The publication about Alexey Akindinov's personal exhibition "Under the flag of an ornamentalizm". "Akindinov as Gagarin". Interview of journalist Anatoly Obydyonkin to the artist – Alexey Akindinov on the personal exhibition "Under the flag of an Ornamentalizm". “The new newspaper” (Ryazan), No. 26P (2072) 18.07 – 24.07.2013г. P. 21, color illustrations.
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The author - Anatoly Obydyonkin. Heading "Occupation layer".

"Akindinov as Gagarin".
            In Ryazan the Under the flag of an Ornamentalizm exhibition opened.
            36-year-old Alexey AKINDINOV – most known of the Ryazan artists, his name constantly "very famous" that costed by one only history with Martin Luther King's written for the American president Barack Obama the portrait. He is a creator and the main ideologist of the new direction in painting under the name "ornamentalizm" as images in his pictures as if are weaved from the most different patterns and ornaments.
            Here Akindinov for some reason pleases with only personal exhibitions of the fellow countrymen residents of Ryazan infrequently: the last happened about four years ago. And here, at last, in the Museum of history of youth movement Alexey's personal exhibition "Under the flag of an ornamentalizm" at which opening ceremony it indeed presented to numerous public the flag of "the" direction made by it earned.
           About why it is seldom exposed in the hometown, Alexey frankly told to "The new newspaper". And about many other, certainly.
           – Alexey, we the last time talked four years ago, and your next personal exhibition was an occasion – then it took place in Palitra shop salon. But for these four years of new "personal computers" at you in Ryazan wasn't, and the Under the flag of an Ornamentalizm exhibition in the Museum of history of youth movement – the first for all this time. Why you are so seldom exposed in the hometown? After all you have, probably, many works, it is possible to arrange much more often than an exhibition?
           – As work on each picture takes a lot of time, the material gathers for a personal exhibition infrequently. For example, work on the big cloths presented at an exhibition took on time not less than half a year for one picture. And, to each such picture I do the detailed pencil sketch is a month more - two works. And on the average it turns out that for a year of big, global pictures leaves no more than two. There are artists who write etyudno, quickly, my equipment – an ornamentalizm – demands painstaking and assiduity. In a different way I can't and sense I don't see. In total about two hundred pictures, but at me available about twenty are written, other dispersed in gallery and museum collections, in private collections. Even the graphics on this exhibition should be collected from different collectors.
         – To hire back?
         – Yes, and people with pleasure come then to an exhibition and look at works which belong now to them. Probably, in it there is something – in the beginning you admire a picture at home, then you give the chance to be glad to visitors of an exhibition, it is some kind of participation in life and creativity. And after an exhibition I return works to their owners.
         Some works presented at an exhibition, are redeemed by me from a family of collectors who began to suffer of need: I redeemed from them all the pictures which they at me got within eight years. Thanks to it they left a difficult financial situation, and I had an opportunity to collect a material on the personal computer though, of course, not only thanks to it.
         – It turns out, you "the shoemaker's wife is the worst shod": pictures buy up quicker, than you manage to write.
         – It turns out that so. The general work in a year includes some types of creative activity; writing of pictures, creation of sketches to pictures, wall lists in various public places and the private sectors. Therefore in a year at me usually leaves from two to five pictures. Often happens that I write two pictures at the same time as long over one cloth to work psychologically difficult – strains.
         – It becomes clear, why at you with "personal computers" so inertly in recent years. But there was a set and other entertaining events: for example, there was a noisy history to how Martin Luther King's your portrait appeared in Barack Obama's office in the American White house. And here that you in the "a personal rating" consider as the main event of the creative life of the last years? Or, maybe, such events not one, and at once a little?
         – From "a personal rating" main events of the last years I note recognition me at official level as artist as till 2008 I had no award in spite of the fact that I regularly participated in various competitions. And here since 2008 I receive awards and laureatstvo regularly. I became the winner of the National award in the field of modern fine and decorative art of Russia "The Russian gallery – the XXI century" with rewarding with the silver medal of the same name in the Federation Council, was exposed across Europe at exhibitions of this award. Then I won the competition "Death Subject in the Modern Art" at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre in Moscow and Novosibirsk "A museum of world funeral culture", organized this competition, orders in me pictures in the collection. After that I became the winner of the competition "Talent and Calling" of the World alliance "Mirotvorets" with rewarding with the medal "Talent and Calling" in the Moscow TsDH. Still I became the winner of the competition "The International Wave in the Fine Arts" which was taking place in New York, with rewarding me Gold медалю to "SAINT MICHAEL" of the New York Academy of Arts for the picture"Martin Luther King" which I wrote for Barack Obama. And, at last, quite recently, in 2012, I became the scholar of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation that to me is especially valuable.
        – It is interesting, whether you expected all this in that far time when studied in the Ryazan art school is already relative? Well, what your pictures will be demanded in the American White house and in many prestigious museums what there will be many conversations and there will be many publications about the direction given rise by you with the beautiful and bright name "ornamentalizm"? At last, what pictures will be on sale so actively and there will be even a problem how to gather works on the next exhibition? Or expectations then were even more iridescent?
        – In the childhood I dreamed to become the astronomer or the artist. I chose a way of the artist, having gone to study at first in children's art school, then in the Ryazan art school. Already then I dreamed to create the new direction in art, to become the recognized and known artist. Looking back in the past, I can tell about duality of an embodiment of the dream. If to speak about material benefits in spite of the fact that I am demanded as the artist, all the same at present I not only "the shoemaker's wife is the worst shod" as available it isn't enough pictures, but also "the shoemaker without money". Many means are taken away by modern life: materials for pictures, site service, the help to parents and relatives. But, on the other hand, I managed to sow a field "ornamentalizm seeds", and the crop gives shoots – many artists were fond of this idea. Having looked on the publication Internet on an ornamentalizm, now it is possible to find a great number of different people who write in the similar direction and publish various articles on this subject. And all any fifteen years ago an ornamentalizm as new style was discussed only in the Ryazan art school, at my very first personal exhibition.
         It was oddly embodied and my dream of astronomy is I fully realized just at opening of the Under the flag of an Ornamentalizm exhibition where the flag developed by me and an ornamentalizm logo are presented. Style itself dictated this idea – to unite artists-ornamentalistov the general symbol embodied on a flag. It happened in time and by the way because in December the large-scale collective exhibition "Ornamentalizm is expected. Terra Inkognita", the last phrase is transferred from Latin as "the unknown earth". Ornamentalist have to gather on this exhibition in one of large State showrooms of Moscow from many regions of Russia so it will turn out symbolically if the flag of an ornamentalizm arrives there from Ryazan and will be established on this for the present "the unknown earth". It everything also led me to thought of an embodiment of my children's dream of space. When we made an exposition of the Under the flag of an Ornamentalizm exhibition, my wife Elena suggested to hang up Gagarin's portrait near that place where the flag will be set. And during exhibition opening many drew an analogy between a portrait of the first astronaut and installation of the first flag. Artist Vasily Nikolaev told even: "It isn't casual they nearby – a flag of an ornamentalizm and Yury Gagarin! The pioneer of space, and the pioneer of new style in painting! " Besides, the ladder which I climbed up to set a flag, added to the audience of associations with disembarkation of Americans to the Moon and Neil Armstrong's first step to its surface. It is worth noticing that this event too happened in July...
      – Now, probably, it is a high time to reflect on that the flag of an ornamentalizm not only at the Ryazan and Moscow exhibitions was present, but also one fine day also space reached. It seems to me, for your active nature this task quite on forces. It would be desirable sometime such to arrange?
       – Yes, certainly! If to give vent to the imagination, it is possible to present as in an orbit of Earth there is a satellite with a transparent capsule in which the small tag of an ornamentalizm shines, reflecting light of a rainbow of a morning dawn! And the second spacecraft with the same flag – like "Voyager" is directed in Universe depths for a meeting with extraterrestrial civilizations. It will be amusing if "brothers on reason" instead of the message sent by Americans on "Voyager", the first receive ours, with a tag and an ornamentalizm logo, and, inquisitively scratching the green napes, will read there an inscription in Russian: "The whole world a carpet, and people in it – a pattern". And in the space cards will designate our Earth as "Ornamentalizm earth".