News from - 21.12.2012. New pictures: "Vivat-Vita! " - "Long live life! ", "Angel", and wall list "City landscape. Prague No. 2".
Alexey Akindinov's new picture "Vivat-Vita! " - "Long live life!"
"Vivat Vita! ", "Long live Life! " 150х100sm, canvas, oil. 2012 of page.
At a picture "Vivat Vita! ". November, 2012.
Directly picturesque process in oil on canvas, was preceded by a detailed and painstaking graphic thumbnail.
Sketch "Vivat Vita!", «Long Live Life", a paper and pencil. 49.5x33sm. 2012.
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Work on the piece lasted about six months. With apparent improvisation, every detail in the picture is not accidental and has a deep meaning.
Name of the painting is Latin, "Long live – life!" The work is a reference to the theme of childhood memories started Alexei in 1997 with such pictures as, "Guericke", "Guericke-Gerlikaerika", "Alerika-Guericke". Strange word game is a fusion of memories forgotten children "rhyme" and Style - ornamentalism, which showed up in the artist not only in painting but also in words. The pictures «Vivat Vita!», By a new look back to his favorite subject - the world of childhood, memories of his images. Step over the edge of the visible, the mystery, to transform ordinariness - the tasks pursued by the artist. Children's imagination heyday dull routine, turning them into a kaleidoscopic world of puzzles. In the pictures "Viva - Life", as well as in the picture "Guericke" (1998), an ordinary courtyard turned into a blooming idyll. For example: a strange large chest - chest, shown in the left part of the picture - it's completely normal garage.
In the form of a casket Garage (detail picture).
Packing of the "Orange" cud is transformed in children's imagination to the aircraft soaring highly in the sky. 
Packing of the "Orange" cud in an image of the aircraft, a plate, is a taking-off smoke from working engines (a picture fragment).
The innocent look, could make out a set of multi-colored stars in the day sky. 
Day stars (a picture fragment).
The birds soaring from hands of the main characters – symbols of happiness which overflows them.  They are ready to share it with the whole world. 
Of the Bird of happiness (picture fragment).
Heroes in a picture, in difference from the picture "Gerika" - matured, saved up wisdom and knowledge. 
The Main characters, and at the bottom – ornaments: hand bells which alternate with umbrellas mushrooms, creating thereby additional dynamic semantic dialogue.
Two persons – images of Guardian angels, they permanently and imperceptibly protect us all life.
Images of Guardian angels (picture fragment).
The cathedral, and in a picture is represented the Uspensky Cathedral of the Ryazan Kremlin – a creed and spiritual beauty. 
Fragment of the Uspensky Cathedral of the Ryazan Kremlin.

Alexey Akindinov's poem "Gerika – Gerlikaerika" (1997)

I am dipped into the childhood with the head - 
There green birches rustle
Through a transparent, rustling ring -
Blue shine and fiery stars.

In the sky a cloud soars
Temple cake twisted
Children run under it
Pull up the hands

Don't say goodbye to us happiness!
Do some flying over us!
Drive away from us a bad weather!
The star Temple behind clouds …

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Picture "Angel". Pictures: "Zebra No. 1" and "Zebra No. 2" in an interior. November 2012.
At the end of November work on the picture "Angel" was complete.  The author of idea – the customer – Margarita, in common with studio of design of "MUSKAT group".  The designer - Evgeny Vlasova (Knyazeva).  The performer – Alexey Akindinov.  The picture was written only by means of fingers and palms, oil on a canvas. 
Picture "Angel" stretch on a stretcher.
At the picture "Angel".
As, in an interior earlier written pictures were mounted: "Zebra No. 1" and "Zebra №2".
The picture "Zebra No. 1" in an interior.
The picture "Zebra No. 2" in an interior.
Alexey Akindinov and the pictures "Zebra No. 1" and "Zebra No. 2" in an interior. November 2012.
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City landscape "Prague No. 2".  List acrylic paints on a wall.  November-December 2012. 
"Prague No. 2" is the second part of a series of a city landscape "Prague", begun in September.
Alexey Akindinov against a wall list "Prague No. 2", December 2012.
City landscape "Prague No. 2". Wall list (acryle). November-December.
Fragment of a wall list - a city landscape "Prague No. 2".
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