Magazine Modern house and office. “MH&O”. May – June 2014. Ryazan, Russia.

Article "Small France". P. 6; 40 – 43 (color. silt. ) Photo of a wall list "Paris", its look in an interior, the artist – Alexey Akindinov (p. 6; 41). The designer – Evgenia Vlasova about the project of an interior (p. 40-43). The general circulation of the magazine is 70 thousand copies, in Ryazan - 5000 copies.

Small France.

       French riviera of France of the house? Quite really. The designer Evgenia Vlasova proves it the project cast by passion to Europe, charm of Paris and boundless love to Nice and Monte-Carlo.

Drawing room – kitchen.

       The first that made, having started working with this zone – united a drawing room with a hall, a dining room and kitchen. The preference was given to light flowers and shades: white, cream, beige, light gray. It allowed to increase visually space and to make the central zone of the apartment spacious and hospitable.

      The apartment is located on the eighth floor, from a window the fine look opens. The feeling of a scope is postponed for the central wall in a drawing room by means of a list. The classics introduces ease and refinement in an interior. The light kitchen furniture elegantly supplements a situation, and from a drawing room the spacious hall – a hall is looked through. On a ceiling the stained-glass window executed in equipment "tiffani" with a vegetable ornament, on a wall a big mirror in a carved wooden frame. These elements create the solemnity atmosphere at an entrance to the apartment.

Our expert – Evgenia Vlasova, the designer -

       - Having studied all wishes and visions of future house, we came to a conclusion that the apartment has to be light and very convenient that every day after the unlucky working day customers could take pleasure and sincerely have a rest in the comfort and heat atmosphere.

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         The impressions which have remained from vacation were taken as a basis, spent in Europe.

          In operating time over new object, I often cooperate with artists, restorers, sculptors. Their works introduce unique elements in the project. This apartment didn't become an exception. The panorama on a wall in the dining room, executed by the artist Alexey Akindinov, transfers us to autumn France. The so-called effect of presence is created: having made a coffee cup with a croissant, it is possible to take pleasure in a beautiful view of Paris. Filenchaty white doors are developed by me specially for this project and custom-made.

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         I will reveal to you small secret: prior to the beginning of the project customers weren't in France. Having inspired by our "French" dining room, they visited Paris and fell in love with it forever.

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