News - November 19, 2012:

Third exhibition of informal artists.
The telecast «Everything since the beginning».
The publication in «the Literary Newspaper».
Vinyl stickers on gadgets.
Complete wall list «City landscape. Prague».
Third exhibition of informal artists.
Photo by Marina Levina.
26 October 2012., The opening of the third exhibition of informal artists, marking the anniversary of 1st anniversary of the Club shop "Tin". Alexey Akindinov declared at the show as a "special guest" and presented his paintings: "Ripple", "Electric Dreams", "Beware of desires," "Listen," "Perfume". You can also see and graphics Alexis "Opening" and "Dream Boy on the court." The exhibition will run until December 1. Location: Ryazan,Voznesenskaya St. 56.
Igor Stishkov's speech.
Speech by Alexey Akindinov. Photo by Marina Levina.
At the opening of the third exhibition of informal artists.
Quote from the article the journalist Marina Levina from the site "Little Homeland">>>  
         "The opening is timed to the birthday of the store, which is 1 year old. Igor poems, the organizer, said that everything possible is done to improve the event. For example, this time agreed to submit their pictures Alexey Akindinov - Ryazan known artist, who invented the new direction of painting - ornamentalism, party Russian, foreign and international exhibitions, the winner of many awards in fine arts.
         Alexey Akindinov spoke about his work and answered all the questions came. It turned out that among his musical preferences are early works of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin songs, and Deep Purple. So that the "gesture" is not random site for his works, but the value of this special exhibition in the eyes of the artist is to:
         - These activities allow authors in different fields to acquaint people with the art. Traditionally organize exhibitions of people with academic background and work in a realistic direction, but there are a lot of talented artists, and test the brush in the other genres! Unfortunately, these studies often do not become known to the public, but are worth it. "
Poster of the third exhibition of artists and informal one-year anniversary of the Club shop "Tin" (Ryazan,. Voznesenskaya St.  56). October 26 - December 1, 2012.
The director of "Tin" Club shop - Igor Stishkov, represents a festive pie. Marina Levina's photo.
Left - right: Igor Stishkov (Director of the Club shop "Tin"), science fiction writer - Timur Rymzhanov, artist - Alexey Akindinov. At the opening of the third exhibition of informal artists, to the painting of Alexis. Club shop "Tin". 26 October 2012. Photos of George Titov.
Audience at Alexey Akindinov's works photographs his picture «Coast of Desires». In the foreground - the artist, the participant of an exhibition – Vladislav Efremov.
Detailed photos from the exhibition in the gallery - "Three Centuries">>> 
Information on news portals:
Telecast «Everything since the beginning».
Interview to Alexey Akindinov. The host of the program - Victoria Astashina. TV channel Rehn TV. On October 27 2012. To watch video it is possible here>>>  
"The literary Newspaper".
The publication of the review of Alexey Akindinov on Valentin Bayukansky's book «Messages from the Looking-Glass». Article «Why to the person dreams?», «the Literary Newspaper» - No. 44 (6391) (2012-11-07). P. 14. To familiarize with the review it is possible on the Official site of «The Literary Newspaper»>>>  
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 Vinyl stickers. The "StickerKing" company offer from St. Petersburg.
   «StickerKing», is engaged in creation of vinyl stickers on equipment that allows not only to personalize, but also to make exclusive the gadget. According to the offer of the company, the image of pictures of Alexey Akindinov now appeared on smartphones and the tablet computers which have left on an active stage of sales in the Northern Capital.
In more detail in group -
StickerKing | Vinyl stickers on equipment>>> 
"Aphrodite and garbage." Alexey Akindinov.
"Gagarin's breakfast." Alexey Akindinov.
"City landscape No. 1 and No. 2." Alexey Akindinov.
"Moulin Rouge." Alexey Akindinov.

It is more than photo in the section "Publications">>> 
Wall list «City landscape. Prague». 
At the beginning of November, Alexey Akindinov finished work on a wall list «A city landscape. Prague». (acryle).
Alexey Akindinov against a list – a city landscape "Prague". Private sector. November 2012.
City landscape "Prague". Wall list (acryle). Private sector. November 2012.
City landscape "Prague". Fragment of a wall list (acryle). Private sector. November 2012.
To consider work more in details, it is possible in appropriate section of "Monumental painting">>>