News of 04.01.2014.

1 . Ornamentalism.  Terra Incognita.  International art project.

2 . All-Russian exhibition "Sport Art Sochi".

3 . Modern Eseninovedeniye magazine. Grazhina Bobilevich's article.

4 . Book "Walks in Back Streets" of Valentin Bayukansky.

5 . Book "100 known residents of Ryazan".

6 . Wall list "the Elfiysky city", wall No. 1 and No. 2.

7 . New pictures "Still Life with a Vase" and "Still Life with a Mask".

8 . Opening of the Regional exhibition "Fall 2013".

9 . Collection of verses of Victor Fonyushkin "Railroad". The poem devoted to Alexey Akindinov.

1 . International art project "Ornamentalism. Terra Incognita".

From December 8 to December 22 the international art project "Ornamentalism took place. Terra Incognita". Venue: Moscow, State showroom "On Kashirka".

About forty participants took part in the project from six countries.
Alexander Korolyov's photo report.
The quote from the "On Kashirka" gallery and Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation site:
"ORNAMENTALISM.  Terra Incognita.
5 – December 22, 2013.
           In the State showroom "On Kashirka" in December the most interesting exhibition "ORNAMENTALISM will open. Terra Incognita", uniting creative search about forty artists belonging to this direction. The geography of participants covers the cities: Moscow, Krasnogorsk and Lobnya Moscow region, Dzerzhinsk Nizhny Novgorod Region, Arkhangelsk, Ryazan, Rostov-on-Don, Saransk, countries of the neighbor (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan) and distant (Poland, France) abroad.
          Professional level of artists the extraordinary high. Participants of numerous exhibitions and exhibition projects, including the largest international forums and festivals, whose works are in the leading museums and private collections in our country and abroad – Alexey Akindinov (the leader of movement), Lada Vdovina (France), Olga Kontareva, Konstantin Kuznetsov, Vasily Nikolaev, Galina Poloz, Marina Polyakova, Larisa Rubtsova, Igor Sidorov (Belarus), Sofia Sukhariyan, Toir Sharipov (Uzbekistan), etc. are masters with the bright identity, a breaking framework of the traditions, able to create own, deeply personal art worlds.
          In the 2000th year Alexey Akindinov (Ryazan) opened this subject in modern painting by the personal exhibition "In total Pattern". In the next years, also in Ryazan, some exhibitions propagandizing this movement were held, but the collective, generalizing exhibition yet wasn't.
          Exhibition which opens in Moscow, in Showroom "On Kashirka" - the first large-scale exhibition advancing creativity of artists-ornamentalistov, and promising a lot of interesting by concentration of art currents in the direction, and also possibility of its new reading.
          In works of participants of an exhibition the ornamentalizm will appear not only in the wide stylistic range of different types and art genres: from national features – traditions of a national ornament, ethnofuturism, east orientalism to modern rational abstractionism, a distinguished abstract decorativism and yet not identified values and symbols in which new meanings are demonstrated, there is a change of contexts and the poslannichestvo is realized.
           A picturesque row in an exposition will be added with graphics, arts and crafts, including a pechvorok, art glass, lingvogobelen, a videoart and audiovisual installation.
          Opening of an exhibition will take place on December 8 at 16.00. The curator, the art critic - Lyudmila Chekalina."
ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-110  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-104  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-99
ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-98  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-96  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-74
ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-95  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-94  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-92
ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-77  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-76  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-75
The text on sites (the text in Russian):
The state showroom "On Kashirka">>>
Site of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation>>>
MC Russian Federation federal target program>>>
Agency of national news>>>
Site "">>>
Site "in the Evening. Ru">>>
Site "Family Values">>>
Site: «»>>>
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Site: "">>>
RIA "7 info">>>
Site: "">>>
Site: "">>>
Site: "">>>
ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-73  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-80  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-67
ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-73  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-75  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-41
ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-29  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-24  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-42
On December 17, within the art project the round table took place. The catalog publication prepares for an exhibition, the text of reports of a round table will be printed separately.
About exhibition opening on sites:
Video topic on "YouTybe"(video topic in Russian)>>>
Video topic on "RuTybe"(video topic in Russian)>>>
“Ryazanskiye Vedomosti” newspaper (the text in Russian)>>>
The archived version>>>
Publication in paper form:  Ryazanskiye Vedomosti newspaper.  No. 238(4540) of December 19, 2013.  Fourth strip.  Article "Door to the Novel World".  The Ryazan artists took a leading position in the international art project "Ornamentalism Terra Incognita".  The author – Dmitry Sokolov.
In more detail here>>>
Information on sites(the text in Russian):
RIA "7 info">>>
"News Rambler">>>
     Quote: "On Sunday, December 8, in the State showroom "On Kashirka" in Moscow, the ceremonial opening of the International art project "Ornamentalism Terra Incognita" took place.
     The curator of an exhibition, the art critic Lyudmila Chekalina, in an opening speech noted that the Ryazan artist Alexey Akindinov the personal exhibition "In total Pattern" which took place at the beginning of 2000 in the Museum of history of youth movement in Ryazan, opened an ornamentalizm subject in the modern fine arts. Further the subject of an ornamentalizm received continuation by a number of the collective exhibitions which organizer was Alexey Akindinov: "OrnaMentalnost" ("The Ryazan drama theater", 2006) and "Ornamentalism 2010" (Palitra Art salon gallery, Ryazan, 2010) Then there was an interest to this subject, brought to similar thematic art projects in which the participants who haven't been connected with the Ryazan ornamentalist were involved. At present interest and "tension", according to Lyudmila Chekalina, round this subject led to creation of the large-scale, international art project "Ornamentalism Terra Incognita". It united six countries, having included about forty artists (Ryazan nine authors represent).
     Within an exhibition there passed presentation of the book of the Ryazan artist Maksimilyan Presnyakov "Ornamentalizm in the fine arts and a structuring of compositional thinking".
     The official part of opening was topped by lifting of a flag of the ornamentalizm which design was developed by Alexey Akindinov. In music of the artist Andrey Nazarov (the Ryazan participant of an exhibition), executed the composition on delay, Alexey lifted the banner which is a symbol of style an ornamentalism, having told: "This flag is a symbol of association of artists, mutual understanding and friendship. The snowflake key represented on a flag, represents a key to secret knowledge. Snowflake – the phenomenon of a natural, natural and unique pattern as in the nature there is no identical snowflake".
    The Ryazan artist Vyacheslav Shitov, except ornamental graphic works, presented to the audience the literary creativity.
     At exhibition opening Alexey Akindinov received the offer from the president of the World alliance "Peacekeeper" Yury Safronov to participate in the collective exhibition "The World through Art" which will open on December 28 and will take place in Central House of Artists in Moscow. Work of the known Ryazan artist, the leader of style an ornamentalism, will decorate with itself "The world museum" which exposition the World alliance "Peacekeeper" plans to show over the different countries of the globe."
Video topic on "YouTybe"(video topic in Russian)>>>
ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-65  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-21  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-63
ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-68 ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-27  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-korolyov-9  ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-61
ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-60 ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-22 ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-2 ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-3 Aficha-Ornamentalizm-Terra-Incognita
ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-17 ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-7 ornamentalizm-terra-incognita-58
List of participants of an exhibition:
Arkhangelskaya Marina. Arkhangelsk.
Abakumov Sergey. Ryazan.
Akindinov Alexey. Ryazan.
Baranova Natalya. Moscow.
Bobilevich Grazhina. Poland.
Budylyova Margarita. Ryazan.
Vdovina Lada. France.
Dyrin Yury. Saransk.
Efremov Vladislav. Ryazan.
Kontaryova Olga. Lobnya Moscow Region.
Kulchitskaya Nadezhda.  Moscow.
Kuznetzov Konstantin.  Moscow.
Lomonosov Nina. Moscow.
Maseykina Anna. Saransk.
Melnikov Willie. Moscow.
Nazarov Andrey. Ryazan.
Nikolaev Vasily. Ryazan.
Novitchkov Vyacheslav. Moscow.
Petrov Ilya. Moscow.
Poloz Galina. Moscow.
Polyakova Marina. Dzerzhinsk Nizhny Novgorod Region.
Presnyakov Maksimilyan. Ryazan.
Pronin Vladimir. Krasnogorsk of the Moscow Region.
Rubtsova Larisa. Moscow.
Sidorov Igor. Belarus.
Sorokina Larisa. Moscow.
Sukhariyan Sofia. Rostov-on-Don.
Ternovskaya Irina. Moscow.
Udaltsova Natalia. Moscow.
Umnov Andrey. Moscow.
Ushkov Alexey. Moscow.
Fadeyeva Ekaterina (Kato). Moscow.
Khanov Andrey. Moscow.
Chernobrovkina Irina. Moscow.
Shaykezanova Lyazzat. Kazakhstan.
Sharipov Toir. Uzbekistan.
Shelukhina Aleksandra. Ryazan.
Shitov Vyacheslav. Ryazan.

Alexander Korolyov's detailed photo report from exhibition opening>>>

2 . All-Russian exhibition "Sport Art Sochi".
The picture "Ice Knights", Alexey Akindinov participates in the All-Russian exhibition "Sport Art Sochi". Time of holding exhibition from December 6, 2013 to March 15, 2014. Venue – the Sochi art museum. The exhibition is held under the auspices of Year of the museums, the Cultural Olympic Games "Sochi-2014". More than 200 works of art of all types, genres and the technician, executed by modern art directors from the most different corners of Russia are presented to expositions, beginning from Kaliningrad, Moscow and finishing Krasnoyarsk and Magadan.
Information on news sites (the text in Russian):
RIA "7 info">>>
"All news of the World">>>
The publication in the Ryazanskiye Vedomosti newspaper, No. 218(4520) of November 21, 2013. Third strip. Heading – Culture. "The Olympic achievements of the Ryazan artists". Pictures of three Ryazan artists are selected for participation in the All-Russian exhibition "Sport Art Sochi".
The text and photo on a newspaper site (the text in Russian)>>>
On this site(the text in English)>>>

3 . Modern Eseninovedeniye magazine. 2013 . No. 25. Article of Professor of Institute of Slavic philology of the Polish academy of Sciences (Warsaw), the literary critic and the art critic - Grazhiny Bobilevich "To history the eseninskikh of portraits: Sergey Yesenin in the image of the artist Alexey Akindinov (experience of preliminary interpretation)". P. 3 - 18. (9 illustrations, including 7 color and two b/w photos).
eseninovedenie-1 eseninovedenie-4 eseninovedenie-5 eseninovedenie-6
The report for the first time was submitted on September 27, 2012 at Institute of the world literature of A.M. Gorky to the Russian Academy of Sciences, at the international scientific conference "S. A. Yesenin and the Russian history".
The list of participants and a subject of reports on IMLI site of A.M. Gorky (Russian Academy of Sciences):
2012 (text in Russian)>>>
2013 (text in Russian)>>>
Quote: "Akindinov – the author of the new direction of painting, calls the style, a letter manner, vision of the world and philosophy as "ornamentalizm". It is known that Yesenin from the teoretiko-esthetic point of view and poetic practice emphasizes primordiality of an ornament and its leading role in hierarchy of arts. Accenting its "philosophicality", an originality "the Russian spirit and an eye", the poet plans and enriches ways of original development of domestic art. Speaking about rituality, "music" and "architecture" of an ornament, the poet considers that it – "the very first and main branch in art".
Article text completely on a site ""(the text in Russian)>>>

Article text with illustrations on this site (the text in English)>>>
About the publication on news sites (the text in Russian):
RIA "7 info">>>
"The small Homeland">>>
"News Rambler">>>

4 . Valentin Bayukansky's book "Walks in back streets".  Lipetsk - 2013.
Book cover – Alexey Akindinov's pictures "Carefully, the Moon! ", "Gagarin's Breakfast", "Aurora". P. 11-34 - literary creativity (stories, verses, memoirs): "I recovered past messages", "Gerika-Gerlikaerika", "The boy and a crystal", "History of creation of the picture "Birth of the Titan", "Toxically — Means Unusually", "Time of Constant Fear", "Mysterious Ring", "I Saw on September 11", "Basket with March Mushrooms", "Dream about the Chelyabinsk Meteorite". Color tab – Alexey Akindinov's pictures "Innocent person", "Ripple", "The Birth of the Titan".
progulky-v-zakoulky-2 progulky-v-zakoulky-3 progulky-v-zakoulky-6
Quote: "The ancestor of an ornamentalizm, the winner of the National award in the field of the modern fine arts of Russia "The Russian gallery – the XXI century" the Ryazan artist Alexey Akindinov – the person to whom, in my opinion, representatives of science need to pay close attention. He lives on unknown us to laws: sees and feels that is inaccessible to another. The world for it is lit up by flickering impulses of all philosophical flowers and shades.
Its Universe is occupied by infinite symbols and signs which incessantly change the arrangement, creating the next incomprehensible pattern in a huge kaleidoscope of Life".
progulky-v-zakoulky-7 progulky-v-zakoulky-8 progulky-v-zakoulky-9
Quote: "Alexey's soul, moving through the infinite worlds of the Universe, tries to discover there figured examples of Incredible harmony. However and here, on Earth, the artist sincerely admires beauty of world around, rejoices to various manifestations of life. Akindinov imprints the experiences in pictures, diligently drawing in detail ornaments and patterns of own revelations. For many years the artist conducts records, in which as if the overseas spy, fixes to a taynopisye important data. As if the telegraph operator, briefly mints offers that saw and that struck most of all. The written-down impressions then, at an opportunity, become a basis of future compositions and pictures".
Article text completely and book illustrations on this site (the text in English)>>>
About the book on news sites (the text in Russian)>>>
RIA "7 info">>>
"PRO Ryazan">>>

5. Presentation of the book "100 known residents of Ryazan". Ryazan. 2013. Article "Alexey Akindinov: "I always doubt everything". The author – Olga Zazdravnykh. P. 8-10. Color also it is black - white illustrations. It is prepared on the materials published in the newspaper "the House. System" on November 11, 2009.
100-izvestnich-ryazantzev 100-izvestnich-ryazantzev-1 100-izvestnich-ryazantzev-2 100-izvestnich-ryazantzev-3
Article "Alexey Akindinov: "I always doubt everything" on a site "the House. System" (the text in Russian)>>>
Article with book illustrations on this site (the text in English)>>> 
The quote about presentation from a news site of RIA "7 info" (the original text - Russian)>>>
"The book "100 known residents of Ryazan" was published. Its presentation took place on Tuesday, November 26, in a conference room of regional scientific library of a name of Gorky.
In the collection prepared by the weekly "the House. System", interview to known residents who at different times were heroes of one of newspaper headings – "Non-working mood" entered. Obtaining the diploma of the winner by the last in one of the nominations of the regional competition "Crystal Crane-2012", according to the editor-in-chief of the edition Denis Abrakov, also became incentive for book preparation.
– At the heart of the edition – sketches and interview to known scientists, artists, sculptors, builders, writers, actors and doctors, teachers, devotees, whose creations and progress by right have to enter into gold cultural fund of the region, – he emphasized.
In the book the reader will meet literary portraits of those people which already became a legend – Galina Chernova, Zhanna Vinogradova, Zinaida Kuritsyna, and also contemporaries – Alexey Vodorezov, Alexey Akindinov and others".
100-izvestnich-ryazantzev-6 100-izvestnich-ryazantzev-4 100-izvestnich-ryazantzev-7 100-izvestnich-ryazantzev-17
The quote from a site "ProRyazan" (the original text in Russian)>>>
"A book basis — materials of the newspaper heading "Non-working Mood". In 7 years of existence more than 400 residents of Ryazan became her heroes. From them employees "the System House" selected 100 very best. These are actors, artists, scientists, teachers, public figures, production managers.
- We carefully selected heroes — the editor-in-chief of the edition Denis Abrakov told. — As the book — the project socially significant, emphasis placed on known and significant people from the sphere of culture, science, medicine. Neither policy, nor business! In our book — history of doctors, writers, architects, journalists, athletes, artists. The project was very difficult. But we consulted thanks to talented and creative people of our team, our edition".

6. Wall painting "Elven city" wall number 1 and number 2.
Alexey Akindinov completed mural on the theme of "Elven city": wall number 1 and number 2 wall. Runtime August-October 2013. Technique: acrylic paint, airbrush, paintbrush.

elfiysky-gorod-2 elfiysky-gorod-62
elfiysky-2-gorod elfiysky-2-gorod-52
More in the "Murals" on this site (fragments of paintings, view the completed interior trim)
"Elven city" - wall number 1 >>>

"Elven city" - wall number 2 >>>

7 . New pictures "Still Life with a Vase" and "Still Life with a Mask and a Cup".
natyrmort-s-vazoy natyrmort-s-maskoy

It is possible to look at fragments of pictures in gallery "Ornamental painting">>>

8 . Opening of the Regional art exhibition "Autumn 2013".
In November, 2013 opening of the reporting Regional art exhibition "Autumn 2013" took place. Venue: Ryazan, Showroom of the Ryazan office of the Union of artists of Russia. Alexey Akindinov is presented by the picture "Vivat-Vita! Long live – life! " The picture belongs to meeting of school No. 72 of Ryazan and is in its constant exposition.
autumn-2013 vivat-vita-painting autumn-2013-1

9. Collection of verses of Victor Fonyushkin "Railroad". The poem devoted to Alexey Akindinov "Traveller" (the poem in the original in Russian)>>>
The 1st page of a cover of the book – Alexey Akindinov's illustration.
"The night shines and stars burn".
Old buffet in Baroque style.
Symbols birds, patterns –
Oil on wood, gesso, canvas.
Ornament enliven the picture.
Bad weather looks from the yard ...
Put on old shoes,
Now it is high time!
They even serve you:
And ... a bright summer-
From the window-
Bad weather, reflected in the puddles,
Look at the world with the web.

Wise Einstein.
Snow on the roof.
Kinky white smoke from the chimney.
Blue sky, orange Mars.
And the young astronomer, bright-eyed ...
Long nightlights ahead.

Validity of flowers,
Worried sounds;
He carefully carries
Treasured keys!
flight passes
On a new height ...
Validity lives
Legend on the canvas!

2004. Poet Victor Fonyushkin.