News from January 15, 2018 from July 2016 to January 2018.

Themes of the news:

1. The paintings of Alexey Akindinov in the largest Chinese gallery of "Russian art of Ming Li" in Beijing.

2. The theoretical work of Grazhyna Bobilevich on ornamentalism and Alexey Akindinov was published in Warsaw.

3. Personal exhibition of Alexey Akindinov "Patterns" in the historical and art museum in Lukhovitsy, Moscow Region, RUSSIA . Alexey Akindinov donated his painting "I" to the museum.

4. Alexey Akindinov published in the Catalog of the III All-Russian Art Exhibition "Science and Space in the Service of Peace. Tsiolkovsky-Korolev-Gagarin. "

5. As part of the art project "Ryazan, I love you!" Alexey Akindinov wrote a diptych dedicated to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky - "Worlds of Tsiolkovsky": "Along the Rainbow" and "Space Workshop". The exhibition of the project, including the participation of Alexey Akindinov in the collective exhibition at the Moscow State Museum S. Esenin.

6. Registration of new books by Valentin Bajukansky (cover, illustrations).

7. Other new paintings by Alexey Akindinov.

8. 189 ornamental paintings by Alexey Akindinov (high-quality files) for downloading from "Yandex-Disk".

9. Cardboard for the painting dedicated to the Russian actress "Inna Churikova." Ascent. "

10. Publication of the picture "Stargazer" on the first page of the cover of the newspaper "Youth Environment."

11. Alexey Akindinov donated three paintings to the "Russian gallery XXI century".

Akindinov VK skrinchotAt the moment, the rubric "News" on this site is in the filling stage. Details about the events in the creative life of Alexey Akindinov can now be found from his official page on the "VKontakte" site here (page in Russian)>>>

Going to this link on the "wall" of Akindinov's publications, you need to click on "Alexey's Records" ("К записям Алексея"(rus.), after which various events from his artistic life will open.