Valentin Bayukansky's book "Walks in back streets". BBK 88.6 B34. Lipetsk - 2013 324P. Book cover – Alexey Akindinov's pictures "Carefully, the Moon! ", "Gagarin's Breakfast", "Aurora". P. 11-34: articles about Alexey Akindinov "I recovered past messages", "It is toxic – means unusually". Color tab – Alexey Akindinov's pictures "Innocent person", "Ripple", "the Birth of the Titan".

Valentin Bayukansky's book "Walks in back streets". Lipetsk - 2013 324с. Book cover – Alexey Akindinov's pictures "Carefully, the Moon! ", "Gagarin's Breakfast".

"The world is penetrated by electromagnetic waves.
They no other than pattern, ornament.
I transfer them to a canvas...  " -
Alexey Akindinov, artist,
ancestor of an ornamentalizm.

The ancestor of an ornamentalizm, the winner of the National award in the field of the modern fine arts of Russia "The Russian gallery – the XXI century" the Ryazan artist Alexey Akindinov – the person to whom, in my opinion, representatives of science need to pay close attention. He lives on unknown us to laws: sees and feels that is inaccessible to another. The world for it is lit up by flickering impulses of all philosophical flowers and shades.
Its Universe is occupied by infinite symbols and signs which incessantly change the arrangement, creating the next incomprehensible pattern in a huge kaleidoscope of Life.

That our materialistic idea of the world is fragmentary, for it is an axiom. And the associative thinking, pronounced in own creativity, Akindinov creates the unusual pictures parables recovering messages received by it from the past and the future.
progulky-v-zakoulky-2  progulky-v-zakoulky-3  progulky-v-zakoulky-4
The poet and the polyglot Willie Melnikov (today in his asset 104 languages), having incidentally seen Akindinov's picture "Spoilt child", were read in an ornament and cloth patterns by the text in languages kokhau-rongo-rongo, ikshiy, uavnifa and tlackotekl.
     Akindinov also didn't hear about such adverbs, and Willie explained this phenomenon with an unconscious channeling: pier, Alexey punched the communication channel (chennel in English) in a noosphere and "swings" in the pictures from "the World Library", that without knowing.
     Alexey's soul, moving through the infinite worlds of the Universe, tries to discover there figured examples of Incredible harmony. However and here, on Earth, the artist sincerely admires beauty of world around, rejoices to various manifestations of life. Akindinov imprints the experiences in pictures, diligently drawing in detail ornaments and patterns of own revelations. For many years the artist conducts records, in which as if the overseas spy, fixes to a taynopisye important data. As if the telegraph operator, briefly mints offers that saw and that struck most of all. The written-down impressions then, at an opportunity, become a basis of future compositions and pictures.
progulky-v-zakoulky-5  progulky-v-zakoulky-6  progulky-v-zakoulky-7
"Summer.  It is a lot of sky.  It is a lot of light, it is a lot of air.  The juicy foliage of the birch, which greens plays with a wind a blind-man's-buff.  The yard, on which bright green grass.  Linen ropes are tense as a bowstring.  We under the sun.  We are children, we run under linen ropes in a green grass.  The dark boy shouts:  "Gerika-Gerlikaerika, Asia, America!  " And in the big sky it is spacious the temple is erected.  It it is far from us, and it is seen only by me".
When Alexey became an artist, on the basis of these boyish memoirs there was a picture "Gerika-Gerlikaerika". However, on a canvas already there is no grass, ropes, children. There was a main thing: the wonderful temple, been to the boy in the bright sky – figured and unusual.
One more written-down impression:
"Winter on the suburb of the night city.
There trees dismiss beards.
The boy walks on emeralds.
Snowflakes turning weaving plays.
The ski track is laid to stars and the moon.
The young geologist collects a crystal".

Perhaps, Alexey Akindinov's this winter thoughts swing also weaved on a canvas surprising decorative work "The hunter of month.   Dmitry Kuvayev's portrait".  
It is filled with deep philosophical meaning and radiates the secret ciphered by patterns of the star sky, the lunar path turned into a ski track of the Collector of crystals.   Mystery of the events is emphasized also by beards of trees against huge wheels snowflakes. [1]   
 progulky-v-zakoulky-8 progulky-v-zakoulky-9 progulky-v-zakoulky-10
        Probably, Akindinov wanted to tell to the audience something important, conducted only to him to one. And that is concrete, he precisely won't tell. After all creativity is a magic of reason. While the creative soul is visited by a muse, she becomes the demiurge creator of own world prompted by it from the outside. And the artist is more interesting, the more often he is visited by the similar inspiration which is giving rise to the real works.
        The special place in Alexey Akindinov's creativity is taken by the picture "Birth of the Titan". In it numerous symbols – the riddles defining a further career of the painter are hidden. And on how many more stoutly he will be able to understand this fatal charade which itself involuntarily I recovered, that its art will be more interesting and more considerable. This difficult ornamental message to future generations and at the same time starting reference point for Alexey Akindinov.
        "The birth of the Titan" - how many sense is put in this name! Having created work, the artist conferred on himself titanic responsibility: I decided to fill with vivifying juice of mythical thinking decorative style – an ornamentalizm. I wanted to return it initially mysterious symbolism of patterns, having painted with bright flowers a pervozdannost going from ancestors.
       "The birth of the Titan" - the real well for fans of puzzles who will be able to practice in forming of logical constructions. Not without reason in this picture the artist represented some thousands of symbols. Like Ancient Egyptian chroniclers Akindinov scrupulously wrote down information which his subconsciousness obligingly invested with various symbols and pictograms on a canvas. Each pattern of this bright philosophical gobelin differs from another and bears in itself semantic loading. This ornamental charade can be examined long. So happens when with concentration you consider cracks on plaster or clouds in the sky. You are adjusted – and there is any volume image: something disappears, and something, on the contrary, is shown, gets accurate outlines of various persons, figures and animals.
   And the more you peer, the more distinct you see these images.  Akindinov's cloth at the same time reminds both multilayered сграффито, and the most difficult figured enamel, and multi-colored lace.
   Here that Alexey told me about this picture:
   - "I wrote a picture within two years and represented on it about 25000 various symbols. In spite of the fact that a plot simple, the semantic symbolics of the ciphered patterns is saturated with information. In these patterns there is even a history of the 35th U.S. President – J. F. Kennedy which biography I then studied. The ornament symbolics in a picture created special associative language in my memory. And at a view of this site of a picture (in the left top part where the sky and clouds) I remember the material studied by me. When the picture was written and exposed at a regional exhibition, the artist Maksimilyan Presnyakov, having seen "the Birth of the Titan", pointed to this place on a cloth and told: "Alexey, you need to show this picture to the linguist and the polyglot Willie Melnikov – he surely in these signs will read something". Passed four years, and in 2007 of Millers arrived to Ryazan.
     "The birth of the Titan" was one of the first pictures which to it managed to be "deciphered". Willie told me that the top left corner of a picture contains texts in classic languages of Indians of North America where their story is told and future events are mentioned, up to our time.
       However other moments in a picture for me are still a riddle. Someone counted quantity of tags and spoke about special sense of this number, someone even felt in the picture "fourth measurement". Some audience came in special glasses in a special way to look at my ornamental painting. They assured that the picture comes to life, and patterns on it as if soar before a canvas surface, creating effect of new measurement …"
       Alexey seeks to make out something special in all that him surrounds. Especially in a firmament which since the childhood excited it imagination.
    Once Alexey sent me the message that it at last managed to record strange object which that observed within a year already several times in the sky.  This shining sphere periodically appears over the southern part of Ryazan, flies by on a loop-shaped trajectory and leaves for the horizon.  When Alexey sent me video, I not so much was surprised to mysterious object (itself I saw two times similar), how many to how Akindinov reacted to its emergence.  Watching heavenly object, he enthusiastically exclaimed:
   – All this is tremendous! To whom to tell – won't believe! I here now remove on video: the huge orange sphere flies – it constantly here flies, and on an unclear trajectory. It is tremendous! It is simple a miracle! This miracle to me managed to be photographed! Once a month I precisely see it is is tremendous!
progulky-v-zakoulky-11 progulky-v-zakoulky-12 progulky-v-zakoulky-13 progulky-v-zakoulky-14 progulky-v-zakoulky-15
    It is simple a miracle! This miracle to me managed to be photographed! Once a month I precisely see it is is tremendous!
    In Akindinov's pictures – not only bright colors and patterns, in them his imaginations and dream.     Psychologists say that dreams is not leaving from reality, and means to come nearer to it.     Besides our imaginations help to understand better than:     who we and that in this life we stand are.     After all those who is able to dream and dream, often reach in life of good results.     My father, for example, often advises:     "Aspire to top.     And even if you won't reach it, all the same you will rise up.     And if not to do it, and you will remain below".   
   Alexey's aspiration to the bigger allows to move ahead. It is recognized by colleagues, about it report mass media, it had own admirers.
    Recently at Alexey Akindinov the new personal exhibition which was called "Under the flag of an ornamentalizm" opened. The artist set up own bright orange-blue flag of the art current thought up by it in a hall. On its panel from multi-colored patterns the symbolical snowflake – a key to secrets and understanding of otherworldly reality shone. Making comments on exhibition opening, the TV reporter Elena Arkhipetskaya told: "Once at it laughed and twisted at a temple, and he created own style in art and followed it with maniacal persistence. Nearly twenty years of independent art flight, proving that the world consists of electromagnetic waves, which no other than a pattern".
   Alexey as the real creative person, considers that the main opening at it still ahead:
  – And the more I move ahead, the not more known and more mysteriously joyful expectation itself I don't know that, perhaps – opening new. Weigh in an anticipation I.
progulky-v-zakoulky-16 progulky-v-zakoulky-17 progulky-v-zakoulky-18 progulky-v-zakoulky-19 progulky-v-zakoulky-20
  More fully to understand the creative atmosphere in which this unusual person stays, I offer readers some fragments from its diary.
  In the summer from huge windows the bright sun shone, on a floor played spots of sunlight, they ran on intricate patterns of a carpet. On window sills there were pots with a geranium. If a few to shake it, it started smelling strongly and in air dust reminding a gold gas scarf was kicked up. The uncle with the aunt brought from Sochi many eucalyptus branches, and me as a gift – blue вертолетик. They told me that eucalyptuses – very high trees, are much higher than our poplars. I thought: "After all a poplar such huge, even above roofs of nine-storey buildings. What then eucalyptuses? " I looked on вертолетик and I represented as long it to fly up to reach their tops. It will be pleasant to it to fly among lace of fragrant branches.
   Among my toys there was also plastic Buratino. Mother told: "It is better not to buy these toys. They say that plastic is very toxic". It was interesting to me to learn that the nose means "toxically", and therefore I отгрыз Buratinke. I felt a peculiar taste and a smell of this plastic. I liked it. Toxically – means unusually …
   Gradually the interior replaced an exterior. I spent in the yard already more time. We ran on a green lawn with the sister. Outside the fresh linen hung. It was shined with a bright sun. As if white clouds, shone. The grass very strongly smelled, especially if to crush it. I remembered mother's "toxically".
By the way, I don't know why but after that bright literary and energetically loaded description of a geranium, this flower is perceived now by me in a different way. Visually the plant smell as once after the story of the Ukrainian artist Ekaterina Goncharova I imagined a water-melon smell recovered. And petals of flowers gained any saturated and volume color, in consciousness the gold pollen so poetically described by Alexey began to arise. Now I on a window sill have a royal geranium, looking on which I often I remember the artist Akindinov.
progulky-v-zakoulky-21 progulky-v-zakoulky-22 progulky-v-zakoulky-23 progulky-v-zakoulky-24 progulky-v-zakoulky-25
    In the childhood my great-grandmother told me and my sister any horror stories. Probably, it affected my mentality. After all the childhood for me – time of constant fear.
    I remember how often I was ill. I lay in a bed and I looked at a carpet pattern. In the light of a dim night lamp coal mountains and lamps giraffes seemed to me.
    In one of evenings when all already went to bed, I lay in a bed and on a habit looked at a carpet. Gradually I started distinguishing on it a brightening spot. It was the size no more a palm. Passed some minutes, and I didn't need to peer any more – it shone. In the middle I saw Jesus Christ. But I for some reason felt fear. I jumped from a bed, I turned on the light and I woke all.
    When parents woke up, I approached to a carpet and began to touch that place where saw a shining spot, fingers. There was nothing. I was strongly frightened and demanded that immediately curtailed a carpet and threw out it on a garbage can. Further for some reason I don't remember. I was then about five years old.
     In other evening when parents wasn't at home and I already prepared for a dream in the room, turned on the lamp, left for some minutes somewhere and when entered back, that, having looked at a wall, stood in catalepsy. From a wall at me watched the person. It was a beautiful woman's face, – as I thought, – fairies. Again it caused in my soul only fear. I called the grandfather and, having shown on a wall, told: "You see there it? " It: "Isn't present. Whom? " I explained that there a face of the fairy. The grandfather long jumped about a wall, drove hands on wall-paper, trying to prove that the fairy isn't present. But she continued to look at me. Therefore to sleep I didn't go to the room.
progulky-v-zakoulky-26 progulky-v-zakoulky-27 progulky-v-zakoulky-28 progulky-v-zakoulky-29 progulky-v-zakoulky-30
   This ring really was to me some years in a row, in the same day, in the same place.
    In the childhood I with children liked to ride from an ice slope. Once, having rolled down on a sledge and having been absorbed in snow, I saw a big black ring. It reminded the signet executed from a strange dark stone. This bagatelle for some reason was warm though around it was cold. On its forward party strange drawing – the symbol consisting of white points was put. Where this ring got to then, I don't remember. But I remember absolutely precisely that emergence of this strange ring repeated some years, for some reason only during winter vacation. I also remembered that once the pattern on its forward part was not white, as usual, and a greenish shade.
    Later I realized that this find was an omen – an embodiment of my style in art – an ornamentalizm. It is convinced: all sense organs have ornamental structure. Isn't an exception and the sixth sense – intuition which the mysterious signs informs us that was that is and that will be.
    Not without reason Alexey speaks about intuition.  It at it is well developed.  Probably, he is able to catch information vibrations with which our world is saturated.  Otherwise how to explain the prophetic dreams visiting Akindinov.
progulky-v-zakoulky-31 progulky-v-zakoulky-32 progulky-v-zakoulky-33 progulky-v-zakoulky-34 progulky-v-zakoulky-35
    I stand on the earth. Atmosphere of fall. Sky peach and lead. In the distance the skyscraper of an interesting architectural form, reminds a trapeze. I look at it, and it starts me "hesitating". Curtains the windows from top to down yellow pergament paper. As being untwisted rollers of rolls. I think: if it was curtained by paper – means, it now will blow off a wind. There is a wind, everything is stronger and stronger, the house starts being shaken. Now it is not trapezoid form, but a usual rectangular skyscraper. It is fitted by paper. The wind is so strong that the house loses balance and starts falling: it is bulky and is heavy. I am afraid as I stand near the same house: and suddenly and it will fall? I try to run, but the wind as if beat me to a place. People run. I look at ruins of the fallen house. They look as a garbage dump. It is necessary to run. For us look, how on theatrical action.
    Here I will bring the small comment.  This dream can be considered prophetic as the event described by Akindinov is a prototype prediction of tragic events on September 11, 2001 in the USA.  Alexey had this vision shortly before the occurred tragedy.  It creatively "quoted" that will occur in New York on Manhattan!  Let's pay attention to some details.  "…  Atmosphere of fall.  Sky peach and lead.  In the distance there is a skyscraper".    Real events occurred in the fall.
    "…  Curtains the windows from top to down yellow pergament paper.  As being untwisted rollers of rolls" – such description is similar to the falling moment when there "were" twin towers.
    "… Usual rectangular skyscraper. It is fitted by paper. The wind is so strong that the house loses balance and starts falling: it is bulky and is heavy. I am afraid as I stand near the same house …" – here Akindinov saw that it is two houses – twin towers.
    "  People run.  I look at ruins of the fallen house.  They look as a garbage dump.  It is necessary to run.  For us look how for theatrical action" – it is valid, this tragedy was broadcast in a direct air for the whole world.
   There was it at the beginning of my ornamentalizm, at the very end of the twentieth century. I then worked some years in style of the ornamentalizm, carried away by a magic attraction of the mysterious world of patterns and symbols. Pictures then didn't buy and very few people understood patterns in which I ciphered reality. I was poor and worked at plant of accounting cars in an art studio of Yury Krivonosov.
   It liked my pictures, and he told me: "Lesh, here to you a brush, paints, canvases – write that you want, and I will try it to sell then, I will help you to earn by your creativity".
   The road went on plant through a heathland, and was stolen by a freakish medyanka on a gray-haired back of the monster – an old air-raid shelter further.  Due to the lack of money it was necessary to go for work on foot.  I then had old boots full of holes in which the grass constantly jammed.  On a railway crossing, before a plant checkpoint, I took out from them a grass and got the admission from a pocket.  Having passed a check point, long I went on labyrinths of corridors and ladders to the case where the workshop settled down.  Corridors were long – almost disappeared in the distance, being dissolved in fog and a dust of the thrown plant.
   Together with me in Krivonosov's workshop some more artists worked.
   The orientalist and the writer Igor Sitnikov – the mysterious personality possessing perfect knowledge of the Chinese and Japanese languages was one of them. He often spoke these languages, and it seemed, we are at the Chinese factory. At night the reality in general was dissolved. In the dreams I saw that I go down stream of the eternal river consisting of patterns of the past and the future. I for some reason ate the strange petals floating down the river, felt pleasant dizziness and started seeing the unusual images weaved from signs and ornaments.
   One of similar dreams was so bright, tangible that I managed to remember strange signs, their combination and sequence in details. Having woken up, I sketched the seen hieroglyphs on piece of paper. One of the first thoughts was to bring and show "letters" to Igor Sitnikov, suddenly he will be able to read something.[2] I showed drawings. It with enthusiasm considered mysterious signs and told: "It is ancient Japanese hieroglyphs". In some days Igor made transfer and told that the inscription designates the following: "Meeting on March 11th with baskets for mushrooms". His and his wife Tatyana was amused very much by that circumstance that the mushroom crop needs to be expected on March 11. Then I am every year with humour and some caution met this date. Anything special didn't occur … till March 11, 2011. The world this day learned about accident on the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1". Only 11 years later the strange prediction came true, and it became clear that mushrooms are an image of explosion of reactors (a nuclear mushroom), and Japanese hieroglyphs are an indication of the country where there will be a state of emergency. Well and, certainly, date on March 11 [3], – day when there were some meetings of interested persons, from the owner of station – the TEPCO company and to the government of Japan, developed this day the special directive on a case of complication of a situation.
    In the night of February 12 very unusual dream dreamed me – I often feel what of dreams can be prophetic. So was and this time. Dream fragment: I approach to a window of the workshop, I see a strange thing – far, almost at the horizon, from the earth a wide column the dark fog similar to a water tornado rises. When it reached clouds, I heard the strange click reminding the burst nut. At the very same time from clouds in the form of a bubble the hemisphere separated rainbows shining and being poured by all flowers. It came nearer to the horizon, and at that moment many in our yard paid attention to such unusual phenomenon and briskly discussed the events – that it can be? When the hemisphere concerned the horizon, silently burst and was scattered by nacreous drops sparks. I at that moment thought: whether I will manage to reach a table and to grab the camera to imprint the events, or me to remain on a place and to watch all ends. I stood and looked at the pinkish shine which has remained from the burst sphere.
     And in some moments I saw a big tornado which flexibly and inevitably spread in our party. I heard from the yard shouts – the gapers admiring the bewitching natural phenomenon, in horror ran up who where. Having remained on a place, I decided to watch all an end, I thought: glasses in my windows plastic (ten years ago hooligans threw stones in my windows, it was necessary to put in them plexiglas), they won't break. I looked at ominously coming nearer heavenly column which falteringly moved on an unpredictable trajectory. Here it and at a window. At this moment of glass trembled and were bent, as lenses of points. I not only heard strong explosion, but also all over felt blow. The sound was so powerful that to me stuffed up ears. Eardrums rang out, and in a moment the head laid over, as if pillows. Besides me lifted and twirled a top. I wasn't frightened – opposite, this feeling of zero gravity was pleasant: when unknown force lifts and twists on the invisible roundabouts, it impresses. Having woken up, I told about unusual vision to the relatives and acquaintances.
    This day I planned exhibition opening at our Ryazan school No. 72, and I was afraid that there can be something. But everything was normal: my picture "Vivat Vita! " that in translation from Latin means "Long live life! ", got in the school museum gallery on a constant exposition. On a banquet I shared the seen dream with many.
    On February 15 I heard by radio about meteorite falling in South Ural. A bit later acquaintances to whom I told about the dream began to call me, speaking: "And the dream was prophetic!"

[1] - The artist often uses in the works of a snowflake and perceives them as a certain magic key for penetration into the otherworldly worlds. Structure of snowflakes for Akindinov are special pictograms to secrets of Life.
[2] - Alexey also couldn't assume that eight years later, at the end of 2007, he will meet the known polyglot – Willie Melnikov who will read many texts in classic languages and the adverbs, subconsciously ciphered in ornaments of his pictures.
[3] - It is interesting that in Alexey Akindinov's prophetical dreams the eleventh is accurately traced: it on September 11 – "A dream about falling houses", on March 11 – "Fukushima-1", on February 11 – the Chelyabinsk meteorite."