Picture «Martin Luther King» at an exhibition «BLACK HISTORY» in New York.


From February, 14 till February, 28th 2011 in New York in gallery “ASA Art Gallery” on the Broadway there passes an exhibition «BLACK HISTORY». 
It is the thematic exhibition devoted stories of the Afro-American population of the USA. On it pictures of 18 authors are presented: artists of the USA, two participants from South Korea, and the representative of Russia at this exhibition – Alexey Akindinov. 
Alexey shows the picture «Martin Luther King». 
The offer on participation in an exhibition to Alexey has arrived after rewarding by a gold medal of the New York Academy of Arts "SAINT MICHAEL", passing in the same gallery in January of this year. The American spectators have highly appreciated Alexey Akindinov's product, therefore has been decided to continue its exhibiting at the subsequent exhibitions of artists of the USA.