*News from 03/11/2024 - Famous Russian artist Alexey Akindinov participates in the collective art exhibition "Inspiration by Ornament-2024" with his followers and like-minded people. Lyubertsy Art Gallery of the Museum and Exhibition Complex, Lyubertsy, Moscow region.

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Article by Alexey Akindinov about the exhibition “Inspiration by Ornament-2024” - magazine “Russian Gallery XXI Century” on the website of the Publishing House “Panorama”.

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Quote from the magazine “Russian Gallery XXI Century”:
"Report by Alexey Akindinov - member of the Union of Artists of Russia and the Russian Union of Professional Writers, laureate of Russian, international and foreign fine arts competitions, scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, resident of the magazine "Russian Gallery XXI Century".

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On February 3, 2024, the collective art exhibition “Inspiration by Ornament” opened in the Lyubertsy Art Gallery of the Museum and Exhibition Complex.

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This is the second group exhibition dedicated to ornamental art, which is organized by the Private Institution of Additional Education "Art School-Studio "Ornament" and its director - Svetlana Konstantinova, who is a curator and participant in the exhibition, teacher, member of the Eurasian Art Union.

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This year, the studio school celebrated its tenth anniversary and gathered its students and graduates at the opening of the exhibition.

The thematic art project “Inspiration by Ornament” began last year on February 4th. The opening of the first vernissage took place at the Lyubertsy Art Gallery. Svetlana Konstantinova’s idea was to bring together in a single exhibition “ensemble” artists who use ornamental stylistics in different forms of art in their works: painting; graphics; sculpture; arts and crafts and other objects of the art space. My participation in the exhibition took place thanks to the invitation of Svetlana Konstantinova and it was not accidental - since 1996 I have been developing my own, author’s style, which I gave the name “ornamentalism”. Its essence lies in the depiction of patterns layered on a realistic plot. As a result, the entire visible space seems to appear through the ornament or is illuminated by it. The vernissage was not limited to the exhibition of works - the opening, for example, included a performance by the musical folk ensemble "Raspberry Flower", holding master classes, and I read my poem "Geriki":


I'm immersed in my childhood
There are green birches rustling there
Through the transparent, rustling ringing
Blue glitter and fire stars


Soaring in the sky like a cloud
Temple of twisted cake
Children run under it
Raise their little hands up


Don't say goodbye to us happiness
Fly over us again
Drive away bad weather from us
Star Temple behind the clouds.


You can read more about the exhibition "Inspiration by Ornament-2023" on this website here.

The exhibition "Inspiration by Ornament" in 2023 was a great success, this was the impetus for its holding in 2024.

The main participants in the project are teachers of the art school-studio "Ornament" and their students. The teaching staff of the authors and works of the exhibition “Inspiration by Ornament” in 2024 looks like this: Svetlana Konstantinova presented nineteen of her paintings, and her students over fourteen years old and adults are also involved in the exhibition.

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Ekaterina Orzhikhovskaya, an artist-teacher, participant in the exhibition, winner of international competitions, presented six of her paintings, and her eighteen students from ten to thirteen years old showed their works.

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Teacher Nadezhda Kuznetsova participates in the exhibition with six illustrations. She has four children with her, ranging from six to eight years old. In total, the exhibition this year includes works by fifty-eight authors and one hundred and thirty-six works of art. Twenty-two authors are children, from six to thirteen years old.

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This year, at the opening of the exhibition "Inspiration by Ornament", one could note the growing range of different arts and the expansion of participants in the project due to the collection of the magazine "Russian Gallery XXI Century". The editors of the magazine have been collaborating with many leading Russian artists since 2007. Thanks to friendly relations with Svetlana Konstantinova, who is published on the pages of the publication, the magazine, represented by the Editor-in-Chief, Pavel Sokolov, kindly provided forty-four paintings and two ceramic panels by twenty-one authors from its collection for the exhibition.

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I would also like to note my creative friendship with the magazine, which began in 2008. Then the Publishing House "Panorama" established the National Prize in the field of fine and decorative arts "Russian Gallery XXI Century" and I became the winner of the first award, which took place in the Federation Council of Russia. In a solemn ceremony, the Silver Medal "Russian Gallery XXI Century" was presented to me by a Full Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Moscow State Academy of Arts. IN AND. Surikov - Nikolai Borovskoy.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition “Inspiration by Ornament-2024” was led by the head of the Lyubertsy Art Gallery, Anna Yakhira. The event began with a musical performance by the vocal ensemble "Chocolate" with the song "We are the Universe."

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Video of the opening of the exhibition "Inspiration by Ornament 2024" on different sites (the plot in Russian is identical): "YouTube"; "RuTube"; "OK"; "DZEN"; "Mail"; "VK".


Our stars,” as Anna called them, emphasized with their wonderful singing the fairy-tale atmosphere of the exhibition and its festive, unique mood. The official opening included a performance by Svetlana Konstantinova. She thanked the Lyubertsy Art Gallery for the opportunity to hold the exhibition for the second time. She told about the participants of the project, the teachers of the school-studio "Ornament" and their students. She said warm words about me: “I’m glad that the founder of ornamentalism, Alexei Akindinov, is again with us and is participating in the exhibition with his paintings.”

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Svetlana Konstantinova expressed her gratitude to the magazine “Russian Gallery XXI Century” and the Editor-in-Chief Pavel Sokolov for responding to her proposal and providing paintings from the magazine’s collection. She spoke about the master classes for children and adults taking place at the opening of the exhibition and those who prepared them - collective drawing of ornaments of the peoples of Russia and compiling panels from the drawings of the event participants (author - Svetlana Konstantinova). Students, high school students Khalilova Sahara and Ryabiko Anna, prepared samples and conducted a master class. Master class “Drawing a mandala with plasticine”, artist Maria Dzhigrina shared the secrets of the technology. Artist Stafeeva Irina conducted a master class on the topic "Jewelry made of felt."

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Then the artist-teacher Ekaterina Orzhikhovskaya spoke, thanking Svetlana Konstantinova for the idea and organization of the exhibition, saying: “Thanks to you, everything happened, thank you for your work, Svetlana Alekseevna! It’s a great joy and pride to see the paintings of your students at the exhibition, which other people come to see .

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The goal of any creativity is to create something new, which has not existed before, which no living creature has ever seen... I congratulate our students on the fact that they are coping with such a difficult task!”

Then, the host of the event, Anna Yakhira, introduced me to everyone as the founder of the concept of ornamentalism in painting.

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In my speech, I congratulated the art school-studio "Ornament" on its tenth anniversary, wished the teachers and students and everyone associated with the school all the best. I thanked Svetlana Konstantinova for organizing the exhibition and inviting me as an honorary guest and participant. He noted that with these exhibitions we mark a special creative path, dispelling the belief that there can be nothing new in art.

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The main thing is not to be afraid and dare. The exhibition shows how in a new way and at the same time preserving the best traditions, it is possible to display the world through patterns of perception, which at the exhibition are not only on the canvases, but also hover throughout the entire exhibition space of the hall. I also noted the special lighting aimed at the paintings and the color of the walls, emphasizing the coziness, intimacy and fabulousness of the exhibition.

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The exhibition “Inspiration by Ornament” is already the second and combines not only paintings, but also master classes, which makes it similar to the festival. Children are our future; interest in ornamental art is supported by the Ornament school-studio and is passed on from the older generation to the younger. Continuity is our strength.

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Russia is a multinational country; ornamental art is a unifying link in the culture and spirituality of the different peoples of our Motherland. The possibilities of using ornament in works of art are like a casket with gems, which is full of fairy tales and mysteries and is inexhaustible. I read my poem "The Boy and the Crystal":

Winter on the outskirts of the night city
There the trees grow beards
A boy walks on emeralds
Snowflakes swirling through the netting plays
The ski track is laid to the stars and moons
Young geologist collects crystal

A child walks through a magical forest and collects crystals. He likened everyone walking along the ornamental path of art (students and teachers) to travelers who visited a magic garden and found precious stones to bring them as a gift to people for good, peace, love and creation. I wished further, annual continuation of the wonderful exhibition project “Inspiration by Ornament”.

Video - a story about their paintings, creativity and the exhibition "Inspiration by Ornament-2024" by Alexey Akindinov, Svetlana Konstantinova and Ekaterina Orzhikhovskaya - on different sites (the story in Russian is identical): "YouTube"; "RuTube"; "OK"; "DZEN"; "Mail"; "VK".

A significant event for the exhibition was the welcoming speech of the exhibition's guest of honor, Professor, Doctor of Art History, representative and member of the editorial board of the Moscow magazine "Russian Gallery XXI Century" Grigory Ginzburg.

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In his speech, he said: “Special bow to teacher-artists - you bring art to people! The bilingual magazine “Russian Gallery XXI Century” plays a significant role in shaping the view of art. It was published in eighty countries of the world and collected the most outstanding Russian artists, this - a community of professionals. The art school-studio "Ornament" produces wonderful results, which are presented at the exhibition. Very good exhibition. Greetings and congratulations to the exhibition hall! I would especially like to congratulate the parents of young artists, because your contribution to art and creating an atmosphere for children cannot be overestimated. A huge difficulty in creating conditions for learning to draw is to purchase far from cheap paints, canvases, and so on... This is the contribution of parents to the development of Russian culture. The format and size of the paintings in the exhibition are decent, these are the “golden fund” of the authors and real exhibition copies An artist must have works that he will not sell to anyone, paintings for the soul, paintings for exhibitions. A real author needs to have this “golden fund”. The thread that connects all those present is the Eurasian Art Union, it unites both Europe and Asia. I head the guild of art criticism and participate in judging work competitions, including children’s ones. I look at more than a thousand paintings a month. Of course, “the eye is trained” and the impression of a decent level is created. I would like to note the very good level of paintings at the exhibition "Inspiration by Ornament"! The studio's tenth anniversary is an intellectual accumulation. The spirit of the studio and the traditions of the studio, the attitude towards the studio, is the intellectual margin of safety. He is already powerful, ten years old. The child finds himself in a stream of creativity, inspiration and art. It is important to see and bring to people beauty in all its beauty, not only in art, but also in life. We are surrounded by the wonderful art of life!..”

The final part of the opening of the vernissage was completed by the ceremonial awarding of exhibition participants and honored guests with certificates and letters of gratitude.

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You can visit the exhibition until the end of March at the address: Moscow region, Lyubertsy, Zvukovaya street, building 3. Opening hours from 10.00 to 19.00, weekends - Monday, Tuesday, the last Thursday of the month is a sanitary day. Phone for inquiries: +7 (495) 554-43-05.

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Video tour - works of all 58 participants in the collective art exhibition "Inspiration by Ornament-2024" on different sites (the plot in Russian is identical): "YouTube"; "RuTube"; "OK"; "DZEN"; "Mail"; "VK".

Archived copies of publications - news media (text in Russian):
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Article by Alexey Akindinov about the exhibition “Inspiration by Ornament-2024” - magazine “Russian Gallery XXI Century” on the website of the Publishing House “Panorama”.

All photographs from the opening of the exhibition can be viewed in the photo gallery “Three Centuries”.


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