Newspaper “Zakharovsky Messenger”, No. 24 (10739), 10 of July, 2016. Ryazan, Russia. 1st page "Culture news. Meeting with the artist fellow countryman", 3st page "Artist and time. Special style of Alexey Akindinov" (black-and-white illustrations). Author of article Anatoly Mirionkov (director of Zakharovsky museum of local lore).

zaharovsky vestnik 11st page.

Culture news. Meeting with the artist fellow countryman.

It preceded opening of new composition in museum of local lore.

     This time Alexey Akindinov whose roots are closely connected with our earth was the guest of zakharovets. However his art cloths are for the first time shown in local museum of local lore now. Employees of cultural institutions, representatives of administration of municipal district have gathered for opening of an exposition. Together with Akindinov there has arrived to Zakharovo also his friend Andrey Mironov – too the artist whose personal exhibition has also been shown in our museum of local lore earlier.zaharovsky vestnik 2

Alexey Petrovich was waited by a meeting with his native aunt Nadezhda I. Minayeva, and one of stands of the museum told about his close relatives who have left a noticeable mark in village life. The artist has sincerely communicated to the people who have come to a meeting, has told about history of creation of the pictures, and one cloth where the first astronaut Yury Gagarin is represented, has presented to the museum. In more detail about a career of Alexey Akindinov read on p. 3.

3rd page.

Artist and time. Special style of Alexey Akindinov.

In museum of local lore the art exhibition of our fellow countryman has opened.

       Though Alexey in the city of Ryazan was born, with the zakharovsky earth he is connected by a lot of things. Roots of a family originate from a village Pokrovka that once I existed in the territory of the present Smenovsky rural settlement. Exactly here at the beginning of the last century there lived Alexey's great-grandfather – Vasily who has left behind seven children. One of them Ivan has received a name, Alexey Akindinov is necessary it the grandson. After Pokrovka began to decay on the sly, many Akindinov’s have got over in village Smooth Settlement. Here to relatives on a fatherly line in a childhood there came the future artist.

zaharovsky vestnik 3    Nevertheless, the ability to draw first noticed Alexey grandfather on the maternal line - Vasily A. Fokin. It was he who from early childhood taught the boy to the world of fine arts and became his first teacher. Vasily insisted that Alexey entered the children's art school. However, all this coincided with the desire of a boy who dreams of becoming an artist with his recognizable artistic style. The refore, he studied very carefully, after graduating from school Ryazan Art School, where his thesis was rated "excellent".
    Since the late 80-ies Alexey actively participates in exhibitions. First, at the regional and All-Russian level, and later, in 2005, takes part in international exhibitions. Going the way of creative research, in 1996 Akindinov comes to his style, which he gives the name - ornamentalism or postavangard. It embodies the idea of the pattern painting, layering it on real objects depicted on the canvas, on a certain subject, a landscape or a portrait. Pattern for it is a symbol of the cosmos, infinity.
   His artistic experiments Akindinov have long argued, to protect - not many at that time took the author's creative pursuits. But over time, the style ornamentalism entrenched, and the Alex was admitted to the Union of Artists of Russia, became the winner of national and international competitions of fine arts. In his personal piggy Awards: silver medal «Russian gallery XXI century", the medal "Talent and Calling" World Alliance "Peacemaker", Gold Medal of the New York Academy of Arts in the category of "Historical painting" and other honorary insignia. Created by artist paintings are in private collections in Russia and Germany, in the Ryazan museum, gallery in Moscow, but most of the paintings is at home.zaharovsky vestnik 4

       11 works of Alexey Akindinov under the name "My Small Homeland" are presented to expositions of our museum of local lore, the exhibition has retrospective character – it is made by pictures since 1998 of year of establishment and up to now. Besides novelty of style painting of the artist has one more big feature. Seeing her - painting, poet and polyglot Willy Melnikov managed to decrypt and read the ornaments in her poetic texts in ancient languages and dialects, the existence of which Alex did not even know. This is such a phenomenon (in scientific called tricky word - channeling), when the person begins to write in the languages in which he does not know to paint landscapes of bygone civilizations. According to the poet, analogue of such a project was not yet, and that's channeling - the main creative method, paintings Akindinov engine. However, in the creative range of the artist is not only the hidden secrets of the universe, but also a lot of work on our modern world and its extraordinary characters.

         In this regard, particular attention is drawn to portrait paintings, which depicted the world's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and pop singer Alla Pugacheva. I think that the visitors will find themselves there are still many interesting things.


        Alexey Akindinov have another reason to be proud of their name Little Homeland. It is from this land went once to defend their homeland artist's grandfather Ivan and his brothers Constantine, Nicholas, Paul, Alex, Alexander. Since World War II they returned with battle honors. In the postwar years Akindinov’s worked the land, but Pavel was promoted to Colonel-General, in the 70 years he was the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces. It is noteworthy that it is now an art exhibition by Alexey Akindinov located in the same building, where one of the exhibits of the museum - "General of Pokrovka" - tells the story of his great-grandfather.

        Direct speech. Alexey Akindinov:

     - "Peace penetrate electromagnetic waves. The wave is nothing but a pattern. It permeates all space, being unchangeable essence of any phenomenon. These patterns and ornaments, I stand on the canvas using brushes and paints, fancy layering structure of the surrounding us reality.

        In turn, I want to wish the readers of the local newspaper "Zakharovsky Messenger" and all the inhabitants of the district, to the patterns of their own destinies were as beautiful as the patterns of Persian carpets. I wish you happiness, peace and prosperity, my dear fellow countrymen!"

Anatoly MIRIONKOV, director of Zakharovsky museum of local lore, Ryazan, Russia, 2016.