The “SHOP & GO” magazine, Ryazan, Russia. No. 8(42), August, 2015, circulation is 8000 copies of P. 64, color illustrations. Article about Alexey Akindinov's creativity "Intricate patterns."

shop and go 2015 1"At my place in a drawing room the picture hangs", - today you will surprise nobody with this phrase. And how into the account of interpretation of painting in the XXI century and pictures in style of ornamentalism? They can be seen in private collections of presidents of the abroad, eminent designers of Europe, and also in houses of the Russian actors. shop and go 2015 4                  

               The unique style literally weaved from patterns was born in Ryazan. The local artist and the founder of the direction Alexey Akindinov says that an essence of his works in stratification of a pattern on world around. It seems, it something far and inaccessible, however many residents of Ryazan already caught the portrait or native to heart a landscape.  

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shop and go 2015 2Childhood memories of Alexey Akindinov are weaved from various images: details of a house interior, winter New Year's patterns. Lace of foliage and smell of spring blossoming always made strong impression on the artist, and today he with pleasure shares art with and go 2015 3

The signature to an illustration: "Yesenin and Isadora", 80,5х110,5 cm, canvas, oil, 2010. In a plot: Sergey Yesenin and Isadora Duncan, in the lower part – women in national Ryazan suits. The picture belongs to the director – to Mark Zakharov.