Creativity Alexey Akindinov part of the basis of the scientific report of the Polish Institute of Slavic Studies professor of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw - Grażyna Bobilewicz.

  September 27 at the Institute of World Literature of Maxim Gorky, Russian Academy of Sciences, at the international scientific conference "Sergei Yesenin and Russian history," a report by Professor Institute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw - Grażyna Bobilewicz  "The history of Esenin portraits. Sergei Yesenin in the image of the artist Alexey Akindinov. "
  Esenin theme in the artist came in 1998 with the painting "Morning Esenina." Later it was embodied in a series of paintings dedicated to the great poet: "Indescribable, blue, gentle ...", "Dance of Death", "Yesenin", "Yesenin and Isadora."
"Yesenin and Isadora" 80.5x110, 5sm, oil on canvas. 2010.
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"Yesenin" 70x50sm, oil on canvas. 2008.
Picture fragment "Dance of Death", Sergei Yesenin. 105.3x130, 3sm, oil on canvas. 2008-2009.
"Indescribable, blue, gentle ..." 66x44sm, oil on canvas. 2003-2004.
"Morning of Yesenin, number 2", 40x50sm, oil on canvas. 2004.
"Morning of Yesenin" 40x50sm, oil on canvas. 1998.