23.04.2008 News.* Click to read more about some news. 
* There is a new page "Photogallery «Three Centuries»". new 
* New photos at the page "Monumental painting". 
* The museum of world history of burial made an order to pictures. 
* The gallery «The New Hermitage 1» bought pictures – «The clone and the religion», «Moon hunter», «The Seamstress», «Moon-park».
* Alexey was invited at Russian Art Week.
* There is the interview for «Radio Russia»(air time 10 april). 
* The fifth exhibition-competition of Victor Popokov. (Picture «Moon-park».)
* The competition – «Maestro» 2008. Ryazan.
* The provincial spring exhibition – «Spring 2008».
* TV show – «Trio»(«RenTV»).
* Publications «The united artistic rating #14»(rating position 5 B),
«Art of Russia»№7, «Ryazan CITY»,
«Russian Gallery XXI century».
* The exhibition – «Art-Salon»
CDH, Moscow. 

11.10.2007 News.* Click to read more. 

* 11 - 14 October 2007 - Russian art week. Akindinov as the one of judges.
* March 2008, Moscow, Central House Of Painter - an exhibition «Art Salon». Akindinov as a member.
* Information about Akindinov painter - at «Realism XXI» collection, at «Moscow Journal» journal number 5, at «Russian Gallery XXI century» journal.
* Alexey Akindinov was invite to take part at the project «The Best Russian Painters».
* The picture «Boy's Dream About Courts» was watched at the exhibition «The Holiday Of The capital», 24.08.2007
* The painter will take part at Victor Popkov's contest.
* The picture «The Politician» is in Roberto Covalli's 
private collection now. 

7.06.2007. New stuff at the site*
*There is the new page "Monumental Painting"new 
There are 98 new photos of works.

26.12.2006. New stuff at the site*
*9 new pictures at the ornamental gallery
There are 114 pictures now. 
There will be new publicates in "Art of Russia 6". January 2007. Moscow. 
And new publicates from collection "Realism XXI" at spring 2007. Moscow.

17.05.2006. New stuff at the site*
*15 new pictures at the ornamental gallery
There will be new publicates from collection "Realism XXI" 
at september 2006. Moscow.