News from August 08, 2022 - the addresses of Alexey Akindinov’s pages on the social networks "VK" and "FaceBook", literary work of Alexey Akindinov on the site "".
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Dear friends, visitors to the official website of the artist Alexey Akindinov! At the moment, filling the heading "News" has not happened for more than six months. The nearest update is postponed indefinitely.

Despite this, the site is gradually filled. So, in the art gallery regularly receive new paintings Alexey, which can be found in the "Gallery of Ornamental Painting" here >>> Now in the gallery of paintings are 219 paintings in the style of ornamentalism. Files of high quality pictures in TIF format are located on the Yandex Disk. They are designed for free download and distribution to all comers - more than a year ago, Alexey Akindinov donated images of his works to the world for free. The address of the album "Alexey Akindinov - painting" on the Yandex Disk is here >>> The obligatory conditions for using files of paintings by Alexey Akindinov can be found here (text in Russian):
Also on the site there is a constant filling of the heading "Graphics, sketches, etudes", read it here >>> The section "Publications" is regularly updated >>>
But all the news, because of its large volume, is not here, but on social networks where Alexey Akindinov is registered, namely on the websites: VKontakte and FaceBook. To get acquainted with the information on the site "VKontakte" it is not necessary to be a registered user. All information is publicly available. The official page of Alexey Akindinov on the site "VKontakte" is here (texts in Russian) >>> Following this link on Akindinov’s “wall” of publications, various events from his artistic life will open: new exhibitions, paintings, virtual tours of Alexey’s paintings, graphic works and much more. To see only Alexey’s notes, on the top of the “wall” you need to click on the Alexey’s Notes tab. As a rule, this option is set automatically by the artist. With the cursor, which is located to the right of the wall, you can scroll through the events in the life of Alexey Akindinov, scrolling up and down. All photos can be opened in a large size. Page in Russian. In addition, Alexey's photos contain over a hundred albums of various events in the artist’s life. All albums and photos are signed.akindinov news 08 04 2019 2
Also Alexey Akindinov is registered in the social network "FaceBook", here is the address of his official page >>> To view the information on this resource, you must be a registered and authorized user and be a friend of Alexey Akindinov. The information is almost identical to the page on the site "VKontakte", differs by a slightly smaller number of events and details from the artist's life, but at the same time the texts are presented in both Russian and English versions.
Dear visitors, dear friends, thank you for your understanding and interest in the work of the ornamental artist Alexey Akindinov!

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literary work of Alexey Akindinov on the site ""
Small prose, artist’s diaries, memoirs, poems, memoirs, reports are now on the "" website here (text in Russian) >>>