The "Ryazan Sheets" newspaper, No. 77 (4871) of May 01, 2015. Russia. The article "Patterns on the canvas. Ornamentalism, who coined the artist Alexey Akindinov, received recognition in the scientific European level. "Author - Veronica Shelyakina. Page 24 color illustrations. Category "Vernissage".

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              Ornamentalism, who coined the artist Alexey Akindinov, received recognition in the scientific European level.

             In the mid-90s of the last century, many students of the Ryazan Art School named after G. Wagner sought to find in the works of their own style. Of course, that very few people succeed. Junior Alexey Akindinov also set itself the task, maybe a little bold - to create a new style of painting.
             Member of the Union of Artists of Russia Alexey Akindinov was born in 1977 in Ryazan. He studied at the Art School for Children №1, then graduated from the Ryazan Art School named after G. Wagner in "Painting". Alexey - a participant of regional, national and international exhibitions, the winner of the National Award in the field of contemporary fine arts in Russia "Russian Gallery XXI Century", the Ministry of Culture scholarship.
          - For the time being, I, like other students imitated the work of famous masters of painting. But in 1995 there was a turning point. Perhaps influenced by the work on the restoration of the frescoes of the church of Boris and Gleb and church mourners in Ryazan, - says Alexey.
         – By the ornamental beginning in works some students of my course, including I came at once. Sergey Preobrazhensky and Tatyana Evstegneeva for an embodiment of idea didn't have enough, probably, aggressiveness, time and desire "to issue" new vision of the world. Sergei then focused on making money and design work, and Tanya, unfortunately, died in 1999. There was I one. I and emptiness which needed to be filled.
          Alexey came up with three alternatives for the title style: ornamentaizm, uzorizm and ornamentalism. Then the last one the artist preferred to others. He took the first "blows of criticism", since the display at the Ryazan Art School and ending with participation in regional exhibitions.  ryazanskiye vedomosti 01.05.2015 1         

         – Victor V. Korsakov was my teacher. It with understanding treated my searches in creativity. When after summer vacation in 1996 I brought in school the first works in style of an ornamentalism, Victor Korsakov told: "Dare!", – Alexey Akindinov remembers.

           In the future, the artist had a few years to stumble on a lack of understanding on the part of influential artists. But thanks to the perseverance and hard work by Alexey such direction as ornamentalism was adopted in art and supported by professionals.
           Approaching its twentieth anniversary, ornamentalism overcomes a new round - the recognition in the scientific European level. April 18, 2015, professor at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, an art historian and literary critic Grazyna Bobilewicz submitted its report at the Warsaw Institute of art studies (Polish Institute of World Art Studies) on the topic "The Russian ornamentalism on the example of Alexey Akindinov's painting."             

          - After two decades of creative approval and establishment I still feel as if I was there, in 1996, and still only beginning to be discovered and to approve and pleasant anxiety still excites my heart - says Alexey Akindinov.

Veronika SHELYAKINA, Ryazan, Russia. Author's photo.
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