Ornamentalism. The report according to the international art project "Ornamentalism. Terra incognita. " The author - Alexey Akindinov. "Collection 1", 84 p. Alexey Akindinov: the report text - p. 3-16, the appendix (the list of publications on "ornamentalism") p. 16-31. On materials of the reports read at meeting of "a round table" in the State showroom "On Kashirka" on December 17, 2013 in which artists – participants of an exhibition took part, art critics and teachers of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. The originator – Chekalina L. I. member of Association of art critics (AIS), MCX, TSH of Russia, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Folk Art (RAFA), chief researcher of the State showroom "On Kashirka". Moscow, 2014.




Alexey Akindinov. The report on the subject "ornamentalism", on an exhibition "Ornamentalism. Terra Incognita. " State showroom "On Kashirka". Moscow. December 2013.

The declared subjects:

1 . Term "ornamentalism" emergence.

2 . Differentiation of values of the term "ornamentalism".

2.1  Transformation of values of the term.

2.2  Merge of values to fuller disclosure of "ornamentalism".

2.3  Term evolution.

2.4  Demonstration of the concept of "ornamentalism".

3 . My arrival to idea of "ornamentalism".

4 . "Ornamentalism" concept. Chronology of publications.

5 . "Ornamentalism" in easel painting. The publication with disclosure of this subject.

6 . Some authoritative sources which have paid attention to "ornamentalism", and supported it as the new direction in the modern art.

7 . Alexey Akindinov's publications on a subject – an ornamentalism.

Terminology development inevitably accompanies development of scientific thought as any system of knowledge can't be stated without language. "Ideas — Marx speaks — don't exist is torn off from language" (Marx's archive and Engels, t. IV) .

1  .  Term "ornamentalism" emergence.

      When who and in what value for the first time applied the term "ornamentalism" to me it isn't known. In return I hope that over time there will be experts - researchers who will professionally deal with this issue. Probably, collective International exhibition "Ornamentalism. Terra Incognita" will promote emergence of interest to this subject at art critics.

      My report on a subject of "ornamentalizm" is personal, subjective opinion and doesn't apply for art criticism treatment of this subject as I am not an art critic, but only the artist.

2 . Differentiation of values of the term "ornamentalism". (Transformation of values of the term. Merge of values to fuller disclosure of "ornamentalism". Term evolution. Demonstration of the concept of an ornamentalism).

         Stories are known cases when the same term, got new, excellent from previous, values. It is a lot of examples and replacement of values, previous – new. For example: proceeding from the Oxford dictionary of English, a word meaning "snapshot" (English), for the first time this term was recorded in 1808 by the English athlete by the name of Andrew Hoker. He wrote in the diary that each bird shot by it this day was lost from "picture", that is – a fast, unplanned shot. The word "picture" was at that time used only as the hunting term. Is as examples when new value of the term was more global and perspective, taking minds of contemporaries, forming thereby communities of adherents. Objective signs of such phenomenon in the fine arts can be: carrying out thematic exhibition projects - both personal, and collective, the concept formulation with the subsequent publication in printing editions, authoritativeness of sources of printing editions. And also - the prolongation, being shown emergence of a number of thematic projects for several years, emergence of the similar projects which are carried out by other author or collective, not connected with the previous initiators, emergence of disputes and discussions on this subject.  Further, giving any facts, I will try to accent the moment on an opublikovannost of materials in the paper periodical press as only competently built chronology of these or those studied moments will be able to promote the objective analysis. I mean possibility of check of sources of information by "competently built chronology", by means of acquaintance with the dated publications.

         In the report I will state the way in an ornamentalism and my treatment of this term. This treatment is other value of the term "ornamentalism" as to me values of this term as are known: literary reception and way of an ukrashatelstvo in architecture and arts and crafts products. Term "ornamentalism" application in these areas is recorded by very few publications links on which are rather avariciously submitted on the Internet. Some of links are based on the paper publications, dated the earliest - 2003, for example: Source - Schmid of W. Narratologiya. - M.: Languages of Slavic culture, 2003. - page 263-267. Or: 2011, source: The English-Russian dictionary on sociology. 2011: "The term – an ornamentalism. Value - culture of decoration of various subjects, including architectural constructions, samples of applied art".

       On me to not checked sources (according to publications on the Internet), the term "ornamentalism" as was applied in 1977 the architect Robert Stern, defining approaches in modern architecture, it designated three his principles: kontekstualizm, allyuzianizm and ornamentalism (the source isn't known for me and respectively - it isn't checked).

      I will make a reservation that on the Internet I treat texts carefully as they have to be checked by publications in paper form. But, anyway, in these publications, the treatment of value of the term "ornamentalism" was reduced to one - "embellishment reception". The main thing – and what such "ornamentalism" didn't reveal? I can assume that such term as an ornamentalism could be used from the middle of the seventieth years (probably and earlier), but the published concepts (manifestos) on this subject wasn't found by me. Especially, this term wasn't applied in any way in relation to easel painting, till certain time (I will report about time of a release of the first publications opening a subject of "ornamentalism" in easel painting I a bit later).

      I will try to tell the story "registrations" of idea of "ornamentalism", the translation of its value from "esthetic whim" and "a technical delicacy" in new value, to be exact – new style which has the accurate concept and extends not only on the fine arts, but also on outlook and philosophy as a whole. As I on the specialization am an artist – the painter, more it will be a question of "ornamentalism" application in easel painting, with a statement published and recorded in the paper periodical press (newspapers, magazines) concepts.

      3 . My arrival to idea of an ornamentalism.

         Initially, as soon as I entered on a path of the fine arts, my aspiration was to create something not only the, but also new. In many respects it was caused by influence of teachers who else at children's art school, except teaching of elements of realistic painting, put in children aspiration to identity, an otlichnost from others. My teacher Valery Erikovich Cheryomin was such. At drawing lessons it showed us illustrations of pictures known (and not really) artists who differed own vision of the world. Among them were: Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Churlyonis, Lentulov, Kandinsky, Malevich. Our teacher set for pupils non-standard tasks, for example: draw the world, such as it is seen by a dragonfly, a cow or a dog, a bird. We already knew that each of these living beings has a peculiar vision of the world, differing special characteristics. Our school drawings were the first attempts on a way to identity. Valery Erikovich noted that in my pictorial works there are peculiar features, he spoke: "Lyosha, you write as Chinese, long and thin dabs".

    Then, in 1992, having arrived in the Ryazan art school, I plunged on a bit different Wednesday. The teaching structure on the first courses suppressed in us identity and my teacher of painting – Korsakov Victor Vasilyevich, seeing that I write in a manner, other than realistic painting, Akindinov spoke ", write at least one work for me as I want". Among students, opposite – there was an aspiration to be allocated with something original, and almost each of us looked for the manner of painting. Students were each other cruel teachers, without choosing expressions, frankly spoke to the fellow student about influence of this or that master. Someone imitated Renoir, someone to Vrubel, someone to Van Gogh. I imitated Salvador Dalí, being fascinated by his creative courage, integrity of light and shadows, originality of forms. But all our attempts were only attempts and in anything didn't pour out for the time being. In 1995 - 1996 there was a change, absolutely independently from each other, everyone on the, by the ornamental beginning in easel painting, some artists began to gravitate: Sergey Preobrazhensky, Tatyana Evstegneeva, Andrey Nazarov and I. But if at them these searches of new "form" weren't invested with a theoretical cover, me as "a lightning lit up". Those years, having studied Salvador Dalí's memoirs, I was we will gain idea of creation of new style. Dali wrote: "I predict the birth of new style, I already see how it opens the fine leaf of an okant …" ("The diary of one genius", 1964 of S. Dali)

    Creative race began. In my head the concept was born. I solved, - it is necessary to combine (to synthesize) realistic receptions of the image; observing linear and air prospects, laws of a treatment of light and shade and heat - coldness, with stratification on they are ornament images, having created effect of raying of reality through a pattern. I thought of it: "Oh, what wildness! ", and at me spirit captured from incomprehensibility of an embodiment and a presentiment of versatility of use of this method. Having shared the idea with the fellow student Sergey Preobrazhensky, having shown him the first pictures in this style, I received such comment: "Alexey, such can't be and shouldn't be, it isn't correct. It is impossible to layer an ornament on the volume of figures. It is necessary to turn into an ornament and contours of subjects, creating from the image only effect of the plane stylized mosaic". Tatyana Evstegneeva told: "Don't think of style, he will come …" and only Andrey Nazarov supported me, wanted even to write with me a joint picture.

     In 1996, on reporting viewing of student's works, in the Ryazan art school I showed some ornamental compositions executed by oil on a canvas. On viewing there were about ten teachers among whom was and invited - the National artist of Russia – Mikhail Abakumov. Except teachers, the hall was overflowed more than one hundred students. During demonstration of the pictures, I explained to teachers and students that I look for new style in art. The essence of my development consists in stratification on the real image of an ornament. The name of style is in search, and at that time I had three options: "Uzorizm", "Ornamentaizm" and "Ornamentalism" (I had no the idea of existence or not existence of similar terms, all three were thought up by me, it isn't dependent on that, there were they earlier or not). Teachers were surprised with such impudence and courage. Generally I heard approval words. Some even started giving at once advice as it is better to apply such method. For example, the teacher of painting – Kovalyov Alexander Mikhaylovich told: "In that case, it will be simpler to you to create in the beginning the ornamental invoice on a canvas, and then, over it to register a plot". The sculptor – Natalya Tyukina asked me: "Here it is interesting and how sculptures will look if to apply your method? " The national artist – Mikhail Abakumov took an interest at me how I came to this idea, it interested - under what circumstances it occurred (he meant: visions, dreams, voices). I had an impression that I talk to the psychologist and the researcher. Tatyana Vlasova criticized me a little, having stated the idea similar to idea of Sergey Preobrazhensky: "In your pictures, on bodies of people the ornament looks as a tattoo, it isn't esthetic. In a case with a human body you should look for more interesting courses of an ornamentation". My teacher – Korsakov Victor Vasilyevich was laconic and supported original undertaking, having told: "You set the supercomplex task for yourself. You after all should continue to study realistic painting in RHU and at the same time to perfect the style. Dare! " From this point I started working much on pictures, in the style of "ornamentalism" designated by me. After writing more than ten cloths, I understood - development of the similar direction is so rich and various that it can be compared to development of a kimberlitovy tube. I felt feeling that I collect a heap of diamonds, emeralds and semi-precious stones which rolled on the road, before not seen and not lifted by passersby in the bag. I hurried, and by 1998 I could hold the first personal exhibition in the Ryazan art school where showed the pictures executed in ornamentalism style (I chose for style this version of the term from three). From this point teachers that allowed me to participate in Regional exhibitions began to treat me more seriously. If to speak about the first publications by which features of ornamentalism style were recorded, they arose since 1998-1999 when I attracted attention mass media. I will make a reservation;  below I will give some first publications found me (probably, there were also others, at present - not found).  So, about features of an ornamental creative manner I for the first time read in newspapers:

           "The Ryazan Sheets", Wednesday, February 24, 1999, No. 41 (486), "A dream of the boy … about study and glory". The author — Elena Bannikova.

Quote: "The daylight in a picture as though materializes in the patterns scattered on all cloth. The abundance of flowers and the patterns, the ornament entered into images create, with words of one of spectators, impression that you look at works as if "through tulle", and are one of features of a creative manner of the young painter".

           "The independent Newspaper" (on September 25-27, 1999) Moscow.  "Awakening of Ryazan.  In the cities of Russia the Cultural Heroes of the XXI Century festival proceeds.  The author — Andrey Hripin.

Quote: "In the Museum of youth movement of an exposition of pictures were crossed with plastic performances and literary vigils. 22-year-old Alexey Akindinov's works are performed in equipment at once clinging an eye - the image ("Aphrodite and the garbage", for example) appears through a whimsical web of a lacy ornament."

           In February, 2000 the first thematic exhibition project (with the declared concept), devoted to an ornamentalism - "All a pattern" took place. (A personal exhibition in the Museum of history of a youth dvideniye in Ryazan). The material about an exhibition with the corresponding concept, was published in the Ryazanskiye Vedomosti newspaper (2000.02.24), No. 35 (774) of p. 4. Article "Alexey Akindinov's All Patterns". The author - Tatyana Bannikova.

The term "ornamentalism" in value as - the new direction (in particular in easel painting), is recorded by me from publications:

Newspaper "Youth environment", on November 14, No. 41 (143), p. 11. 2001 Ryazan. "All wood in rubies, in amber honey". The author — Maya Martolina.

Quote: "And a culmination point of the art exhibition "Fall — 2001" there was an acquaintance to the young artist – the innovator Alexey Akindinov. The author presented to spectators three mysterious pictures: "Sign", "Terniye", "Is Saint", to decipher which contents to the mere mortal not in power. However, as a result of conversation with the author it became known that the artist here with enthusiasm works the fifth year in the new direction of painting – an ornamentalism. Alexey's pictures are saturated with historical symbolics, the deep philosophical contents. In the creativity the artist often addresses to Old Slavic mythology. The artist A.Akindinov on – new sees the world - fine, wise, changed and … reconciled".

   After the «In total Pattern» exhibition, since the second half of 2000, in Ryazan a number of the thematic exhibition projects propagandizing and developing a subject of an ornamentalizm took place. Some of them: "Mesh image" (fall of 2000 gallery at Junior library), "OrnaMentalnost" (2006. The Ryazan drama theater), "Ornamentalism 2010" (Palitra Art salon gallery) ", under the flag of an ornamentalism" (2013. Museum of history of youth movement).

       Since 1999, I try to position through mass media an ornamentalism, as new style in art. From now on (on the today's moment) I left on this subject, which complete list I specify a number of publications in the appendix. Their about about two hundred, from which about fifty – All-Russian and around ten foreign. Since 2002 itself I dispatch by mail booklets with the creativity (color reproductions of pictures) and with the declared concept of an ornamentalism published earlier in the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper (the quote and a source are specified in the section "Ornamentalism Concept"). Addressees are: the museums, galleries, showrooms of Russia and the abroad (receipts on sending letters are still stored at me and fill with itself the whole suitcase). Gradually it leads to introduction of a subject of an ornamentalism and the address of attention to it from authoritative sources (the list is provided in the report end in the section "Authoritative Sources").

            Since 2006, the similar projects which participants aren't connected with a circle of the Ryazan ornamentalist start arising. So: in Moscow, the artist Elena Kovylina in 2006 carried out the exhibition project "Hidden Patterns" in room gallery "Cheryomushki". But here it should be noted that it was carried out after the All-Russian Culture television channel announced the Ryazan Ornamentalnost exhibition, having given the reference to my site where ornamentalism concepts were in detail stated. Thanks to the Internet, exchange of information became more available. I was engaged in search of adherents. So, I learned about the artist from Perm - Dmitry Zemlyanin (Zarubin Jr.) who designated the style as "A figurative and ideographic ornamentalism" (the dated publication in paper form isn't specified by the author). According to the Internet of the publication which has been laid out in a network, Dmitry started working in this direction since 2001. As I found works of the artist Rinat Voligamsi (Rinat Ismagilov) who embodied the ornamentalism concept in some pictures, but theoretically it didn't begin to designate. Approximately in 2007 in the Internet I found the artist Roman Krivosheyev or (Ramón Ramirez) who positioned itself as an ornamentalist. In it the provided texts on an ornamentalism it used some fragments of my interviews (places it is paraphrased, and somewhere so-called, but without indication of my authorship). Among the modern foreign artists gravitating to an ornamentalism, I can enter such names as: Jason Krause (USA), Suyeon Na (Korea), Sagaki Keith (Japan).

       Since second decade of the XXI century, I noted the avalanche hobby for an ornamentalism subject, emergence round it of discussions, disputes and some nervousness.  I would tell that the atmosphere of an ornamentalism began to be electrified.

       Using "language of physicists" - there was a chain nuclear reaction when "the idea soaring in air", attracted to each other adherents, having broken thereby a barrier of "the critical weight".

Thanks to scale of the International collective exhibition "Ornamentalism Terra Incognita" which has brought together about forty participants from the different countries, it became clearly visible that an ornamentalizm it "not a technical delicacy or esthetic whim, and a polnoprvny current in the modern fine arts" (as someone from journalists wrote a few years ago).

4 . ORNAMENTALISM'S CONCEPT. Chronology of publications.

   Exhibition projects carried out by me by itself pushed to the description of the concept of "ornamentalism" as the audience (both professionals, and inhabitants) had interest to this direction and respectively many questions.

The first recorded (published) phrases reflecting the concept of "ornamentalism" were:

The Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper in Ryazan. On March 14-21, p. 11. No. 11 (217), 2002 of. "Alexey Akindinov's patterns", the Author — Lyubov Suskina.

Quote:" In school there was an art style inherent only in it which the artist characterizes as an ornamentalism... "Our world, - Alexey considers, is the world of electromagnetic waves. Wave no other than pattern. It penetrates all spaces, being invariable essence of any phenomenon". The pattern for it is a symbol of space, infinity. It embodies idea of a pattern in painting, layering it on the real subjects represented on a cloth - on a certain plot, a landscape or a portrait. Through a prism of decorative patterns Alexey looks at the world. So it seems to it more convex, stereoscopic. Over time patterns became thinner, more intricate. Alexey Akindinov is in the power of the world of patterns. Even in a transformer sound where the electricity flows, he feels a rigid, prickly geometrical pattern. "Earlier, when I didn't know language of symbols, - the artist admits, - I all the same applied it intuitively. Then, having deciphered the pictures, I was surprised to penetration of sense of patterns into a picture subject."


       Since 2003, in a number of paper publications the concept of "ornamentalism" reveals more fully:

«Ryazanskiye Vedomosti» newspaper, on March 27, 2003 No. 56-57 (1565-1566).

«Ryazanskiye Zori» newspaper, on September 3, 2003 No. 65 (11165). Galina Ivanova's article "It" turned eyes pupils in soul". (Galina Ivanova: the specialist in museum management, the specialist of the literary museum, yeseninoved, the research associate managing scientific and exposition department of the State memorial estate of S. A. Yesenin from 1976 to 1996, the writer, the journalist. )

         Quote: "As Alexey Akindinov, signs, symbols admitted his pictures — it the words said in a prayer. He is convinced that the pattern bears in itself any unknown force, gives a much bigger associative impulse, than a spot or color … Him call an ornamentalist. His pictures perceive as organic merge of traditional classical and vanguard painting, an ornamentalism and realism. The twiddle of his letter bears in itself force passing into the invoice of a picture, in uniform color. Stratification on the real image of a decor creates movement, feeling of air space".

... "The artist Alexey Akindinov works in absolutely new direction of painting which itself defines as an ornamentalism"..."The concept of my painting reflects essence of our world. The world is penetrated by electromagnetic waves. (Waves no other than pattern, ornament). They get everywhere: in faces of houses, in faces of people, plants — I transfer them to a canvas. Everyone can see these patterns, it is enough look at the sky and long look in its depth. Any ornament has the semantic code, as if the code of the key opening knowledge of the world. My studying of a twiddle led me to that treasured door behind which the new secret is. Pattern and ornament basis — this division of the most parts on smaller and respectively addition from smaller in big. Infinite plurality.  My idea denies existence of indivisible elementary particles. There is a framework — the scheme of the directions: inside — in a microcosm and out of — in a macrocosmos. Metagalaxies consist of galaxies, a galaxy — of star systems, those is from stars and planets, a planet — from molecules, a molecule from atoms, etc. (neutrons, protons, quarks). We — people with the life and life — it only a link in an infinite chain of continuity. Plurality — it as reflection of one mirror in the friend, giving feeling of a close corridor. There is an infinite number of ours "I" and exists at the same time. Time doesn't exist, only the consciousness moves a small droplet on infinite number of different opportunities. It as a long tape with film frames, at all a tape, and cells or honeycombs. The consciousness soul moves on these cells. Its movement, obviously, submits to any laws, probably, to ornamental channels. The present — where there is your unit of consciousness. Only it — that elementary and indivisible particle which doesn't allow the whole world to go crazy. The ornamental channel — is some kind of personal code of each unit soul. Usually it call destiny: movement of consciousness on those, instead of other cells. Having in hands different keys, it is possible to open some doors. It is necessary to know only, where they. Death of soul — unit loss. Exception of movement on cells — lack of a key" — so the artist defines an essence of the vision of the world and an essence of the manner of the letter."

     ... "When I look at Alexey Akindinov's pictures, to the memory involuntarily recur Sergey Yesenin's words from "Maria's Keys" (the poetic treatise, 1918): "The ornament — is music. Ranks of its lines in the most wonderful and very thin distributions are similar to a melody of any one eternal song before a universe. Its images and figures any one continuous church service living at any o'clock and on any place … The very first and main branch of our art since we started themselves remembering, was and there is an ornament".

          Science and Religion No. 6(2003) magazine, 2 p. of a cover (color. silt. ) p. 39 — the article "Pattern of Sacred Signs" (circulation of 20000 copies) ISSN 0130-7045, Moscow. The author — Alexey Akindinov.

Quote: "I perceive all our world "in language" patterns. The pattern for me is a means of communication; I feel it even in a smell and in a sound.

For example, the sound of an organ music for me is connected with a strict geometrical ornament; color its deep, not striking – brown-greenish. Once you hear a flute, in imagination there is the cheerful vegetable pattern painted in colors white, yellow, bright green, - as wild flowers.

         Catching a smell of good spirits, I represent a flower pattern – bright, beautiful combinations of shades. But if spirits have heavy aroma, and "patten" associations negative. For example, one my acquaintance bought very expensive perfume and, rejoicing to this circumstance, decided to show them to me. And I thus saw at once gray-pink color and it became covered by the pattern reminding fish scales …

There is also a feedback. When I see carpets, wall-paper or simply any pattern, I hear music of this carpet, a sweater or walls, I feel their "perfume". The decor on a dress can smell as a jasmine, or pepper and a coriander, or sea mollusks. And to all this the banal smell of naphthalene – because is often added that things hung in clothes where poisoned mol: there is an imposing of smells associative on real "naphthalenic spirit" which, however, in turn creates own unique pattern of silvery and gold color in my imagination. In a form reminding wings of a moth …

I am convinced that all sense organs have ornamental structure. Isn't an exception and the "sixth" feeling – intuition which the mysterious signs informs us that was, is and will be.

       Having seen my pictures, the art critic Anton Uspensky told: "It is some kind of restoration yet not created masterpiece. The masterpiece isn't created yet, and it already restore". Interesting record was left in my visitors' book by the daughter of the known Russian artist Mikhail Abakumov: "The pattern in your pictures is a projection of plans of last eras to the present and even dullness". But one, not signed response appeared the most beautiful: "A pattern as the key makes sense; here if to learn the law of a carpet …"

     The law of a carpet isn't known even by me. Though I can read many signs and symbols. Sometimes goosebumps go on a body when I see how people apply this or that sign as a decor, without knowing its sense. And after all quite often hit the nail! For example, going by a building site, I saw a repeating bas-relief sign on a concrete fence. It designated a four-pointed star. This sign is deciphered by me, as danger which can cause bad consequences. Behind this fence built a skyscraper so the prevention was useful.

And to our readers I want to present a sign of an eight-pointed star mentally; it bears in herself a kind charge and foretells something very good …"

          «Ryazan Business Magazine» magazine, February 2006, No. 3(18), p. 106-107. ISBN 460-1-35700-019-2 "Akindinov's figured dreams". The author - Mikhail Kunitsyn.

Quote: "On the first catalog of works of Akindinov the last two figures in date of birth incidentally traded places. On these this now to the artist there has to be only the ninth year. But this mistake isn't casual: then Alexey came to the unique graphic style which he called an ornamentalizm.

           - It was hard to grope the style. I perceived for a long time reality as imposing of various waves and patterns but how to express it in paints, didn't know. Once I dreamed about the man drinking from a mug with a convex pattern, then the pattern extended on the person, flowed on a figure of the person, boldly filled a background with fluid interlacings, - Alexey remembers.

Still when Vachovski's brothers took away each other the first movie camera, Alexey felt surrounding, as Neo in the enlightenment: eternally fluid patterns from a set of signs. On a canvas – the relief layer consisting of a convex pattern, covered an ornament from signs and symbols, figures of people and the objects, besides weaved of patterns, and all this fancifully intertwined among themselves, bewitching the viewer. Ornamentalism lets know at the same time the whole world, - the artist" smiles.


5 . Ornamentalism in easel painting. The publication with disclosure of this subject.

«Arts council» magazine. No. 2(66)2009, p. 25-29. Moscow. ISSN 1816-0212; ISBN 977-1-81602-177-0 (00209), (circulation of 10000 copies) Article "Birth of live patterns. How to be original without being beyond traditional character". Heading "Master class". The author — Alexey Akindinov.

         Quote: "I understood that in my case, applying a pattern in easel painting, there was a transition of value of an ornament from the decorative (embellishing) plane in the integral, equal element of realistic space which accompanies and "joins" the subject line of work. It is some kind of "evolution" of the pattern which has grown from the applied value, for the further growth and maturing in new quality. It follows from this that the field for processing methods of oil painting extends, but in that - time will be a question of painting of easel character, a basis of which oil technology, have to be kept in the base...

        Applying an ornament in realistic painting, I approached to several ways of its embodiment. Sometimes the ornament is interwoven into my works already at a development stage of the first sketch. Sometimes, the first ornament starts appearing on a canvas, together with drawing of a plot put on it. Sometimes, some independent layers of painting bearing in different plastic forms which already then I definitely "pull out" for a look of the viewer are created. And sometimes the ornament appears in the latest, finishing part of work on a picture. Such variety speaks both experimenting, and desire more versatily to apply it in easel compositions, it gives feeling of life in creative search... The ornament choice for a picture too isn't casual. It is possible to reflect sense of a picture not only by means of the subject line, but also by means of sign and ornamental structures. It is desirable that – different interpretations in a plot and an ornament weren't. It is one of the professionalism indicators, relating to such painting... When drawing a small ornament, I consider a form, volume and character of subjects. Through what - that time all surface of a canvas turns out interweaved by a small whimsical pattern. Sometimes for achievement of the smallest ornament, even I apply metal feathers. I dip them in paint of the necessary color and calligraphical I take out the thinnest threads of ornaments..."

    6 . Some authoritative sources which have paid attention to "ornamentalism", and supported it as the new direction in the modern art.


The all-Russian State TV channel "Kultura" (Russia To).  Z@gruzka broadcast.  November 30, 2006.

Quote: "10 years to an ornamentalism – the direction in art which was thought up by the artist Alexey Akindinov were executed, to this date at the Ryazan regional drama theater the Ornamentalnost exhibition opened. Alexey with adherents consider that the world is a most difficult ornament which needs to be understood, or at least to draw. It is possible to estimate world ornaments on a site "akindinov.com".

Link: http://old.tvkultura.ru/news.html? id=131668

         Oksana Yermolaeva-Vdovenko (art critic, curator of exhibitions of modern painting, journalist). The Russian Gallery XXI Century magazine (Moscow), No. 8-9/2009, p. 50-52 (color illustrations), circulation is 5000 copies of ISSN 2075-0986, the heading "Winners". "Alexey Akindinov. Nomination "Genre Painting".

Quote: "Alexey Akindinov developed the, unique manner of the letter which defined as an ornamentalism. From the moment of writing of his first pictures in this style, passed fifteen years. During this time Alexey had to pass a hard way of formation of, as outstanding creative person. It overcame as resistance from colleagues who didn't understand in the beginning and didn't accept its creative searches, and difficulties in searches of new style".

        Alexander I. Rozhin (art critic, Academician, full member of presidium of the Russian academy of Arts, editor-in-chief of the Tretyakov gallery magazine). Article "Ornamental reality. In a texture of live patterns". Arts council magazine (Moscow), No. 3(61), 2008 of, p. 48-49. (color. silt. ) ISSN 1816-0212; ISBN 977-1-81602-177-0 (00308) (circulation of 20000 copies)

       Quote: "The young painter Alexey Akindinov developed a special manner of the letter which itself I defined as "ornamentalism", offered the system of philosophical treatment of art motives. The works created by it synthetic unite various cultural traditions and schools of sciences. It builds comprehensive picturesquely – plastic combinations of the diverse graphic elements making figurative fabric of its works.

     Akindinov enters ornaments and the patterns having something in common with the Persian arabesques, signs and the symbols filling it of a picture with coded sense, causing ambiguous associations into picturesque structure... At Alexey Akindinov the ornament penetrates all visible field of a picture... Alexey goes further, he makes synthesizing: applying an ornament in easel painting, layering ornamental structures of a certain color on ornaments of complementary colors, creates feeling of awe of air space. There is a wonderful birth, transformation of rigid, graphic ornaments on picturesque Wednesday... Alexey creates ornamental, general "fabric" of a picture, and is transparent covers with it all plot and foreseeable space represented, subjects without losing recognition, get the ornamental invoice or structure... Alexey Akindinov tries not to split and destroy a form represented, and on the contrary to synthesize and alloy it.  It is visible from aspiration of the young master to keep proportions, to show a uniform light source (display of light, shadows, penumbras and patches of light), air and linear prospects.

Besides heritage of the principles and bases of masters of last eras, Alexey Akindinov created new, the creativity designated a fresh side in development of the modern fine arts. In his pictures the space not only carries away the audience in the represented plot as in realistic painting, and isn't one plane - as in a decorative panel, but such effect is created that represented as if soars before the canvas plane, creating holographic effect... Reality and ornamentalnost combination, "alloyage" of diverse elements in uniform fabric of work, creation of the general state of nature in a picture - here the main distinctive feature of our author defining figurative dramatic art, poetics and philosophy of the author. His pictures it is ornamental reality, life of patterns... Signs of the nature and civilization signs, signs of human soul and signs of the supersensual superhuman world intertwine in Alexey's creativity, creating the unique sinesteziyny pattern. "Our world is the world of electromagnetic waves. Wave no other than pattern. It penetrates all spaces, being invariable essence of any phenomenon. Earlier, without knowing language of symbols, I all the same applied it intuitively. Then, having comprehended its bases and having deciphered the works, I was surprised with coincidence of sense of patterns to a picture subject. " - Alexey Akindinov shares a find..."

   Grazhina Bobilevich (Professor of institute of Slavic philology of the Polish academy of Sciences, art critic, literary critic). Article "To history the eseninskikh of portraits: Sergey Yesenin in the image of the artist Alexey Akindinov (experience of preliminary interpretation)".

It is published - the Modern Eseninovedeniye magazine. Ryazan. 2013 . No. 25. P. 3 - 18. (9 illustrations, including 7 color and two b/w photos).

The report text for the first time is read on September 27, 2012, at Institute of the world literature of name A.M. Gorky, the Russian Academy of Sciences, within the International scientific conference "Sergey Yesenin and Russian History" devoted to the 117th anniversary since the birth of S. A. Yesenin and Year of the Russian history.

           Quote: "Akindinov – the author of the new direction of painting, calls the style, a letter manner, vision of the world and philosophy as "ornamentalism". It is known that Yesenin from the teoretiko-esthetic point of view and poetic practice emphasizes primordiality of an ornament and its leading role in hierarchy of arts. Accenting its "filosofichnost", an originality "the Russian spirit and an eye", the poet plans and enriches ways of original development of domestic art. Speaking about rituality, "music" and "architecture" of an ornament, the poet considers that it – "the very first and main branch in art".

Links: http://esenin.ru/zhivopis/akindinov-a-p/bobilevich-grazhina-k-istorii-eseninskich-portretov.html

The list of participants and a subject of reports on IMLI site of A.M. Gorky (Russian Academy of Sciences): http://www.imli.ru/nauka/conference/rusist.php

     7 . Alexey Akindinov. The list of publications on a subject - an ornametalism.

(annex to the report).



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