The book "Russian Art", 2012 was published, "Moscow Media Group's" Moscow publishing house. Russia - USA.
Volume of the book of 802 p. Color illustrations. Gilded cover. In the book works of such known masters of the fine arts, as are placed: Dmitry Zhilinsky, Tair Salakhov, Zurab Tsereteli, Nikas Safronov. In the book as Alexey Akindinov's works are located: «The birth of the Titan», «Ice knights», "Manhattan", "No" - color illustrations of p. 282-283, p. 656 – the text and a black-and-white photo. Annual edition. УДК 73/76 (=161.1); ББK 85.103 (2). ISBN 978-5-9901648-6-4. Moscow. Business center "Plaz's Omega". Leninskaya Sloboda St. 19.
Book "The Russian Art", 2012
Information on a site of National Cultural Fund "Naslediye" with assistance of  “Moscow Media Group”>>>
 «The next book of publishing house of "Moscow Media Group" «Russian Art» is some kind of chronicle of the Russian graphic creativity. The names of authors presented within the project, are entered in nice history of development of domestic culture. Each new release of the edition is a contribution to priceless historical and cultural heritage of Russia (painting, graphics, a sculpture, Decoratively applied art, Religious art, a photo Art.)
  The book is dated for a memorial of the 200 anniversary of the Fort Ross. The national reserve in the northwest of the State of California, the former Russian settlement and a fortress on the American earth, - an invaluable monument of historical heritage of Russia. The fort Ross is the unique center of the Russian culture which annually visits 150 000 people.
 The project is unique in cultural space of Russia. This year it attracted attention of the top officials of the state. In the edition the address of the Prime minister of the Russian Federation of V. V. Putin to participants of the project, and the project "Images of a family in the Russian art" takes place (a component of "The Russian art") received blessing of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.
 «The Russian Art» is a project which united on the pages of known Russian masters, including the national and deserved artists of the Russian Federation, full members and member-correspondents of the Russian Academy of Arts and the International Academy of Creativity. Edition 2012г. contains works of masters of Russia and the USA, and information is presented in Russian and English languages.
  «The Russian Art» is printed on modern printing production of the highest class. The new technology of the press which well recommended itself earlier is applied. The book of 2012 is issued in the French jacket, firm cover with use of additional elements of printing design that does it by a fine gift both for judges of art, and for general public.
   The edition «Russian Art» arrives in the largest libraries of the country (including in libraries of museums), extends in bookshops, in Internet shops, on address mailing which is carried out to representatives of the Russian business and political elite. In 2012 expansion of a network of distribution of the edition is planned.»
Alexey Akindinov in Business Tsenre "Plaz's Omega". Moscow, Leninskaya Sloboda St. 19. With the book "Russian Art", 2012г. On a turn of the book of an illustration of its works. Office of the company of publishing house of "Moscow Media Group".
Book cover "The Russian Art", 2012
Gilded end face of the book "Russian Art", 2012
Illustrations of pictures of Alexey Akindinov: «Birth of the Titan», «Ice knights» (at the left), "Manhattan", "No". P. 282-283.
P. 282 - Alexey Akindinov's pictures: «Birth of the Titan» (from above) and «Ice knights».
P. 283 - Alexey Akindinov's pictures: "Manhattan" (from above) and "No".