"Why should a person dreams?" Article Alexey Akindinov, Bayukansky Valentine's book "Messages from the Looking-Glass."
"Literary Newspaper» - № 44 (6391) (07/11/2012)

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"Why should a person dreams?" 

        "This issue has been trying to answer many famous philosophers of antiquity, authoritative scholars and clerics. But all their theories do not satisfy the journalist and writer Valentin Bayukansky, who wrote the book "Messages from the Looking Glass", voiced on the pages of their own judgment on the matter. And he did it not for his own vanity, but because the mystery of sleep actually contains important information for all of humanity. No wonder the famous French Somnology XX century Michel Jouvet said: "Who will open the mystery of sleep, he knows the secrets of the brain."
       "News from the Looking Glass" - a dreamlike thoughts of the author and multicolored palette hidden secrets of many creative people, endowed with an enviable charisma. Valentin Bayukansky gracefully and naturally is shaped fabric and dramatic stories of sleeping people whose work is connected with the work, because it is their most deeply reveals the fullness of dreams. Among the dreamers are not only friends of the journalist - the original artist of many countries, whose paintings are also represented in the book, but also national and international celebrities. Here and Russian poet of the Silver Age - Anna Akhmatova, Zinaida Gippius, Marina Tsvetaeva, and writers - Alexei Remizov, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Bret Harte, and directors and without which we can not imagine a contemporary film: Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini , Luis Buñuel and Akira Kurosawa.
      Real confession representatives of creative professions ably supplemented by scientific theories of scientists and clerics thoughts and unique anthology of dreams from ancient times to the present day, which sets out the interesting and little-known historical facts, shows the relationship of humanity to dreams in different epochs. The author organizes and builds algorithms and features of the incomprehensible misty dreamland. And after reading the book, they lose their ephemeral nature and apparent meaninglessness. The world of "Wonderland" becomes a full member of our existence, so - and the reality of, and philosophical and religious perspective on the nature of dreams, beyond our earthly representations, does not seem fantastic.
     Speaking of unusual dreams and visions, Bayukansky up their qualifications. There are dreams serials, recurring, prophetic, prophetic, synchronous and even ... "running ahead" warning of the emergence of diseases.
     It seemed that before reading this book, we know almost everything about dreams - and got - nothing. Perhaps that is why you catch yourself thinking, the author was interested in gaining unusual facts, and we are curious to read about them. It should be noted that the author himself is a gifted dreamer, who generously shares with readers their innermost dreams, as he cute all dreamers, for whom predvospominaniya and presentiment - it everyday.

Alexey Akindinov "