*Complete picture – «Gagarin's Breakfast». 23.06.2012

On June 23, 2012, Alexey Akindinov finished work on a picture – «Gagarin's Breakfast». It is possible to look at a picture and its fragments in the section - "Art gallery">
About stories of creation of a picture it is possible to look at a news plot here>
gagarins breakfast
"Gagarin's breakfast", 83,5х115,5 centimeters, canvas, oil. 2011-2012 years of establishment.
alexey akindinov and gagarins breakfast
Alexey Akindinov at the complete work. On June 24 2012г.

gagarins breakfast-3 
Yury Gagarin. Picture fragment.
The subject plan arose in 2010. Work on the sketch began in 2011, then Alexey executed the detailed sketch to a picture. To look at the sketch and its fragments it is possible in the section - "Composite sketches, etudes and drawings">

The sketch to a picture "Gagarin's Breakfast". Paper, graphitic pencil, 39,2х54,8 centimeters. 2011-2012 years of establishment.