Newspaper “Hometown”.
The publication about Alexey Akindinov's personal exhibition "Under the flag of an ornamentalizm", in the newspaper “The Hometown”, of July 16, 2013 No. 28, p. 25. Color illustrations. "Alexey Akindinov's secret signs". Heading "Cultural Property". The author of article – Galina Gorbunova.
Alexey Akindinov's secret signs.
        Opening of an exhibition of the well-known Ryazan ornamentalist "Under the flag of an ornamentalizm" took place in the Ryazan Museum of history of youth movement on Thursday, July 11.
        Exactly here its first personal exhibition 13 years ago was open. Then representatives of art elite of the city twisted at a temple to the courageous museum workers, ventured to organize "such"! Now works of the Ryazan ornamentalist are in leading art museums of Russia and in private collections.
        Many people seeing pictures of this artist, claim that if long to look at a canvas with the ornament image, it is possible to get out of limits of the art plane. Uniqueness of works of Alexey Akindinov consists that he created the whole world – the ornamentalizm world, – admirers of the personality and creativity of the artist consider. They should open once again for themselves the reality existing on that party of pictures, hidden in thin curls of an ornament. At an exhibition the artist presented a modern view on the conventional authorities, including, portraits of known politicians.
        The ornamentalizm flag with a symbol of this art direction – a key in the form of a snowflake became the main intrigue of evening. This key, according to the author, the audience should reveal secret of his art.
        The author in exclusive interview to "Hometown" told history of emergence of the mysterious style. Ornamentalizm arose in the Ryazan remote place.
        -  In the childhood I spent winter vacation in the village, - the artist told.    Somehow time, having rolled down from a hill, I saw on snow a strange ring from a black stone.  On it there was an ornament of green color.  I took a ring in hand, but I don't know where it disappeared then.  The next year the same history repeated.  Having once again rolled down from a hill, I saw the same ring, but the pattern on it was white.  You won't believe:  in a year at the bottom of the same hill I was expected more familiarly by a ring.  This time with a yellow ornament.
        This mysterious history rendered strong impression on children's consciousness and, probably, began Alexey Akindinov's original style. The artist admitted that in memory of a surprising ring he carries a signet with a black stone and an ornament. It is a good luck symbol.

The exhibition was visited by Galina Gorbunova.