«Ryazan Sheet» newspaper. No. 67(4861) of 17.04.2015. Heading "Week look of experts." Russia.
Alexey Akindinov,

ryazanskiye vedomosti 17 04 2015 1                   – This week I received the letter from Warsaw from Grażyna Bobilewicz – professor of Institute of Slavic philology of the Polish academy of Sciences, the art critic and the literary critic. She reported that on April 18 at the Warsaw institute of researches of world art (Polish Institute of World Art Studies) she will read the new scientific work about the Russian ornamentalism on the example of my painting. Earlier this direction existed only in the form of various exhibition projects which I periodically organized about twenty years, but it wasn't investigated at the scientific level yet. Now it occurred, and for me it is pleasant.ryazanskiye vedomosti 17 04 2015 2

                      I know that recently the results of the All-Russian competition of the science-fiction projects "New Vehicle" were summed up. Pleases that the resident of Ryazan – the first-year student of Kasimovsky technical school of a water transport Maxim Nazarkin became one of winners. It took the second place, having submitted the "Catamaran on Solar Batteries" project. It is a good news.
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