The publication about Alexey Akindinov's personal exhibition "Under the flag of an ornamentalizm". Newspaper "TV Seven". Ryazan. No. 30, 22-28 of July, 2013. Article "Key to Secrets". P. 86. Color illustrations. Heading "Opening day". The author of article and photo – Vladimir Frolov.
"Key to secrets".
From a flag admirers of the artist will carry a gold key on badges.

       The Ryazan artist created and lifted a banner of new style in painting – an ornamentalizm.
       In our city Alexey Akindinov – the most recognizable artist of the generation. It isn't surprising that its works are bought up in the different countries of the world: who at least time saw one his picture, then learns others – on patterns and the ornaments covering a background and represented figures. The artist calls this style an ornamentalizm and earlier often told what exactly so pictures advised to write it the highest forces.
     -  Representing a pattern, I try to represent a wave of energy which everything penetrates, - Akindinov last week admitted a youth Museum on Svoboda Street.
       To opening of its new exhibition to a museum came the most known sculptor of Ryazan (the author of several monuments on streets of Ryazan) Boris Gorbunov, the vice-chairman of the local union of artists Vasily Nikolaev, known photographers, TV hosts, restorers.  At their presence Alexey Akindinov developed an ornamentalizm flag – a cloth with the image of the symbolical key revealing secrets of the world.  To all guests of an exhibition distributed breast badges with the same "an ornamentalizm key".
     - In Russia there are a lot of the artists which style is unique, - Alexey in reply to a question for the sake of whom the flag was created confessed. – In the winter we plan the general exhibition in Moscow. It will be interesting.

Author of article and photo: Vladimir Frolov.