News 16.02.2023. Exhibition "Inspiration by ornament". The founder of ornamentalism, Alexey Akindinov, became an honored guest and participant in the vernissage at the Lyubertsy Art Gallery in Moscow.

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Text on the website of the Russian Union of Professional Writers (text in Russian):
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The famous artist, the founder of ornamentalism Alexey Akindinov, became an honored guest and participant of the collective art exhibition "Inspiration by Ornament", which opened in the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the city of Lyubertsy, Moscow Region.

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The exposition brought together various authors who perceive the world in the form of ornaments and patterns. The vernissage presents paintings, drawings and applied art of such artists as: Konstantinova S.A. (and students); Akindinov A.P. (founder of the style of ornamentalism); Kuznetsova N.V. (and students); Orzhikhovskaya E.A. (and students); Nikulina L.K.; Oganyan A. R.; Terekhovskaya S.S. and many other masters of the brush. The guest of honor and participant of the exhibition was the famous artist, the founder of the ornamentalism style - Alexey Akindinov. The large-scale exposition, located on the third floor of the gallery, presents twelve of his paintings.

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The offer to participate in the Moscow project came to the master of the brush from the curator, organizer and participant of the exhibition Svetlana Konstantinova. She is a member of the Eurasian Union of Artists, the Union of Artists of the Moscow Region, the head and artist-teacher of the Ornament school-studio in the city of Lyubertsy. The website of this educational institution says about Alexey Akindinov (text in Russian): "Honored guest and participant of the exhibition Alexey P. Akindinov is a famous Ryazan artist, the founder of the concept of ornamentalism in painting, an ornamental painter, graphic artist, poet, prose writer, philosopher. He created a personal concept of ornamentalism with the effect of highlighting reality through patterns."
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For Moscow artists, it was extremely important and symbolic that the founder of ornamentalism himself, Alexey Akindinov, would be present at the exhibition. Recall that this new style in art was created by Akindinov at the Ryazan Art College in 1996 (source - All-Russian TV channel "Culture" (text in English): ). The ornamental painter accepted Svetlana Konstantinova's proposal and personally attended the opening of the exhibition on February 4th. Video of Alexey Akindinov's speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition (the videos are identical):;;;;
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The author said words of gratitude to Svetlana Konstantinova, told about his path in ornamentalism, quoted Sergei Yesenin's treatise "The Keys of Mary", read his poems (last autumn Alexey Akindinov was admitted to the Russian Union of Professional Writers (RUPW).
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The master of the brush and pen noted in his speech the continuity of generations in interest in ornamentation, from adults (artists-teachers and all like-minded ornamentalists), to the smallest children - students and everyone who is interested in the world of patterns. The awarding of exhibition participants with commemorative diplomas and the performance of the "Kalinov Zvon" musical group can be viewed here (the videos are identical):;;;;
— This is only a small part of the footage. Later, it is planned to create a film based on all the voluminous videos from the opening of the exhibition.
Alexey Akindinov's big film "Inspiration by Ornament" about the exhibition of the same name can be viewed here (the video on different sites is identical):
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At the opening of the exhibition, there were master classes in drawing ornaments for adults and children, as well as training in weaving. The exposition will be of interest to all lovers and connoisseurs of ornamental art, regardless of age. The exhibition will run until the end of March.
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