The book "Art of Russia", release No. 13 (2014), the Moscow publishing house "M. Skanrus" was published. Annual album on the fine arts of modern Russia.

iskusstvo-rossii-2014-14Book "Art of Russia". Release No. 13, 2014 of. The volume of the book is 352 p. Color illustrations. Reproductions of pictures of Alexey Akindinov - p. 20-27 (color illustrations); p. 341 – the text (curriculum vitae). Annual catalog reference book. M-Skanrus publishing house, International art fund. Moscow. Circulation is 5000 copies of ISBN 978-5-91966-011-8

        In an album Alexey Akindinov's pictorial works are published: "Expectation. Portrait of the wife – Elena", "Freezing" (p. 20), "Terniye. Presentiment on September 11, 2001" (p. 21), "Northern night", "Frost" (p. 22), "Clone" (p. 23), "A still life with a peach", "the Ripple. It is devoted to the brother – to Alexander" (p. 24), "Labyrinth" (p. 25), "Lenin in January. Lenin and children" (p. 26), "Vivat-Vita! Long live – life! " (p. 27).

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