USA, OK., TULSA - "Curtain's Up Rusiian Past & Present." Oct. 20 - Nov. 19, 2005 "Tulsa Performing
katalog-tulsa22nd and 3rd pages of the booklet. On the left page authors: Mikhail Shemyakin, Alexey Akindinov, Lyudmila Dunaev. The text about Alexey Akindinov (nearby a picture illyustrantsiya - "Geriki"): - "Aleksei Akindinov. The youngest member of the Regional Union of Artists of Russia, Akindinov was born in the town of Ryazan in 1977. From 1993 to 1998, he was a student of the pedagogical department on painting at the Ryazan Art College. As a student he defined his own style of painting as ornamentalism or post-avant gard.He believes that the world is made up of electromagnetic waves, and that a wave is nothing but pattern. Pattern for him is a symbol of cosmos and infinity. It is said that his paintings look like carpet."
1st (cover) and 4th pages of the booklet. 
Text of the 1st page (cover):: "Curtain's Up Russian Art Past & Present. Okt.20 - Now. 19, 2005. Tulsa Performing Arts Center Gallery. Thanks to Ms. Virginia Kinzey of the Mimi Ferzt Gallery in New York City for lending the works of Mihail Chemiakin with the assistance of Dr. Frank Letcher, and to Ms. Roslana Andriyanova for curating the works of the nine other artists, to Mr. David P.Sharp for underwriting that portion of the exhibition, and to Royce Myers Art for framing some of the works."