The book "The Art of Russia 2015" Issue №14. Annual Business Directory. Publisher "Creativity", Moscow.

Circulation 5000 copies., 352 pp. The publication of pictures of Alexey Akindinov pp. 14 - 19 (color illustrations), pp. 340 - curriculum vitae. Author and curator of the project E. P. Lavrenenko, Editor A. I. Rozhin. ISBN 978-5-91340-021-5.

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Annual Business Directory «The Art of Russia» was published until 2014 the publishing house "M. SkanRus. "Since 2014, this publisher has changed its name and became known as the "Creativity".

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   Publisher "Creativity" offers you the fourteenth edition of the annual Business Directory "Art of Russia", which presents the work of artists of Russia in the sections: painting, sculpture, graphic arts, decorative arts, art photography. The publication contains the necessary information about each artist, the prices of works of art, based on many years of experience in commercial sales.

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   Business Directory is updated at the end of each of the following year and helps professionals and amateurs of contemporary art focus on the art market in Russia.

The publication serves as a reliable guide, which allows to present an objective picture of contemporary artistic life. Being by far the most complete and illustrative information on volume reference book, "The Art of Russia" are always in demand in our country and abroad.

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