Germany, Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Newspaper - "Mittwoch", 6. April 2005. Nummer 79 Rms 7 Munster Fevilleton "Eine Blume ist Eine Blume." Kunst aus Rjazan beim RP Lukas Speckmann.Mittwoch-Lukas Speckmann
Article and illustrations: in the top part - Akindinov's picture, below - a group photo of participants of an exhibition (at the left - to the right): Armen Saakian, Vasily Ivanovich Koldin (the director of the Ryazan art school), Alexander Trukhin (the member of the Union of artists of Russia), Andrey Strusevich (the member of the Union of artists of Russia) - against Alexey's pictures - "Vera", "First" (Yury Gagarin's portrait), "Tractor operator" (a portrait of the father), "Is sacred", "City", "Triumph" - in the exhibition Center of Muenster.