News from - 11.01.2013: Alexey Akindinov scholar of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Annual catalog directory "Art of Russia", release No. 12 (2013), M-Skanrus publishing house, International art fund (Moscow). Interview to a news site ""(history of monumental lists of A.Akindinov).
At the end of 2012 Alexey Akindinov became the scholar of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
    The grant is founded for the purpose of preservation and development of cultural potential, ensuring support of establishments and cultural figures and art: cinematographers, composers, writers, theatrical figures and artists. It is handed over both to leading cultural figures, and representatives of young, talented generation. As the initiator of delivery of a grant in case of Alexey, the organization "Union of Artists of Russia" acted.
    Particulars can be received from interview from 09.01.2013г. published on a news site "">>>(text in Russian),(in the same place New Year's wishes and plans. )
    Alexey Akindinov expresses gratitude to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and "Union of Artists of Russia" for the given support.
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Annual catalog directory "Art of Russia", release No. 12 (2013).

    The book "Art of Russia" was published. Release No. 12 (2013 of 352 p., annual catalog directory) “M-Skanrus” Publishing house, International Art Fund. Moscow. Circulation 5000.
    In the book it is possible to see works of various modern Russian artists, such as: Tair Salakhov, Zurab Tsereteli, Tatyana Nazarenko, Natalia Nesterova, Nikas Safronov.
    Alexey Akindinov is presented in the book by the pictures: "Stargazer" (thesis), "Seaman", "Stargazer Asmaltal-Terril" (the Pink Floyd group devoted to the founder – to Cyd Barrett), "The snow queen. Portrait of the wife – Elenas", "Idleness", "Coast of desires", "Grand Kanyon", "Manhattan", "Electrician Dreams ", "First", "Gagarin's Breakfast" (p. 16-23(color illustrations); 341 – curriculum vitae).
Author and curator of the project: E.P.Lavrenenko.
Editor-in-chief: A.I.Rozhin (Member of the Russian Academy of Arts and a member of the Presidium>>>Editor in Chief, «Tretyakov Gallery».)
Decorating: D.G.Melnik.
Computer preparation of the model: T.E.Lapina.
ISBN 978-5-91966-017-0
    The book will have distribution in various museums and showrooms of Moscow and St. Petersburg, will arrive in libraries of various regions of Russia later. As foreign judges of the fine arts will be able soon to study the edition.
Illustrations of pictures of Alexey Akindinov, p. 16-17. At the left "Stargazer"  (thesis), on the right, above "Seaman", below "Stargazer  - Asmaltall-Terrill", devoted to the founder of Pink Floyd group - to Cyd Barrett.
P. 18-19. Illustrations of pictures of Alexey Akindinov: at the left "Snow queen. Portrait of the wife - Elenas", on the right, above "Idleness", in the bottom of "The coast of desires".
P. 20-21. Illustrations of pictures of Alexey Akindinov: at the left, at the top of "Grand Kanyon", below "Manhattan". On the right -"Electrician Dreams ".
P. 22-23. Illustrations of pictures of Alexey Akindinov: at the left - "First", on the right - "Gagarin's Breakfast".
Book "Art of Russia". Release No. 12 (2013) M-Skanrus Publishing house. International art fund. Moscow.
It is possible to examine more in details illustrations of pictures here>>> 

rzn-info  Interview to a news site "". Of 24.12.2012. Subject – monumental lists on walls. One of the latest works; "Prague" and "Prague No. 2" in the private sector, a new, multiroom house. Short history of wall lists of Alexey Akindinov (from 2001 to the 2012th years.)  
      Interview fragment:  "I paint walls and ceilings since 2001.  I began with "Coffee house" in "Polsinaut" (in "A turquoise hall").  Already there is neither coffee house, nor a list.  Then I carried out lists, both in the private sectors, and in various public places:  jewelry stores, restaurants, cafe, flowers shops, travel companies", - are told by Akindinov …  
Besides the house on "The 2nd Line" (a photo here>>>), works (a series of new monumental works as oil on a canvas (a photo here>>>). Works of the resident of Ryazan "Bullfinches" (“Snegiry”) decorate the private house in the settlement. According to him, the house at owners special, looks rather as gallery of the modern art in Europe or in the USA. "… was afraid that I won't manage to execute everything by New year, but after all I was in time", - Alexey Akindinov speaks. – "The main thing – not to be afraid, and to do, – the goal" will be so reached.
It is possible to read interview completely (in Russian) here>>> 
The last in the 2012th year Alexey Akindinov's monumental works:
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