presentations. Movie "Alexey Akindinov. Painting
*News of 04.01.2014. International exhibition "Ornamentalism. Terra Incognita". All-Russian exhibition "Sport Art Sochi". Published article of Professor of the Polish Academy of Sciences – Grazhina Bobilevich about Alexey Akindinov, and many other things.
* News – 16.08.2013. "Under the flag of an ornamentalism" – Alexey Akindinov's personal exhibition. Book "Ornamentalism in the Fine Arts and a structuring of composite thinking". The author – Presnyakov M. A. New photos in the section "Graphics".
* News – 12.05.2013. Alexey Akindinov's complete picture "Lenin in January" in the "Spring 2013" exhibition exposition. The picture "Gagarin's Breakfast" on "TV Center" TV channel. The Ryazan exhibition – Sergiev Posad.
* News – 17.03.2013. Participation in the All-Russian exhibition "About sports, you – the world! " A wall list "Prague" in a complete interior. Radio reportings. Alexey Akindinov and the picture "Lenin in January" in work.
*News-19.02.2013. Exhibition of the Ryazan artists in Shkole№72. Akindinov's picture "Vivat Vita! " now in a constant exposition of a school museum. Television news plot about the sketch to the picture "Lenin in January". The picture "Pegasus" in a mansio
*News - 11.01.2013. Alexey Akindinov scholar of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. New release of the catalog directory "Art of Russia No. 12; 2013. " interview to a news site "RZN.info"(history of monumental lists of A.Akindinov).
* News - 21.12.2012. New work: «Vivat-Vita!» - «Long Live Life", "Angel", the urban landscape "Prague number 2."
*Third exhibition of informal artists. The telecast «Everything since the beginning». The publication in «The Literary Newspaper». Vinyl stickers. Wall list «City landscape. Prague». November 19, 2012.
*Interregional Festival of the Fantasy. Book «Russian Art 2012». The painting on the ceiling. An exhibition in Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Moscow. 23.10.2012
*International scientific conference «Sergei Yesenin and Russian history». 27.09.2012
*Book Valentin Bayukansky "News from the Looking-Glass." 15/09/2012
* Opening of the "Autumn 2012". - 04.09.2012
*Complete picture "Grand Canyon". 20.08.2012
*Complete picture – «Gagarin's Breakfast». 23.06.2012
* 25.04.2012 News. Opening of the Regional Art Exhibition "Spring 2012". March 30, 2012.
* 12.03.2012 News. «A Portrait Of Vladimir V. Putin» at exhibition in the city of Kolomna
* 5.03.2012 News. Purchase of pictures of Alexey Akindinov by gallery «New Hermitage – one».
* 19.11.2011 News. The Regional art exhibition «AUTUMN 2011» has opened.
The gold medal "SAINT MICHAEL" has been delivered from New York to Alexey Akindinov for his picture "Martin Luther King". The award was given at the International exhibition-competition «Fine Arts: Global Tide», on Broadway.
* 19.02.2011 News. Alexey Akindinov's picture "Martin Luther King" has been awarded the higher award – the Gold medal of the New York Academy of Arts "SAINT MICHAEL".
* 19.02.2011 News. There was an exhibition-competition "The International Wave of Fine Arts" in New York. The chairman of the New York Union of artists represents Alexey Akindinov's award – the Gold medal "SAINT MICHAEL".
* 19.02.2011 News. Picture «Martin Luther King» at an exhibition «BLACK HISTORY» in New York.
* 3.09.2010 News. From September, 15th till October, 5th, 2010 Alexey Akindinov will take part in a collective exhibition «Russian Gallery XXI century» in Germany.
* 3.09.2010 News. By request of one of private collectors of Russia, Alexey Akindinov has written a picture on motives of a musical «The Juno and Perhaps».
* 29.12.2009. News. The Medal «Talent and Calling» has been handed over to Alexey Akindinov. 29.12.09 in Moscow. Ceremony of rewarding of winners of the award «Talent and Calling».
* 18.06.2010 News. Certificate of Membership. Alexey Akindinov is a member of the Union of artists «NEW YORK REALISM». New York. USA. 2010.
* 29.12.2009 At opening of an exhibition «PEACEMAKERS» in Moscow in Central House of Artist – The Medal «Talent and Calling» will be handed over to Alexey Akindinov.
* 17.11.2009 News. Alexey Akindinov has received the invitation to take part in an exhibition «NEW YORK REALISM», New-York, USA.
* There is the new catalogue of painting by Alexey Akindinov.
* Alexey Akindinov – Laureate of the National Award At The Present Russian Art – «Russian Gallery ХХ1 century». And the winner at the nomination – «The Genre Painting».
Alexey Akindinov is Laureate of «The 1st International Competitive Exhibition «The Theme Of The Death At The Modern Art» at the nomination «The Painting». 30.10.08. Moscow. VDNH.
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