Alexey Akindinov's picture "Martin Luther King" has been awarded the higher award – the Gold medal of the New York Academy of Arts "SAINT MICHAEL".

The poster on an exhibition-competition in New York.

The site of the New York Union of artists «New York Realism» has officially confirmed and has published winners of the International exhibition-competition «The International Wave Of Fine Arts»: >>>

So the page in the paper catalog an exhibition-competition in New York looks. Alexey Akindinov's picture "Martin Luther King", more low: the Gold medal for this work.

Alexey Akindinov's gold medal of the New York Academy of arts «SAINT MICHAEL» (in category HISTORY).

Among almost thirty countries-participants (500 artists), a victory in various nominations have gained: Russia, Argentina, Belarus, USA, Czechia, Uzbekistan, Japan, France, Ecuador, Spain, Turkmenia, Lithuania. The higher and unique award in the given category – the Gold medal "SAINT MICHAEL" (a category: historical painting), has been appropriated to the Russian artist – to Alexey Akindinov for its picture "Martin Luther King". This award is awarded under the special program «MFA» the New York Academy of Arts. 

Alexey has learned about it from the letter sent to it by e-mail by the Chairman of the union of artists “New York Realizm” – Berik Kulmamirov. The citation from the letter addressed to Alexey Akindinov «Today there was a meeting with the Chairman of jury on a competitive exhibition" The International Wave of Fine Arts –Thomas Legaspi. I had your picture in files of artists, "Martin Luther King ", it very much liked your picture, and he has suggested to award to a picture the Gold Medal "SAINT MICHAEL" in category HISTORY.» 
Thomas Legaspi – it is international the known artist, the representative of the New York Academy of Arts, the Master of Painting, the Chairman of a judiciary board of a competitive exhibition "The International Wave of Fine Arts".

Page from a site of the New York Union of artists “New York Realizm” >>> The top line: Alexey Akindinov's award and its picture "Martin Luther King".

Action venue: “ASA Art Gallery”, Herald Center Mall, 3rd Floor, 1293, Broadway, New York, NY 10001. 

Carrying out time: from January, 2 till January, 20th, 2011.