Book "And Again Walks in Back Streets" (book the second). ББК 86.42; Б 33. The author – Bayukansky V.A. Lipetsk, Russia. 2014. – 324 pages: color illustrations. Cover design - A.Akindinov - fragments of pictures "Carefully, the Moon!" and "Gagarin's Breakfast". Color tab - A. Akindinov's picture "Chernobyl. Last day of Pripyat." "I dropped out of reality" - p. 118-123 – Alexey Akindinov's story "Saw tortures of people and talked to cats."

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I already remembered that to some heroes of the book "Walks in Back Streets" for last year after its exit there were new improbable incidents. It confirms also a case with the psychic Valery Pupin who "failed" in time, and not less strange story with the artist-ornamentalist Alexey Akindinov who managed "to jump out" of our reality. Probably, the similar will happen to such unusual people still more than once. To be convinced of correctness of my words, I suggest to study Alexey Akindinov's letter, the surprising artist who could create the reality weaved from ornaments. He has unusual dreams, studies the stellar sky and tries to inform to people fragments of the invisible world appearing at it from time to time. Here that Alexey told me.

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Recently the destiny tested me for durability: there were household problems yes in addition serially the house ached. That "to reduce multi-day stress", I decided to drink Vodka. However it didn't bring the expected effect. I continued to think feverishly how to overcome the pulled hard troubles, tried to take some active actions, but, probably being under a press of problems, received a nervous breakdown and … for couple of days "dropped out" of reality.

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The first day I went as sleepy, it seemed to me that time is continuously slowed down. It in hundreds of times became more slowly than my personal time. I looked at the watch, thinking that passed in the afternoon, and arrows on the dial moved only for about five minutes. And these two days extended for me in weeks. For the second day time stopped!  Shooters stood and … went in the opposite direction. To be more exact, I began "to hear" a future echo. It were echoes of events: images, words, actions. As the plane flies quicker than a wind, and I advanced time. I felt temporary jumps with an interval some minutes. It seemed to me that I already saw these events: I drank water from a glass, I spoke with cats Timur and Philip, I called the friend. But it appeared that these events occur just now. Then I saw future pictures. i vnov progulki v zakoulki 2 9Also there was such feeling that they for me are written already down on a life film, and other people - perforation meters didn't waste second yet. Then at all the strange – something like reproduction, as in reflection of the mirrors put one opposite to another started occurring. I ceased to realize myself as the integral personality, me became much, is uncountable. That I was one, another, the third, and it seemed that all this already was and is looked through not since the beginning, and since the end of life.

In the evening of the second day there were an alarm, fear, visions of scenes of a hell. Before me images of an underworld appeared. Disgusting spiders – thick, with short and sharp pads were one of them. These black vile beings gnawed through my hands from within and got out outside, then again, again and again and so endlessly. Later I saw the suffering people. And these pictures quickly and unceasingly flashed, replacing one another: the crushed skulls, the following brains creeping worms of a gut. Darkness, blood, dirt. Some infernal roundabout.

i vnov progulki v zakoulki 2 10After such a strong stress I was restored three days. If we talk about the pictures of the future, at the time they seemed to me very specific: the words, dates, events. However, as my recovery, they like someone wiped from memory, making it clear that I looked to where not told.

It seems to me like a vision arose partly due to the fact that I recently finished painting dedicated to the Chernobyl accident. Work on this sort of thing leaves a negative trace. Wittingly or unwittingly comes in direct contact with the energy that fills the art work. I was so, when he wrote the film "Dance of Death" by order of the Novosibirsk Museum of World Culture funeral ... I was once again convinced: the artist as creator, concentrating his thoughts, creates images that at some point come to life and have influence not only on the audience, but also to itself.


In the words of Alexei hardly be doubted. Akindinov has a special ability to feel all sorts of energy permeating the universe surrounding people and the impact on their mental health. With his spiritual receptivity, an extraordinary sensibility and an innate desire to respond to the signals of the universe, you know that working on such a gloomy picture of how the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Alexey Akindinov could not maintain the normal state of mind. Especially that the artist carefully prepared for the creation of the work, talked with the liquidators of the accident, viewed pictures and documentaries that period, within six months make a detailed pencil sketch for the painting, specifying the details of the plot. To understand how daunting task set himself Alexey Akindinov, suffice it to say that on the canvas the artist depicted a hundred of thousands of small ornaments!

i vnov progulki v zakoulki 2 11In this titanic effort the artist decided to celebrate those who are sacrificing their own lives, saved from radiation plague millions of people, and to recall the terrible danger deadly "patterns of radioactive Chernobyl".

It has been repeatedly noted, if the work emanates from the horror and grief, the viewer has the appropriate response - depression and sadness. If the work is flooded with sunlight, filled with clean air and its plot stirs the memory of happy moments, the viewer wants to live, thank God and the nature of the joyful exultation of the soul.i vnov progulki v zakoulki 2 12

Hopefully, unique ornamentalist Alexey Akindinov still delight us with paintings, woven patterns of the rainbow filled with the sounds of pacifying the soul, and, therefore, he will acquire tranquility needed for his refined soul.