News of 07.10.2014 - from January to September, 2014.

1. Alexey Akindinov – the Winner of the competition "The Best Work of 2013", the diploma of the I degree.

2. Document of the Union of artists of Russia on Alexey Akindinov's participation in the All-Russian exhibition "Sport — Art — Sochi".

3. New printing publications: books "Art of Russia" and "Russian Art", the Ornamentalism catalog (The best works of 2013) on an exhibition in On Kashirka gallery, the catalog on an exhibition "Ornamentalism. Terra Incognita", Alexey Akindinov's report on the subject "ornamentanalism" on an exhibition "Ornamentalism. Terra Incognita", newspaper "Gallery of fine arts", Magazine “Modern house and office”.

4. On the site there was a new section "The Internet — Publications".

5. Presentation of the site (Everywhere Culture)

6. Participation in exhibitions: The regional exhibition "Spring 2014", the Fourth exhibition of informal artists, the Exhibition devoted to the Olympic Games in Sochi.

7. New pictures: "Virgin Ryazanskaya", "The Boy's dream about the yards", "Assumption Cathedral of the Ryazan Kremlin".

8. The new sketch to a picture "Chernobyl. Last day of Pripyat" or "Chernobyl NPP on April 26, 1986."

9. Movie "Alexey Akindinov. Painting in style an ornamentalizm. 1993 – 2014"


1. Alexey Akindinov – the Winner of the competition "The Best Work of 2013", the diploma of the I degree.


Alexey Akindinov – the Winner of the competition "The Best Work of 2013". The diploma of the I degree for participation in the international thematic art project "Ornamentalizm. Terra incognita." on December 5-22, 2013. Department of culture of the city of Moscow, Management of cultural and youth policy on SAD of the city of Moscow, State showroom "On Kashirka" (Moscow, Russia). The head of department of cultural and youth policy on SAD of Moscow – T.P. Krasnova, the Director of showroom "On Kashirka" - L.M. Kuzmina.

In more detail here >>>

2. Document of the Union of artists of Russia on Alexey Akindinov's participation in the All-Russian exhibition "Sport — Art — Sochi".


The picture "Ice Knights", Alexey Akindinov participated in the All-Russian Sport Art Sochi exhibition which took place from December 6, 2013 to March 15, 2014. A venue – the Sochi art museum, Sochi, Russia. The exhibition was devoted to the Winter Olympic Games of "Sochi-2014". The exposition represented more than 200 works of art of all types, genres and the technician executed by modern art directors from the most different corners of Russia; from Kaliningrad, Moscow to Krasnoyarsk and Magadan.

eskiz-ledovie-ruitzary 165

 3. New printing publications:


Book "Art of Russia No. 13".

The book "Art of Russia", release No. 13 (2014), the Moscow publishing house "M. Skanrus" was published. An annual album on the fine arts of modern Russia. The volume of the book is 352 p. Color illustrations. Reproductions of pictures of Alexey Akindinov - p. 20-27 (color illustrations); p. 341 – the text (curriculum vitae). Annual catalog reference book. Circulation is 5000 copies of ISBN 978-5-91966-011-8.

In an album pictorial works of Alexey Akindinov are published: "Expectation. The wife's portrait – Elena", "Freezing" (p. 20), "Thorns. A presentiment on September 11, 2001" (p. 21), "Northern night", "Frost" (p. 22), "Clone" (p. 23), "A still life with a peach", "the Ripple. It is devoted to the brother – to Alexander" (p. 24), "Labyrinth" (p. 25), "Lenin in January. Lenin and children" (p. 26), "Vivat-Vita! Long live – life!" (p. 27)

In more detail in the heading "Publications" here >>>


Book "Russian art. 2013"

The book "the Russian Art was published. 2013" (Moscow). Moscow Media Grup publishing house. Publication of pictures of Alexey Akindinov: "Vivat-Vita! Long live life!", "Reveller" and "Gerika-Gerlikaerika".

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The Ornamentalism catalog (The best works of 2013) on an exhibition in On Kashirka gallery, Moscow, Russia.

The catalog "The best works of year was published. 2013". 64 p., color illustrations. Winners of competition. The state Showroom "On Kashirka." Department of culture of the city of Moscow. P. 26-31 - the nomination "The Best Curator Project of 2013" - the International thematic exhibition and exposition project "Ornamentalism. Terra incognita." The curator Lyudmila Chekalina – "The diploma of 1 degree". P. 26 – the list of participants. P. 30 – an illustration of a picture of Alexey Akindinov "Seaman". Author originator Lyudmila Chekalina (art critic, curator of exhibitions of the modern art), 2014.

In more detail in the heading "Publications" here >>>


Catalog on an exhibition "Ornamentalism. Terra Incognita".

The catalog of the International thematic art project "Ornamentalism was published. Terra incognita." 2013 Moscow. 48 p. of P. 11 – a color illustration of a picture of A. Akindinov "Motherhood". P. 6-7 - article of Professor of institute of Slavic philology of the Polish academy of Sciences (Warsaw), the art critic and the literary critic – Grazhina Bobilevich "To history the eseninskikh of portraits: Sergey Esenin in the image of the artist Alexey Akindinov (experience of preliminary interpretation)". On materials of the Modern Eseninovedeniye No. 25 magazine; 2013. The author and the originator – Lyudmila Chekalina (the curator of an exhibition, the Chief researcher of On Kashirka gallery, the art critic, the member of Association of art critics (AIS). State showroom "On Kashirka". The organizer – Department of culture of the city of Moscow.

In more detail in the heading "Publications" here >>>

Sbornik-1-ornamentalizm-2014 Alexey Akindinov's report on the subject "ornamentanalism" on an exhibition "Ornamentalism. Terra Incognita".

Texts of reports on the international art project "Ornamentalism are published. Terra incognita." One of authors - Alexey Akindinov. "Collection 1", 84 p. Alexey Akindinov: the text of the report - p. 3-16, the appendix (the list of publications on "ornamentalism") p. 16-31. On materials of the reports read at a meeting of "a round table" in the State showroom "On Kashirka" on December 17, 2013 in which artists – participants of an exhibition took part, art critics and teachers of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. The originator – Chekalina L. I., member of Association of art critics (AIS), MUA, CUA of Russia, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Folk Art (RAFA), chief researcher of State showroom "On Kashirka". Moscow, Russia, 2014.

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“Gallery of fine arts” newspaper.

The illustrated “Gallery of fine arts”newspaper. February – March 2014/№2-3. Moscow, Russia. 16 p., color illustrations. Founders: Russian academy of Arts, Moscow fund of culture, Lasta gallery. Heading "Event". Art project exhibition "Ornamentalizm. Terraincognita." P. 12-13. Srt. 13 – illustration of a picture of Alexey Akindinov "Motherhood". Author of article Lyudmila Chekalina (art critic, curator of exhibitions of the modern art.)

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"Modern House and Office" magazine.

Issue of the magazine "MH&О", the Modern house and office was published. May – June, 2014, Ryazan, Russia. Article "Small France". P. 6; 40 – 43 (color illustrations) the Photo of a wall list "Paris", its look in an interior, the artist – Alexey Akindinov (p. 6; 41). The designer – Evgenia Vlasova about the project of an interior (p. 40-43). The general circulation of the magazine is 70 thousand pieces.

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4. On the site the new heading "The Internet — Publications" is open.

In it publications about Alexey Akindinov on various the Internet – resources are located. Except links to the sites – sources (originals), contain in this heading the archived copies of pages – originals, and also pictures of pages – primary sources. In this heading it is possible to study publications about Alexey Akindinov on such sites as:

tv-kultur-logoAll-Russian Culture television channel >>>

mkrf-2013Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation >>>

hudojnik-logoMagazine of the Union of artists of Russia "Artist" >>>

mirotvorec-logoSite of the World Alliance “Peacekeeper”>>>

gelman-gallery-1Marat Gelman's gallery in Moscow >>>

In more detail - in the new heading "Interenet — Publications" here >>>

5. Presentation of the site VEZDEKULTURA.RU (Everywhere Culture). Ryazan. Russia.

vezdekultura-7-info-24-06-2014-2 vezdekultura-7-info-24-06-2014-6 vezdekultura-7-info-24-06-2014-7 vezdekultura-7-info-24-06-2014-9

On June 24, 2014 in the Shopping Entertaining Center of "Raspberries" the presentation of the site  (Everywhere Culture. RU). The new Internet – a portal is created for the purpose of illumination of cultural life of the region (Ryazan, Russia). It contains some headings: exhibitions, announcements, theater life, performances of musical collectives, information on higher education institutions. Also on the site information on architectural monuments, sights of the city of Ryazan and celebrated creative persons of the region is had.

vezdekultura-7-info-24-06-2014-3 vezdekultura-19 vezdekultura-7-info-24-06-2014-8 vezdekultura-7-info-24-06-2014

Alexey Akindinov on the site VEZDEKULTURA.RU (Everywhere Culture), the original of the text in Russian  >>>

vezdekultura-2Visitors of action appeared also on an opening day of the pictures accompanying presentation of the site. Authors of such pictures as were presented to expositions: Vasily Koldin, Lyudmila Dunayeva, Galina Tsedilina, Yulia Knyazeva, Maria Sivkova, Alexey Akindinov, Margarita Budylyova, Vladislav Efremov, Valentin Shunkov, Olga Lyovina, Maksimilyan Presnyakov.

vezdekultura-29 vezdekultura-28 vezdekultura-25 vezdekultura-24

The theatrical characters welcoming guests harmoniously supplemented the images creative mood: The mime (the actress of drama theater Ekaterina Mikheyeva) presented invited by "a cultural symbol" of the project — butterflies of lilac color (color of design of the site). The student of the Ryazan art school - Alexander Klinin did portrait sketches of the wishing visitors of action. The actor of drama theater - Arseny Kudrya in an image of the poet, read verses to lovely girls and an impromptu issued well-aimed and pleasant epigrams, the musician (the participant of “Parnassus” ensemble Ruslan Nechayev) strummed come to presentation their favourite melodies on a saxophone.

vezdekultura-rzn-info-24-06-2014 vezdekultura-15 vezdekultura-18 vezdekultura-17

Quote from the news online - portal "info 7" (original text in Russian) >>>

«Meet many heroes of the last column, guests were able to live - the presentation, which took place in the form of performance, combined as the acknowledged masters such as Vasily Koldin, Alexey Akindinov, Maximilian Presnyakov (their work can be seen at the exhibition organized) and a young, talented youth - Ryazan artists theaters, artists, writers and filmmakers whose work could admire everyone. Famous people of Ryazan - Igor Pavlov and Sergei Oselkov - shared with the audience creative plans online, and dance theater "lights" pleased the crowd with their dance numbers.»

 With this event, the participants congratulated the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Ryazan region Vitaly Popov. Quote from his speech - "The name of the portal accurately reflects the essence of culture. It is infinite and is present in all areas of our lives. It defines us as a people of this city, region, country, is that the coordinate system that keeps us and brings up."

vezdekultura-9 vezdekultura-10 vezdekultura-11 vezdekultura-14

Quote from a news site "Our Ryazan" (original text in Russian, by George Titov) >>>

«Actually, a very pleasant experience at first acquaintance left and freshly baked product, as I understand it, largely occurred due to young employees of the Ministry. Unlike the museum portal it combines many of the cultural events in the region, ranging from informal and ending academic. Especially, as the developers of the project, the resource over time and eventually replace to replace the former Honored mastodon - portal:

On the page, you can find several sections. So heading "Events" will talk about past events and introduces the upcoming announcements. Section "Objects" is a catalog of sites, organizations, creative unions, various venues, exhibition halls and other things where people can lay a "cultural route". On the "People", we find a portfolio of creative people in the region.

By the way, many of them walked in the shopping and recreation center foyer, waiting for the start of the presentation. Among them, the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Ryazan region Vitaly Popov, musician and project coordinator Igor "Hunt" Pavlov, symphony orchestra conductor - Sergey Oselkov, artistic director of the Ryazan Puppet Theater Valery Shadsky musicians Sergey Pukhov and Ruslan Nechaev, Alexey Akindinov artists and Victor Grusho-Novitsky, only that come running with the opening of his exhibition, photographer Vladimir Kovanov and actor Andrey Blazhilin, held in the evening.

Also has sections "Jobs", which tells about employment opportunities for the people of creative professions, and "Education", which includes a list of schools the sphere of culture, Ryazan region. Not without a "blog". In them, as I understand it, many of these citizens will express their own point of view on what is happening in the cultural life of the region. Will this resource is an essential tool in monitoring the various activities, time will tell. "

More information about the presentation on the site VEZDEKULTURA.RU (“Everywhere Culture”, the original text in Russian) >>>

Detailed photo essay with a presentation on this website under the heading Photo Gallery "Three Centuries", "The present since 2014" here>>>

6. Exhibitions:


Regional exhibition "Spring 2014".

Alexey Akindinov's participation in the Regional exhibition "Spring 2014" picture "Still Life with a Mask and a Cup". Venue: Showroom of the Ryazan office of the Union of artists of Russia (Russia, city of Ryazan, Yesenin St., house 112).

Opening of the Fourth Exhibition of informal artists. Club - shop "Tin", Russia, Ryazan.

jest-25-04-2014-alexey-akindinov-1 jest-25-04-2014-2 jest-25-04-2014-3 jest-25-04-2014-1

April 25, 2014 at the Club - shop "Tin" the opening of the Fourth Exhibition of informal artists. Alexey Akindinov participated in this exhibition with his graphic work "Chernobyl. Last Day of Pripyat "and" Dance of Death. "Work "Dance of Death" Alex has donated Club - Shop "Tin".

eskiz-chernobyl g064 jest-25-04-2014-12 jest-25-04-2014-alexey-akindinov-2

Publication of the exhibition in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets in Ryazan", №17 (838) April 23-30. P.5. 2014 Russia, Ryazan.


Quote: "On April 25, the store" Tin "opens a new, already the fourth informal artists exhibition. The exhibition is open seven days a week until May 11, and will present the work of regular participants, as well as masters, not previously exhibited in the walls of the shop.

     This time, the exhibition will feature not only the work of our regular members whose names you may already know, it's Alexey Akindinov, Valentin Shunkov, Hanna Shklar, and Alice Dee, but also new artists will delight you with their creativity. List of creative people added names like Autumn Ziggy, Maximilian Presnyakov, Andrei Nazarov and Victoria Shana.

jest-25-04-2014-19 jest-25-04-2014-13 jest-25-04-2014-17 jest-25-04-2014-15

Practice shows that the previous exhibitions in the club - shop "Tin", the opening will take place in an environment of creative people, good music and a warm and friendly atmosphere of the holiday. Therefore, everyone who is not alien to the art of painting, it is worth to visit the store "gesture" this weekend. The author of the text - Konstantin Stishkov."

In more detail about the publication on this site here >>>
Photo report from the opening ceremony in pictures - Gallery "Three Centuries" - "The present since 2014" here >>>

«The Physical Culture and Sport» exhibition devoted to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Museum of history of the youth movement, Ryazan, Russia.

fizkultura-i-sport-muz-rznOn January 29, 2014, in the Ryazan museum of history of the youth movement within “The Relay of the Ryazan Victories” exhibition the selection of pictures of the Ryazan artists "Physical culture and sport" (painting, graphics), devoted to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi is placed. The quote from the news site "Media Ryazan": "23 works of twelve artists are presented to expositions: from recognized and famous Ryazan branch of the Higher school of folk arts (Alexey Akindinov, Margarita Budylyova, Olimpiada Busygina, Anatoly Laryunin, Alexander Okonechnikov, Maksimilian Presnyakov, Elena Trubnikova, Valentin Chavkin, Sergey Chitayev, Elena Frolova and others)."

The link to news on the site "Media Ryazan" (the original of the text in Russian) >>>

fizkultura-i-sport-muz-rzn-2 fizkultura-i-sport-muz-rzn-3 fizkultura-i-sport-muz-rzn-4 fizkultura-i-sport-muz-rzn-1

7. New pictures:

"The boy's dream about the yards", 50х60sm, a canvas, oil, 2014 year of establishment, "Assumption Cathedral of the Ryazan Kremlin", 60х50sm, a canvas, oil, 2014 year of establishment . Two versions of a plot "Our Lady of Ryazan": "Our Lady of Ryazan", 50х35sm, canvas, oil, 2014 year of establishment, and “Our Lady of Ryazan”, 60х50sm, canvas, oil, 2014 year of establishment. Alexey Akindinov was fond of this subject after heard the story of one of old residents of Ryazan: "There was it in the late thirties the twentieth century; The Image of Blessed Virgin Mary was shown on one of window flights of Assumption Cathedral of the Ryazan Kremlin. The image was tried to be painted over several times, but it appeared again. The image was removed only after plaster knocking down. Soon, after that World War II began."

bogomater-ryazanskaya son-malchika-1 bogomater-ryazanskaya-2014 uspensky-sobor-ryazanskogo-kremlya

Consider more detailed picture (with fragments) can be painting in the gallery here >>>


8. New sketch for "Chernobyl. Last Day of Pripyat "or" Chernobyl NPP April 26, 1986."


In January 2013, Alexey Akindinov began work on a large-scale painting dedicated to the accident on the fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. At first, Alex creates a detailed pencil sketch for "Chernobyl. Last Day of Pripyat "or" Chernobyl NPP. April 26, 1986, "41,2x62,2 sm, paper, pencil, 2013. Work on the thumbnail lasted from January to June. Since June 2013, work began on a large canvas (120x180 cm), which goes on to this day.

       The theme of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has long worried about the artist. Selfless, unsung heroism of the people of different nationalities, rallied to eliminate the impact of the largest man-made disaster 20 - th century, now may be a clear example to follow and counter today split between the peoples of the former USSR.

Work on the painting was preceded by voluminous study period of this material: documentary films, archives, talking to witnesses and relatives of the liquidators of the accident, did not survive to the present day.

As picture shows three times: the time of liquidation of the fire started after the explosion of the reactor, the mother of the window with the baby in her arms - the window you can see the NPP moments before the explosion, and the miners who dug a mine already in the time to come, for what would be pumped liquid nitrogen directly affected by the reactor.

Sketch in the gallery "Drawings, sketches, studies," "composite sketches, studies and sketches" here >>>

9. Movie "Alexey Akindinov. Painting, graphics in style an ornamentalism. 1993 – 2014."

Video topic about works of the artist-ornamentalist Alexey Akindinov.

More than three hundred pictorial and graphic works in style an ornamentalism created by Alexey during the period from 1993 to 2014 are presented in the movie. Also in a plot it is possible to see transformation of work from the pencil sketch on paper in complete painting as oil on a canvas. The movie is divided into headings: "Landscape", "Portrait", "Religious painting", "Conversation", "Nu", "Still life". Authors of a sound track: Maksimilyan Presnyakov, Andrey Nazarov, Vladislav Efremov.

Video on YouTube>>>

Video on RuTube>>>

Video on DaliyMottion>>>