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Alexey Akindinov


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Short biograpy:

Alexey Akindinov was born
in 1977 in the city of Ryazan, RUSSIA
1988-92 - years of study at Children's Art school №1(Ryazan).
From 1992 to 1998 he studied at the Ryazan Art College named after G. K. Wagner. He has finished the department on painting.

Since 2001 he is a member of the Russian Union of Artists, the International Association of Fine Arts – AIAP UNESCO (the department on painting).
Since 2007 – he is a member of the International Art Fund, the Moscow Association of Artists, specialization – painting. 
2010 – he is a member of the Union of artists, Fine Art Studio «NEW YORK REALISM». New York. USA. 
In 2008 – appropriates a Rank – «The Winner Of The National Premium In The Field Of Modern Fine Art – «Russian Gallery ХХ1 century». Is awarded with a silver medal. The winner at nomination «The Genre Painting». (in «Advice(council) Of Federation» (Moscow) 
In 2008 – is appropriated a Rank – «The Winner Of The First International Competition – «A Theme Of Death In Modern Art». (at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (Moscow)
In 2009 – is appropriated a Rank – «The Winner of the award «Talent and Calling». Is awarded by a medal «Talent and Calling» by the World Alliance «Peacemaker». (Moscow. CDH) 
In 2011 – Gold medal "SAINT MICHAEL" of the New York Academy of Arts, in category HISTORY, the Winner of the International exhibition-competition "The International Wave of Fine Arts". “ASA Art Gallery”, Herald Center Mall, 3rd Floor, 1293, Broadway, New York, NY 10001. 
In 2012 - the Scholar of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

In 2013 - tne Winner of tne competition "Tne Best Work of 2013". The diploma of the 1 degree fot participation in tne international thematic art project "Ornamentalizm. Terra incognita".

His exhibition activity began in 1989 at the Regional Exhibition «I paint the World» in a Showroom of the Regional Union of Artists in Ryazan.
Since 1998 participant of Regional Art Exhibitions.
Sinse 1999 participant of the All-Russian Art Exhibitions.
Sinse 2005 participant of the International Foreign Art Exhibitions.

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