Newspaper «Hometown» №43 (340), Tuesday, 28.10.2014. P. 12 (color. illustrations) the Article «Picture with Nuclear Energy», about Alexey Akindinov's picture «Chernobyl. Last day of Pripyat». The author – Marina Samoylova. Ryazan, Russia.

rodnoi-gorod-28-10-2014 On Wednesday, October 22, at the Exhibition Hall of the Ryazan branch of the Union of Artists of Russia opened the regional art exhibition "Autumn 2014". One of the most impressive cloths at an exhibition – a new picture of Alexey Akindinov "Chernobyl. Last day of Pripyat". It is devoted to events of 1986 – the Chernobyl accident.
The painting is executed in yellow and brown colors. It covers just three of the plot. A woman holding a baby symbolizes life in Pripyat before the explosion. Fire hoses - the moment of the explosion. And the exhausted miners – later period. The picture is made approximately of hundred thousand small ornaments.

rodnoi-gorod-28-10-2014-2 - This is not a commercial project, and the impulse of the soul. I wanted to sing not yet sung feat - said Alexey. - In addition, the picture carries a social message. This is a kind reminder of the Chernobyl accident, which nowadays is gradually disappearing from the memory of mankind. The danger of a nuclear explosion there, and I thought to raise this issue now - would be superfluous.
Alexey Akindinov worked on the painting for two years. During this time, he had time to study the data archives, talk with witnesses and relatives of liquidators - feel the atmosphere. Portraits of most of the characters are fictional, but to create a central image Alexei posed to each artist policewoman Andrei Mironov.

rodnoi-gorod-28-10-2014-1 Andrey has no relation to liquidators, but he is the hero of the Chechen war, – the artist noted.
Subject of nuclear energy – not only an idea embodiment, but also an interesting plot for Alexey as for the artist-ornamentalist. On the cloths it transmitted electricity, music, smells, color through an ornament. At last, I decided to imprint nuclear energy by means of the original equipment. In a picture she is given not only symbols of radiation, but also individual and author's undercover signs. The sense of an ornament is sometimes not clear even to the artist. Familiar semiotics, linguists, orientalists help to decipher.
The most difficult, according to the artist, was to sustain moral tension.
– The subject extends all forces, you are literally bloodless. And at me honor ornaments and fine details in each work. It doesn't create tension, and on the contrary brings pleasure, – the artist shared.
The author is sure that will sell nobody the creation. According to him, very seldom there are individuals or customers ready to buy cloths on such heavy subject. In the next month it will be as a part of an exposition «Autumn 2014» in Ryazan. In plans of the artist – to expose her in Moscow. In the future Alexey would like to present a picture to the national museum «Chernobyl» in Kiev.
Marina Samoylova.
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