The newspaper "Ryazan Sheets" No. 99(5140), of June 7, 2016, the article "On the Small Homeland", the author – Olga Anisimova, the fourth page. On a personal exhibition of A. Akindinov in Zakharovo, Ryazan region, Russian Federation.

ryazanskiye vedomosti zaharovo 07 06 2016 1On the small homeland

In Zakharovsky museum of local lore the personal exhibition of the member of the Union of artists of Russia Alexey Akindinov has opened

Alexey Akindinov's exhibition "My small homeland" is unusual the fact that in Zakharovsky museum of local lore in a constant exposition the show-window with the name "The General from Pokrovka" devoted to the granduncle of Alexey – to the colonel general Pavel V. Akindinov settles down now. He was a participant of the Great Patriotic War, had many war decorations, "Anadyr" was the head of strategic transaction during the Caribbean Crisis in Cuba in 1962. For model performance of a special task of the Government of the USSR in the operation "Anadyr" by the decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR Pavel Vasilyevich Akindinov has been awarded the order the Red Star.

11 pictorial and graphic works which have been created for the last 18 years are presented to Alexey Akindinov's expositions. Therefore the exhibition has retrospective character.

In Zakharovsky district, in the village "Smooth Settlements", long time the artist's relatives on the fatherly line lived and worked. In the childhood A. Akindinov often came here. Children's impressions have played an important role in his outlook.

Since early years Alexey dreamed to become an artist with the recognizable hallmark. I studied at Children's art school No. 1 in Ryazan, and then in the Ryazan art school. Having passed a way of creative search, in 1996 Akindinov comes to the style to which gives the name – ornamentalism. In the beginning the art experiments Akindinov had to be claimed, protected long – not many at that time accepted them. But gradually ornamentalism has taken roots. Alexey has been admitted to the Union of artists of Russia, became the participant of a set of the All-Russian and international exhibitions, the winner of the Russian and foreign competitions of the fine arts.ryazanskiye vedomosti zaharovo 07 06 2016 2

For twenty-year history of ornamentalism this style has purchased many admirers and that the most important, followers. In 2013 in one of the state showrooms of Moscow the international exhibition which has counted more than forty participants from around the world has taken place, and Alexey has been called art critics the leader of movement and has gained the diploma for the best works at this exhibition.

At opening of an exposition in Zakharovsky museum of local lore Alexey Akindinov has donated the museum the graphic work – the sketch to the picture "Gagarin's Breakfast", reflecting events of the first flight of the person in a space.

The exhibition will work until the end of summer.

Olga ANISIMOVA (author's photo).

Article is published in number 99 (5140) of June 07, 2016.

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