Book "100 known residents of Ryazan". Ryazan. 2013. Article "Alexey Akindinov: "I always doubt everything". The author – Olga Zazdravnykh.

       P. 8-10. Tsv/ch-B. silt. It is prepared on the materials published in the newspaper "the House. System" on November 11, 2009. Circulation is 500 copies. Under D. A. Abrakov, G. V. Gavrilova's edition. News agency and information. 2013 . – 312p. BBK 63.3 (2ros-4ryaz). With 81. ISBN 978-5-91255-135-2.
Alexey Akindinov: "I always doubt everything". The author of article - Olga Zazdravnykh.

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     In 2005 one of his pictures – "Geriki" – got on the Curtain's Up exhibition.  Russian Art Past & Present ("The curtain is lifted.  The Russian art – the past and the present"), the known Russian sculptor Mikhail Shemyakin was one of which organizers.  So it happened, but the picture "Geriki" in which Assumption Cathedral of the Ryazan Kremlin is represented, became a symbol of Russia in America.  With its forty-thousand circulation printed on an Intermission magazine cover.
The portrait of Vladimir Putin executed by it is considered one of the most original and successful.
    "Unprepared something can seem to the person silly, but actually everything is thought over to the smallest details, and each person painter will see beautiful color combinations, or drawing, a form, idea. And my pictures can be read even from the linguist. It happened to Willie Melnikov who in different languages read my pictures", – Alexey Akindinov speaks. Except creation of pictures in the style of an ornamentalizm thought up by it, the guest of the heading "Non-working Mood" sometimes is engaged in a wall-painting which are presented in interiors of some Ryazan restaurants, shops, travel companies.
Get acquainted – Alexey Petrovich Akindinov, one of the most demanded Ryazan artists.
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The artist since 5 years.
- Alexey when you understood what you want to be the artist? 
– Probably, years from five. My first works became the copy from Polenov's picture "Moscow court yard" and Yesenin's portrait. In 5 years I wrote them oil on a canvas. Certainly, it more were children's drawings.
– And your parents are somehow connected with painting?
– No. My father as a machine operator, the person of work. Mother – the commodity researcher, but, so it turned out, I in the childhood often was ill, and she sat with me. In me I put all heart and soul.
         And here my grandfather was an artist. In the 1941st year he attributed to itself(himself) excess year and left on the front. Near Stalingrad it was wounded, I came back home.
         In the fifties it arrived from the village, arrived in the Ryazan art school, but the hostel wasn't, and it left back. And in 10 years, after arrival to Ryazan, the grandfather studied at Vladimir Aleksandrovich Ivanov (the member of the Union of artists of the Russian Federation, the honored worker of arts of Russia, the director of the Ryazan state regional art museum of I. P. Pozhalostin – to an editor's note).
         The grandfather had a lot of literature on art and when mother bore me, watched albums of artists, and thanks to it when I started studying history of the arts, some pictures seemed the familiar.
         How many myself I remember, the grandfather spoke about artists much, drew, he had machines for production of stretchers – he was both the carpenter, and the joiner, and the artist. And it to me somehow imparted to me love to painting.
         And then the teacher at school – Irina Petrovna Baukova – recommended that I was admitted to art to school. I arrived. At school the teacher Valery Erikovich Cheryomin noted that I have a special painting. "You write as the Chinese, long mazochka", – he told.
So it developed that my works put forward on different competitions, them marked out.  Here, in showroom of the Union of artists, in 1989 there was the first exhibition, it was called "I draw the world" in which the picture "Pierrot" was exposed.  So my creative experience began from 12 years.
        Then in 1995, I already studied in art school, there was the first youth exhibition.
        In three years at a regional exhibition my two pictures were presented: "A dream of the boy about the yards" and "Northern night".
      - The grandfather estimated your creativity?
    –  Yes.  The grandfather was the adherent of realistic painting.  When he saw that I started writing pictures in special style, he told:  "I such yet didn't see earlier.  It something interesting".
About advantage of feedback
    – Alexey, for the artist it is important to gain recognition?
    – Yes. Reaction and the word is important.
         My recognition began with the picture "Astrologer" in school.  Victor Korsakov, my teacher, told that in this work is valid, there is a magic, magic, in it energy is felt.  After that I began creative lifting.
              Reaction of people to work is necessary for the artist.
              Yes, there are periods when there is a wish not to talk and write year with anybody, and is valid, it isn't necessary for any reaction. But then it should be received. The artist hangs up a picture, and he even silently feels this reaction: in it the energy stream arrives – as though any channel is formed.
              My recognition as artist began with the picture "Dream of the Boy about the Yards" after in 1999 it was exposed in Moscow, in the Arena, at the All-Russian exhibition "Russia 9" representing the best works of the XX century.
              Since 1999 I began to participate in the All-Russian exhibitions regularly. And after the third my teacher Tatyana Petrovna Vlasova speaks: "And what you don't enter into Alliance? You have the right".
              And when I filed documents, I had already the fifth All-Russian exhibition.
           – What gives the accession to the Union of artists of Russia?
           – As I already spoke, to each artist recognition is very important, and the Union of artists is very powerful equivalent of this recognition. Because you feel part of the organization: the general exhibitions, the general meetings, in addition – there are more than opportunities. Communicating with customers, buyers when you say that you in the Union of artists of Russia – for them it is very prestigious.
            But to enter into our alliance very difficult. Such tortures were – to remember awfully. At me it turned out to enter into Alliance only from the second time after for me Mikhail Konstantinovich Shelkovenko (the honored artist of Russia, the Honourable citizen of Ryazan, the member of heraldic committee at the Russian President, the consultant of the Ryazan regional heraldic commission – an editor's note) said the word: look, speaks, its works, the boy has an interesting creativity, original!
         – Usually such professions as the artist, the actor aren't perceived by many seriously, here the too many depends on a case. Parents supported your choice?
         – Yes, my parents, especially mother, believed in me. With 1998 on 2002 – in an initial stage of creativity – I yet didn't earn money, but thanks to parents I had an opportunity to be engaged in creativity.
           During this time I wrote many pictures, participated in different exhibitions. And then there was a name, and there was money: sales, orders, including on monumental lists. And after that I began to provide parents, now in a family I am a supporter. I justified, it is possible to tell, their hopes.
           The megalomania is obligatory.
            –  Talking to you, the impression is made that you very self-assured person, but sometimes slips a certain share of suspiciousness …
             – Uncertainty is most often connected with our Russian line, after all you will quite often hear ordinary expression: don't think, don't anticipate, it is a bad sign. Actually inside I very sure and at me am always an iridescent spirit. I try to get rid of such stereotypes that it is impossible to speak about success, about the plans.
             Moreover, in any moments there is a feeling of megalomania. But it everything in norm, nobody suffers from it. I am sure that if the artist has no high self-conceit, there are no some elements of megalomania, self-confidence, he won't be able to take out that huge freight which bears on itself, he will cease to write.
             But I always doubt everything, even the style. Until we doubt something, we are people... Here double moment: has to doubt, but keep enthusiasm.
          The artist has to write every day?
          – Personally I have days when I don't write, and it afflicts me because I don't receive that power which gives creativity. But it is caused by current affairs, need to be engaged in art and management activity. If I am not engaged in it, I will have no money even on food, not to mention purchase of materials – and it is the considerable item of expenditure.
          Alexey, at your pictures there are symbols, messages. They appear unconsciously or nevertheless is intended?
          – In 95% of cases there is an element of the unconscious. At first there is an image, it takes shape, the pattern generally itself asks, and already only then, after picture end it gives in to the analysis and interpretation.
            Symbols which are present at my pictures, I started studying somewhere from 2000th year. In some, most often custom-made pictures, it is free or involuntarily you reflect on them. For example, to one girl I made the ciphered message: in symbols I wished it both travel, and fertility, and a tsarstvennost. After that she married and its child was born. That is it is possible to influence destiny of the person whom you represent. Generally all changes happen to the best.
           Many ask that it for so unclear names: "Gerika-Gerlikaerika", "Komidoniya", "Alerika-Gerik", "Geriki", "Yuring-Dzhay, Yurang-Dzhang", and I say that it just the pattern verbal, can at once and unclear...
           At me everything in unity was born: both image, and sound, and word. And I sometimes played something both the guitar, and a bayan which to me the grandfather left though I have no music education, and all this appeared together, and the prose appeared the interesting … All these words – a peculiar pattern, and even Willie Melnikov (the pictorialist, the linguist-political scientist, the schedule, the poet, the applied mathematician, the research associate of Institute of virology, the historian in the field of architecture – an editor's note) deciphered to me some these names. Unfortunately, I almost remembered nothing.
           New York waits.
         – What for you it is important in communication with people?
         – That me didn't try to manipulate that appreciated such what I am and didn't try to use me in anything …
           I understand that from it anywhere you won't get to, but after all there is a wish that in you saw talent. So you think: "I am talent! " (laughs). There is a wish that with you simply communicated.
        – There are any certain qualities which you appreciate in the woman?
         I appreciate when the woman is wise, clever, patient, capable to keep a family. That is it isn't bought on modern TV advertizing which in general destroys the concept "family".
         To us impose artificial ideals which at many girls created a position:  the husband isn't necessary to me, the rich lover is necessary to me.
         Why I so like orthodox and Muslim families: in them any truth is initially put is strong families, where the main thing – the birth of children, patience, joint life. At Muslims polygamy – I against it is, however, allowed.
         Certainly, to know a way and to pass it is not same, but the main universal values are important, and they are put in 10 precepts. And that bullshit us programs which destroy universal values, will turn back that our gene pool will sustain essential losses.
         Certainly, strong personalities they always remain strong, but I feel sorry for those who weak.
     –  Of what now you dream? 
       I had a dream – to be exposed in America.  And, I think, it will be carried out.  Literally the other day me invited to New York.  From December 30 to January 17 my pictures will be exposed in NEW YORK REALISM gallery.  It is very perspective.
     And until recently I learned that on December 29 in Moscow in Central House of Artists the World alliance "Mirotvorets" will hand over me an honourable award "Talent and calling".

It is published in No. 44 of the weekly "the House. System" (of 11.11.2009)